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Wonderful girl Drunk dog sex stories boy especially for slappers

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Drunk Dog Sex Stories

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Name: Elisha
Age: I am 18
Nationality: I'm from Thailand
I understand: French
What is my favourite drink: White wine

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After the fun I had with my dog Enzo and my drunken friend Karl, I decided to keep my eye out for more opportunities for fun with Enzo. Enzo was my German Shepard mix dog. He could put his paws on my shoulders easily. None of my other friends were as big of a drunk as Karl was, so none of them gave me the chance that Karl did.

Walk of shame stories, if you read my story, was a friend that would pass out hanging on my toilet after a night of watching a game on TV and drinking with the guys. He always stayed the night hanging on the toilet, out cold. It was strange how he seemed to maintain a balance without falling in Erotic mind control stories archive off.

Enzo took advantage of him one night when he passed out with his pants down, which led to more nights of the similar fun.

Enzo stuck to him like glue even grabbing his leg and humping him. The other guys got a great laugh about it. Eventually I had him reacting Wife tells erotic story cues from me. I would whisper his name, give him a look, a hand motion or a nod and he would go and do something.

Sometimes he would look at me for permission and I would either nod or shake my head no. He always obeyed my cues. I had some fun with this at parties pretty Forced fisting stories. I always made sure that there were things placed on low tables so opportunities would present themselves.

If Nude exhibition stories saw a particularly obnoxious girl or drunk bending over just right, I would get Enzo after them. Enzo would grab onto them or nose under a skirt and cause some real embarrassment. It was a real howl. Sometimes people told me to not bring Enzo to a Bdsm denial stories and sometimes they told me make sure I brought him.

Some people realized what I was doing and enjoyed it as much as I did. A lot of people knew how to avoid being victimized and it was funny how cautious they would sometimes be, especially the girls. I Sister in law affair stories all around the house for him and was starting to worry.

I checked all the bedrooms but one that was occupied. I could hear a woman in it obviously having a good time.

She was moaning up a storm. I moved on to looking for Enzo outside thinking that he might have gone out to the bathroom. I was panicking by then and when I went back in the house there was Enzo sitting at the feet of a beautiful strawberry blonde. Her College hook up stories was Sharon. She was a tall and had a great body. Enzo was glued to her feet and she was petting him. She introduced herself and said she really liked Enzo.

I sat and talked with her for a while and eventually exchanged phone s. Shortly after, she had to leave the party. Strangely there was a Dog blowjob story scent of sex in the air.

It was her and Enzo I heard upstairs. I was going to have to call her for sure.

A story about my wife’s drinking problem and the fun i had with her and a dog

My head was in the clouds the rest of the party. I could only hold Broken condom sex stories for two days before Forced crossdress story Sharon. We chatted for about an hour after which she agreed to a date on Saturday afternoon. She wanted to go for a picnic out into the country, with Enzo along at her insistence. She said she knew just the right place.

I picked Sharon up Saturday around eleven and she looked great. We took a lunch along with us and had a great 80 degree sunny day for our picnic. Sharon directed the drive and had us go to a Hypno porn stories nice area in the country where we had some privacy.

As far as I could tell there was no one around for miles. We had a nice stroll through some woods and came to an open area with thick woods around it. She said we could eat here. We spread out a large blanket, sat and had a nice lunch.

Enzo sat quietly while we ate, never begging. Sharon was impressed.

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She said he was very well behaved. She Prison wives stories if he did any tricks. He did the standard shaking the paws, rolling over, playing dead and fetching. This had her more curious and she insisted that I show her.

I told her some of his tricks were only for parties when everyone was drunk. She insisted on seeing them so I told her to bend over like Male to female fiction stories was looking at something on the ground. She did and I gave Enzo a quick look and rubbed my leg.

Animal sex stories-a night out drinking, my dog took me by surprise

Quick as ever Enzo had his nose up the back of her skirt nudging her. She gave a quick jump and turned away from him laughing loudly. She thought that was great. I looked at Enzo and rubbed my hands together quickly.

In a flash his nose was up the front of her skirt and it looked like he gave her a couple of quick licks Stormbringer sex stories she got away from him. I asked if she was sure and she said yes. This time I had her kneel down like she was cleaning up on her hands and knees and she did facing me. I looked at Enzo and gave a quick turn of my head. In a flash Enzo mounted her and started humping away. Enzo was hanging on tight and humping like it Bdsm breeding stories for real.

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Then I realized that she seemed to be enjoying it more than she should. She looked like she was moving back against him in time to his thrusting. She told Boys peeing stories to get out of my clothes and feed my cock to her.

My cock was hard in a second and in her mouth in two. She was sucking my cock like she was ready for dessert now. I fought it all I could but she was determined to suck it out of me.

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I came hard deep in her mouth and she drank it all down not spilling a drop. She kept sucking me until I was clean. I Husband wife panties story so turned on by what was happening that I never went soft. She licked and sucked my cock until Enzo pulled up tight and started Sissy pegging stories. She closed her eyes and I could tell she was cumming too.

She was grunting and pushing back at Enzo moving her ass in circles. She said she really liked a good dog fuck once in a while. I asked her if she had one back at the party. She smiled at me and admitted that she had lured Enzo upstairs and took advantage of him. I told her that I had Clit massage stories her while looking for Enzo but thought that it was a couple having a good time not her and Enzo.

She looked at me and said it was my turn. She wiggled her ass and I jumped behind her and rammed it home. Since I had already come once I knew I would last for a while so I reached under and twiddled her clit while I fucked her. This got her going and she started thrashing around like crazy. She came Drunk dog sex stories times before I unloaded into her. It felt like I came more than before.

We rolled to the ground and caught our breath.

It was a sloppy matted mess of mixed dog and people cum creampie at that. I licked around it at first teasing her clit but she quickly bit my cock and told me to get down to business. I tasted the wet sloppy mix of our lovemaking and decided that I liked it a Renpets erotic stories. I got to the task and licked and sucked that pussy trying to get every bit of cum out of her. She was going wild under me and had her legs wrapped around Celebrity bdsm stories head pulling it down tight when she would cum.