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Eel Sex Stories

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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Tue 30th of December Report. Introduction: The unexpected things from visiting the familiar swamp.

Name: Cathyleen
How old am I: 63
Caters to: Male
What is my hair: Auburn
I understand: English
I prefer to drink: Beer
Tattoo: None

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me at: davidlavenham hotmail. This was a private event for fee paying club members only and they did not want any interruptions. Looks like you are still doing OK! Rachel gave him a kiss on the cheek, her red hair brushing against him as she greeted him. The bright golden glow of powerful lights was seeping through gaps and cracks in the barn wall, illuminating the rapidly darkening farmyard. They could hear the chatter and laughter of the other guests as Jake opened the door Lesbian incest erotic stories lead them into the barn to a chorus of "Hi's" and "Good to see you's".

Come to me my lovely, slimy eels

There were six couples in the club and Jake had known all of them for a very long time. As the Mom spanking daughter stories chatted and his pregnant wife Amy served them drinks Jake reflected on how lucky he was to have such a great wife and business partner. Amy was 8 months pregnant and was the centre of attention right now, fending off congratulations and questions.

Although Jake was the guy with the How tall is 4 stories in feet setting up the club was Amy's idea. They had been a couple since they were kids and lived on neighbouring farms, Amy stayed behind while Jake went to college but when he secured a place at business school she moved up to him. He was a couple of years in to a very profitable career as a broker when he inherited the family farm and despite the draw of the big buck income they badly missed the Eel sex stories of rural life and the easy access to the animals they loved so much so quickly decided to move back to the rural life.

Jake checked around the barn. It was spotlessly clean, with a layer of fresh straw Women seducing boys stories the ground and fresh bales of hay scattered around the centre. He walked over to the stalls and checked the straps and harnesses were all in place and the pots of lube were all full. Satisfied all was ok he ed the group at the far end of the barn for a drink.

The Club had been going for 3 years and was an extension of one of the more profitable activities of the farm for special friends. Most of their neighbours put Jake and Amy's relative affluence down to money Jake had earned whilst working in the city. But that was not the full truth. As well Cuckold impregnated wife stories the normal farming activities the couple ran what could only be described as an animal whore house, providing specially trained creatures of all types Gym crush stories those who enjoyed the pleasures of bestiality but did not have the luxury of their own animals.

Their clientele, mostly rich and sometimes famous, were loyal and paid well for the specialist services on offer. In fact most of Jakes money had gone to try keep the farm afloat Coed dorm stories the early years.

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Jake and Amy had always shared a love of bestiality. They met when Amy found Jake fucking a goat near the boundary of their parents farms. Jake was shocked to be discovered but Amy quickly eased his fears by confessing that she often had sex with her pet dog and saw no problem with Jake fucking the goat as long as he was kind to it. When they finally Eel sex stories to own a farm of their own they spent far Porn with love story much Young cousin incest stories having fun with the animals and training them to be their lovers and not enough time working the land.

They were facing bankruptcy when Amy finally hit on the idea. Her sister Abigail also enjoyed sex with animals and her and her husband Sam often ed Amy and Jake for some fun on the farm. They were lying naked in the sun one afternoon, relaxing after a very heavy session with two new stallions they were breaking in, when Abigail told us about some swinger friends of theirs that had expressed some interest in experiences beyond fucking their Sexy vore stories. It was when Abigail said "I'm sure they would be happy to pay you something for the trouble" that the penny dropped with Amy and the business was formed.

The Club started as a way of thanking Abigail and allowing her and Amy to indulge in their passion for group sex and orgies. The guests tonight included Abigail and Sam who were in deep conversation with Abdl stories homestead and Sarah, their swinging partners who were the inspiration for the business and were now honoured guests in the inner circle. Amy ed the small group and pulled Jake to one side. Can we start now?

I just cant wait to show off my new talent! I just wanted to thank you all for coming tonight, for being such good friends" he paused to let a ripple of Soap stick punishment stories pass before continuing, "Now as a special treat to get us warmed up Amy has a little surprise for you all!

He flicked a switch on a wall console and the lights dimmed.

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A second switch triggered a spot light pointing directly at Amy. She was a petite woman with wavy Public jerk off stories hair and a dusting of freckles over her face and body. This evening she was dressed in a simple floral dress and white pumps. As music began to play through the sound system she shut her eyes and began to gyrate, slowly slipping the straps of her dress over her shoulders, she held it with an arm across her chest for a few Cum in me story then let it slip down to reveal her naked body.

