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I would like searching guy that Embarrassing diaper punishment stories phish

Every morning, you will be checked and changed by your stepmother.

Embarrassing Diaper Punishment Stories

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Diaper Humiliation Other I was at the K-mart looking at some books.

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I well remember the only time Nifty tg story was made to wear a diaper as punishment. It took place some ten years ago now -- when I was But I remember it vividly. It was one of the most embarrassing events of my life up to that point. When I was growing up I usually got spanked for misbehaving. From about the age of nine I'm guessing my dad always did the spanking. I suppose this was because I got Guys masterbating stories on my bare butt and perhaps Mom and Dad wanted to spare me the embarrassment of pulling my pants down in front of my mother.

A story of diaper discipline

Then too, Mom couldn't spank as hard as Dad. These spankings were painful and humiliating. When I turned 13, Dad announced that being too old for spanking, I would thenceforth be paddled. And I was indeed paddled on several memorable occasions. These paddlings always took place in my bedroom with me bent over, jeans and underwear down around my ankles. And Orgasm denial storyboard always were scheduled just after dinner. This gave my mom a chance to leave the house; she hated to hear the crisp whack of the paddle on my bare butt and me yelling and -- yes -- often crying Cuckquean wife stories. I could go into great detail about these paddling.

My dad made a ritual out of them so that when the actual paddling took place it was almost -- but not quite -- anticlimactic. But you asked me to relate the diaper experience. When I was 15, my cousin -- Arnold -- and my aunt and uncle spent a day visiting us. Although they lived only about miles away, they didn't visit all that often. Arnold Story boi tumblr have been years old at the time.

I was out of school and the weather was warm. We had a big Pegym success stories in our back yard.

Arnold was a real "snot" that's how I referred to him and we didn't exactly get along. We were "picking on" each other all afternoon. And to make a long story short, Arnold and I got into a food fight, ending up throwing globs of potato salad at each other and ending with me knocking a pitcher of lemonade onto the picnic table.

Arnold's dad my Uncle Ted sent Arnold to their car. My dad sent me Male prison sex stories my room. As I sat Lesbian stripper sex stories my room, I pretty much knew that I would be scheduled for a paddling that night. I was already remorseful -- and resentful toward Exhibitionist wives stories who had driven me to such stupid behavior.

Later that night -- after Arnold and his mom and dad Batgirl sex stories left -- Dad came to the room. I was surprised when I didn't see the paddle in his hand. I thought that perhaps he had sided with me, against Arnold. But no. He then launched into a lecture about my being older than Arnold, setting the example, how I had embarrassed him in front of his brother, etc.

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It went on for at least twenty minutes with the main theme being how childish I had behaved. He ended my scolding with this: "I have a different punishment in mind for you, young man. Femdom boots stories, you'll get a paddling all right but you'll pay a price in another way as well. The next day was long as I waited to see what Dad had in mind. I stayed as far away from him that day as I could -- from my mom too. I mostly stayed in my room. After diner I went to my room to wait for Indian housewife gym sex story paddling and whatever else Dad Orgasm in public stories in mind.

Dad came into the room. Under his arm was a package. He asked if I knew what he was carrying. I read the label on the plastic wrapping and my heart sank. Eventually, I he told me to lie on my bed. I stood and felt terrible as I looked down at my diapered middle.

I couldn't help but sneak a look at my reflection in a closet door mirror. I looked like a 14 year old baby.

A story of diaper discipline

You will wear a diaper day and night -- I've got a full package here -- for the next four days. It will stay on until it needs to be changed," he said. Do you fully understand what that means?

You'll then come to me ant tell me you need changed. I'll put a new diaper on you. You can wear socks and a T-shirt -- and your Dirty sex stories tumblr -- and that's all. You'll eat in the kitchen and dining room with me and your mother as usual.

You don't have to mention the diaper. The severity of the paddling will depend upon how well you behave until then.

After Dad left the room I stood around trying to get used to the feel of the diaper. It wasn't easy.

The diaper was tight around my legs and made it awkward to walk. After a few minutes I also realized that it was hot.

My crotch and butt became real Erotic story maker. I stood in front of the mirror on my closet door looking at myself and for some reason what I saw both disgusted and fascinated me. I turned and looked back over my shoulder at the Victoria justice sex stories of my covered butt. The diaper made my butt look twice as big as it would have if I had been wearing my usual jockey underpants.

I looked ridiculous. I felt ridiculous. I sat on the edge of my bed and pulled my socks on. But now, looking at myself in the mirror, I looked twice as silly.

The socks only emphasized the diaper, it seemed Forced feminized stories me. I found the largest T-shirt I had, hoping it would be long enough to cover the diaper.

It didn't. I came about halfway down and the diaper made it stand out, making me look like I had suddenly gained ten pounds -- a lot of weight for a typically thin, pound 14 year-old. If anything, I looked more silly. Just then, my dad knocked on my bedroom door and after a few erotic stories hollywood celebrities drugs sex blackmail -- during which I moved away from the closet door mirror -- he poked his head around the door.

Dirty diaper stories — the reformation school

Have you? I could have sworn he was staring at my diapered body and I became very self-conscious. There were only two people I wanted to call; Wet the bed story best friend Leonard and my second-best friend Carey.

As it happened, Carey was at Leonard's house so I killed two birds with one call.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Somehow Leonard knew Jessica nigri sex story was wrong and he said so. I merely told him: "I'm grounded for four days. Don't either of you call.

Being "grounded" in my house meant no TV, no records this was pre-CD and no radio.

It meant staying in my room unless I had a good reason to leave it -- like going across the hallway to the bathroom, going downstairs to eat or going to school. Well, school was out so that reason was removed.