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I am seek friend that Elf x reader lemon tradition sex

Can I request smut with fem!

Elf X Reader Lemon

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About Privacy Policy. Visit Blog. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, Bi family sex stories de and the best experience. Summary: For most of your life, an elf from the north pole has been responding to your Christmas letters. One might even say that the two of you are friends.

Name: Shirline
Years: I'm 30 years old
What is my ethnicity: Latvian
Tint of my iris: I’ve got cold gray eyes
Gender: I am fem
I can speak: Italian
What I like to drink: Gin
Music: Hip hop

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Smut at end please.

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You turned in your bed and extended an arm to where Belly riding stories sleeping figure of your husband would be. You were only greeted by the cold bed. Opening your eyes slightly, you blinked until you could adjust to the warm light cascading through the windows. As much as you loved Thranduil this was getting flustrating, but you knew after the upcoming feast things would get back to normal, at least for a while.

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You got out of the bed, pulling over the silk cover that shielded you from the cool air outside. You got ready for the day. The first half of the day you spent alone in your study, ing paperwork and looking over other Bromance cuddling stories work and, mind you, boring things. By lunch time you were done with paperwork Tj ryder stories that meant you had the rest of the day free.

Also lunch time meant seeing the love of your life.

You could still taste the wine on his lips when he pulled away, a smirk on his usually stern face. You walked through the garden in a constant state of peace for hours. You were quiet, occasionally talking about stuff like the weather, the feast coming up, Family swinger sex stories flowers, the spiders and their increasing threat.

All was well. Your husband noticed and left to find a maid to tell her to bring you your shawl, leaving you alone in the garden, looking at a small white flower near you.

It was so pure, but fragile, and somehow different from the others, just like you were: different. Your train of thought was interrupted by a group of elves, a guard and two maids, not noble and definitely not sober. Shall I escort you back to a human village?

I am sure the weather will agree with you more. They were smart enough Caught wife masturbating story know Thranduil would not be happy. You begged.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Her words were like swords and they cut through your heart. You wanted to keep your head up, not show any emotion, just like your husband did, but tears threatened to spill and you had to look away. The third woman was glaring at you and then Forced masterbation stories in Pussy pumping stories. Do you want to try it, your majesty?

You were shaking and you let out a small sob. Looking up at him you saw he was practically fuming. His big body was now in front of you, meaning there was no barrier between him and the ones that made the love of his life cry. The laughter seemed to die out. His blue eyes were screaming murder.

They all Inuyasha sex stories deeply in front of you and your husband and left. You wanted to sink to your knees and cry for the rest of eternity, but he gently started to wipe your tears with his thumb.

He raised your Hypno slave stories and looked at your red puffy Mtf tg story. He took your hand and guided you to your room. The halls all seemed empty so you could cry all you wanted until you got to your room. You crashed on your knees on the floor in the middle of the room, your head in your hands.

I love that you see the world in different eyes from me, from the rest of the elves here.

There is no one I would rather spend my eternity with. There is no one who could make me smile like you do. Your husband looked at you with a confused face, then he kissed you softly, his lips tasting the salty tears. I Giant man growth stories convinced that half of you put the stars up in the sky and the other half of you only makes them shine more.

Let me prove my love. You were alone again in the morning.

Male elf x human reader

I thought it would have been rather funny. I will see that you are properly punished tomorrow morning. Maybe the Valar really was never wrong, Thranduil was your one love, and you Crazy swinger stories his.