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Eating Her Out Stories

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Name: Giselle
Age: I am 28
Nationality: I'm from Britain
My sex: Girl
What I prefer to listen: Heavy metal
My hobbies: Riding a horse

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This happened when my boyfriend and I were Chastity keyholder stories distance. I was working at a nonprofit at the time. She would fly back and I would stay for a week with my boyfriend before returning home.

We mapped out general cities and sights on our wish list and planned out a week long drive. I was so excited for this trip. We were budgeting cheap for hotel rooms since we Hyper cock story needed it for sleep. We were wiped.

But on nightswe started getting comfortable with the driving. I smoked her out those nights. She was the only one of us drinking, so by then True tickle stories was getting cross faded.

On night 3 though, she was shit faced. I was on a pretty good high.

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We sat by the hotel pool at night and talked about everything. It was getting Sex with step sister story so we stumbled back to the room. Next thing I remember is jumping awake and seeing that the TV was still on. I got up again, this time feeling a strong sensation between my legs. I glanced down and saw my friend gently sucking on Hamster-porn-story.t clit. Her arms were holding my legs apart as her head slowly nodded rhythmically.

She looked up when she felt me wake. We made eye contact for a second before I arched my back and moaned loudly. My clit was hard as fuck. She went harder and held me down when I squirmed and tried to wiggle away.

Some memories last a lifetime.

I felt World of warcraft erp stories finger slide right into my pussy as her tongue ran over my clit, slurping up everything in its wake.

I tried to slow her down but she kept darting her tongue in and out, in and out. I heard her muffled moans as she got excited for me. She felt my pussy pulsating and I came. Fuuuuck, I came hard.

I felt it gushing out of me. My toes curled. My legs cramped. My ass clenched.

She gently pulled away and started to Monster hunter stories fanfiction her mouth, but I reached Truth or dare dirty stories and kissed her. My friend was pleasantly taken aback by this and returned the gesture.

I leaned down and started sucking on her tits. She was wearing her pjs so I slipped off her shorts and started small. I timidly kissed her there, eventually parting my lips and licking her clit. My friend has a larger clit than mine, than most, I would say.

She flipped out when I sucked on it, running my tongue up and down her wet clit. I pushed her down and climbed on her. I slowly rubbed Eating her out stories pussy over hers and we both started moaning simultaneously. She got so into it, she flipped me over and went on top, rubbing faster and faster against my little clit.

She let out a yelp after a minute, still moving back and forth for me. Not too long after, I came again. I immediately rubbed my pussy furiously to cum a third time and did. Holy shit. It was amazing. Night 4, she ate my pussy out while I was on all fours over a towel in our hotel bathroom. Night 5, nothing.

We were too tired. She had gone into my bathroom stall at the restaurant we were eating at, pulled my tit out from the top of my tank top, and started sucking on it. Instead, we invited her to stay a bit longer since the driving was exhausting for the both of us. The both of us tried Diaper cuckold stories play it off that night and jokingly bring up a threesome to my boyfriend.

We were all either high, drunk, or both.

He started getting defensive and questioning our intentions. I began to kiss her cheek. Source: reddit. He shoulda left yo ass the second he started suspicious …. post. Hot grindr stories post.


You had never been with a girl before. So how can it be erotic for you?

If I wake up to a guy sucking my cock, I will totally loose my shit. I need the rest of the story.