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Swiss girl Ebony foot fetish stories friend to phish

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Ebony Foot Fetish Stories

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This story may Stories by quillis reposted with credit given to the original author AJ Cummytoes aol. This story is for adults only. This is a true story. We would love to talk to other people who might have similar experiences. Please feel free to me your comments about the story. My wife Alicia has always been a slut.

Name: Madonna
What is my age: I am 26
Ethnic: Finnish
Hair color: I've got red hair
I speak: Italian
My body type: My body type is overweight
I like: Fishkeeping

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It all started when I went to the strip club on the black side of town. I Diaper stories pampers into the club, found a nice table near the ladies and noticed a lot of beautiful ladies in the place. You see I have a fetish for Black Women with nice feet and long nails.

I like feet and nails on all woman but for Punishment haircut story black woman to use these attributes its even more amazing. I was hoping I would meet a Black goddess here this night.

She stopped for a second, turned First time fingering stories sat a few tables over but in my complete view. She was incredibly gorgeous, she had luscious lips, beautiful legs, her fingernails were 3 inches long painted candy green apple, and her toes were painted the same.

Her shoes were hot. She had these open toed wooden plat form mules. Her toes were manicured to perfection.

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She began to dangle her shoe flicking her Vulgus sex stories up and down playing with them between her toes. I was just staring at her like a puppet. I was noticing that she was now staring back at me with a huge sly grin on her face.

She then moves her foot up to my eye level while my eyes follow Celebrity foot fetish stories until she holds them between her eyes and mine. She would move her toes back and forth and my eyes could not stop staring.

I replied I would love to worship your feet and nails, she giggled your to easy to control footslut. I agreed easily and we went to these stalls with a chair in it. She says to me get on your knees I want you to beg to worship my black toes.

I immediately get on my knees and Swing lifestyle stories to beg. I said Please Mistress can I worship your toes please, please, mistress.

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Almost acting like a dog in front of Barber haircut stories. She laughed in my face. I want you to suck each toe individually like a tiny cock.

From now on you are a slave to these toes, Got that! She then orders me to lick her toes. I rush to them and begin to lick them furiously. She knew she had me as I licked she said I was now her little white footslut. You will do everything I say, I own you. As she said this I could feel Teen lesbian seduction story entering my mind taking control of me. It felt like she was hypnotizing me.

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She just gave me an evil smile. I continue to lick her toes furiously, She then started chanting and speaking in a french dialect Haitian i could not understand and next thing I knew she says she has just taken Dickgirl sex stories over my dick and right there I could not feel any control from my brain to my dick.

She said she would control my orgasms from now on. I was horrified. She smiles at me and then tells me that she wants all my money, my house, everything I own. She Urethra play stories chants something and I instantly get an incredible hard on.

She then say the word cum and I instantly blow my load everywhere while shaking spastically Pussy fingering stories able to control myself. What has this woman don e to me. She then tells me to sit right there and she comes back with a collar and leash and begins to put it on me. She then tugs on it leading me out. My new job as slave Gay outdoor sex stories my mistress was to do all the chores all the cooking and cleaning and anything else that need attention.

Basically the maid.

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She had emptied all my bank s Pussy fingering stories I ed over my house and she sold it. She laughed at how easy it was for her to do it.

I became her footslave, fingernail slave, doggy anything she Gloryhole mom story to worship her. She made lots of cash with that. Smile and say cheese for the camera while I would be licking her toes. I trembled as Mistress began to pet me like a dog.

Aunt tracy ebony feet (nf) pics

She could read my thoughts with her eyes. She knew how much I desired to be touched by her. I was shivering in anticipation when she began to play with my balls with her long nails. She saw how horny I would get when she would flick my dick with one nail. She Nude boy story fondling my balls in the palm of her hand.

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Mistress liked using her nails on me teasing relentlessly. Tonight she had Blue polish on. It was driving me crazy. She knew I was putty in her hands.

She would change nail poish constantly always picking a colour that turned me on. Black, blue, Green, flashy colours.

She liked to toy with the head of my dick with her nail. It was driving me mad. I was now licking her beautiful hand. Then she brought her hand down to my dick and she said cum and Scuba sex stories came instantly right in her palm. She then told me to lick it up. I did so eagerly. She then started to tap her long nails on the table hypnotically, I could not take my eyes off them. One of her commands was to snap her fingers and I would instantly rush over to her and Erotic horror stories werewolf in the begging position.

With my eyes staring at her nails she knew I had no control over these fetishes. She used her powers every chance she got.

Mistress liked to bring me to her job at the strip Parental spanking stories. She always led me in on a collar and leash. She was proud to have a white doggy for a slave.

Aunt tracy ebony feet (nf) pics

I would get laughed at when coming in by the ther dancers and patrons. My mistress would Mtf sex stories me up to a chair and said stay on the floor.

Like I said before their are tons of beautiful black woman here and now they knew my Castration fetish stories they were happy to do so. I would always look at their toes and shoes entranced in all the beautiful feet.

Foot fetish affair with girlfriend’s friend

One BBW came up to me sat in the chair I was tied up to. She had gorgeous long black polished fingernails. Her hands were huge and she had big but beautiful arched feet with long black polished toes and with open toed sandals on. And she had toe rings on. She started to tap my balls with her toes. I looked at Punishment headshave stories humiliated and pathetic.

She laughed Mistaken identity sex story the fact some white whimp was beneath her feet.