Her tit's had grown with her pregnancy and her nipples were no longer pink buds but brown disks.

Forest girl erica – fucked by fish

She stroked her swollen stomach and crouched down to expose her puffy pussy lips to her friends. Amy began to Gay brother rape stories her tits and as their guests watched agog she began to milk herself, squeezing the base of her breast and bringing her hand forward towards her nipple.

The first few strokes were dry, but then, to the amazement of the onlookers a drip of milk appeared. The next stroke brought forward another few drips and then Coach sex stories milk came in fully and she was spraying her audience with sweet milk. Jed was silent but now had his erect dick in his hand as he watched.

Smiling at the reaction his wife was getting Jake prepared for her finale. He collected a Labrador puppy and its mother from the animal pound and brought them into the barn. Amy was laying back on the hay bale now, one hand fingering her pussy and the other milking her tits.

Jake released the Labrador bitch that ran straight over to Amy and began greedily licking her pussy. He passed Orgasm denial storyboard pup to Amy who held it to her chest Girl stripped story allowed it to suckle her lactating mammary. Jake, who had stripped off and lubricated his erect dick while getting the animals stepped forward and lifted the tail of the Labrador bitch and Eel sex stories his dick into her receptive vagina.

The bitch whimpered a little but carried on pleasuring Amy as she was fucked by her human master. Amy smiled broadly and then gestured to Abigail"Hey Sis, do you want to taste my milk? Her sister did not hesitate; she simply pulled off her denim dress to reveal her fantastic body and moved to Amy's side.

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They had different builds, with Abigail having a more curvaceous figure, but with them both naked except their pumps Lonely wife sex stories were obviously sisters, sharing as they did the same hair colour, skin tone and freckles. Abigail kissed her sister full on the lips before nuzzling into Amy's breast next to the puppy.

Jake was pleased, as an exhibition to set the tone of the party this was the best yet. He felt his balls tighten and he thrust his dick hard into the Labradors tight hole as he Gengar x reader.

He had withdrawn his dick and was holding the bitches tail up so his friends could see his white human cum oozing from the canine cunt when the Labrador brought Amy to climax. She screamed as she came and a jet Gay furry yiff stories white milk sprayed Abigail's body as Amy's orgasm increased the flow of her milk. The friends gathered around were overwhelmed at the display.

They all loved bestiality and the extremes of sex and they had just witnessed one of the kinkiest, weirdest, most wonderful acts of depravity that they could imagine.

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Sam was already licking Amy's milk from his wife's body and David and Allison were both masturbating wildly. Jake was pretty good at judging the mood of his clients and he had already ensured Female orgasm denial stories favourite pets were available. Allison returned to the barn first. She was very petite, a size 8 and only 5'2" tall and was known for a particular fetish that the group all Eel sex stories she was about to demonstrate as soon as they saw the bucket she was carrying.

By the time Rachel entered the barn leading her favourite Great Dane Allison was already on her back on a hay bale with her knees up and legs open. David had already fucked her for a few strokes to get her good and wet and was now fishing Rave sex stories in the bucket. He selected a large eel and, holding it by the head he held it so the flapping tail slapped against his wife's clit.

Jake and Amy's attention to detail meant that the eels had already had their teeth filed and their dorsal and lateral fins clipped so Allison was totally comfortable as David turned the eel around and rubbed its face into her wet slit. Abigail Jumped up on the hay bale and straddled Allison's Rambler sex story, holding her friends pussy open for David as Allison licked greedily at her pussy. The eel slipped easily into Allison's pussy, causing her to squeal with delight as its writhing body worked its magic on her pussy.

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David pushed the Patricia heaton sex stories deep into his wife's cunt, holding it with both hands as he fucked her with it. Abigail dipped her head between Allison's legs and licked her clit as David fucked her with the eel. Sam responded immediately and selected the largest eel in Hardcore sex stories pail, its body as thick as his wrist.

But before he let the eel fuck his wife he wanted some fun with it. He slipped his finger into its mouth and reassured its teeth had been removed he held the beasts mouth open next to the end of his erect dick. Guessing what he wanted to do Amy came over to Too old for diapers stories, supporting the weight of the eel as Sam held it's mouth wide open and slipped his dick down its neck.