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Alex had her father's testicles in her hands. She slowly applied pressure, squeezing the slippery orbs inside his scrotum. Phil, barely conscious, felt an increasing pain that travelled from his groin up to his belly.

Erotic Ballbusting Stories

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So, this is NOT my story. It's one that I found many years ago on the EuA and I really liked it. It's not completed and since I don't know who wrote it, I have no way of seeing if there is, somewhere, a completed version and if there's any sequels. Anywho I really liked the Doctor patient love stories and thought I'd share it here.

Name: Ilene
Age: 38
Ethnicity: I'm from Germany
I like: Hetero

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Many would say I was doubly cursed, while few others would say blessed when it comes to what turns me on sexually. Since I can remember I have always been attracted to women with sexy legs and feet, Foot growth stories well as having my balls roughly fondled to the point of seeing stars. I really only had one girl friend who gave me pleasure in this way.

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Unfortunately I did not find her Vulgus erotic stories my senior year in High School. Our relationship did not last long. Not because of the sex we had, which was great, but because I headed to college and she left for Germany with her family. It was not until my freshman year in College when I ran across a true ball buster extraordinaire named Anne, who quickly made me realize what an amateur ball buster my High School girlfriend was. To this day I break out into a Human dairy farm story sweat just thinking about Anne.

What follows is my story about Anne and how she sexually crushed my balls while taking me to a level of sexual bliss I have yet to experience again.

After High School I left for a small college in Texas on a baseball scholarship. After our Home improvement sex stories out of conference preseason game against TCU, I was invited by several of the senior members of the team to attend a after the game party at one of the frat members house.

On the way to the party it was explained to me by Carl, our junior second baseman, how we needed to get the partying in now before the season officially started. Once the season starts the coach would hit us hard with a curfew. Upon entering the party house we were greeted immediately by two blonde Texas beauties.

They had been High School Cow tf story.

I recognized her from our practices and games. She usually sat with Julie in the seats directly behind home plate. Her Loving wifes sex stories was amazing. Upon seeing my initial reaction to Anne, Tom smiled and made the introductions.

‘ballbusting’ stories

After a moment of uncomfortable silence which seemed to last forever, Tom leaned in next to my ear. Reel your tongue back in and get her a drink. I proceeded towards the kitchen hoping the keg would Blueberry expansion story somewhere in the vicinity, and mentally kicking myself for acting like a teenager on a first date. I definitely needed a cold one.

Nicholas's nuts, bursts and ballbusting stories

I think Tom and Julie want to be alone tonight. We made our way out to the porch and I filled my cup. The beer felt good going down. I relaxed and for the first time that night I took a moment to take all of Anne in Crossdresser first time stories Erotic ballbusting stories to toe. She looked gorgeous. She had on a tight fitting thin Sissy crossdress stories dress that clung snuggly to her, accentuating all her curves in all the right places.

The hem of the dress came to about half thigh level. Her legs were long, shapely and smooth. Her calves were perfect for her size, solid and slender tapering to classically shaped ankles. Each ankle bore a shiny silver anklet from which dangled tiny charms. She wore red leather slip on shoes which were open toed.

Her lightly bronzed skin seemed to glow under the porch light. I was riveted by her legs and the subtle muscle tone they revealed with each of her movements. I must have blushed slightly as I was obviously caught staring. It was then I realized that she must know what attracted me the most about her physically.

I began to feel my cock harden in my shorts. We made our way back into the party and got to know each other a little better. Mostly small talk about where we Underwater bondage stories from, family, and interests.

Each of my stares became longer as I gained courage with each passing beer.

Little did I know at the time, Anne was Accidental flashing stories of my stares and was adding to my state of excitement by slipping her foot in and out of her shoe and crossing her legs in such a manner to accentuate her calf muscles. Towards the end of the night the party began to dwindle as the guests made their way out or passed out. I had quite a few Bound and fucked stories and was feeling a bit groggy myself.

Ballbusting stories

I knew I was not completely drunk, judging by my trips to the restroom I could tell I had at least 90 percent of my faculties working. But still I was feeling pretty good. Anne and I had been sitting on the couch and she was really working her leg and performing a classic shoe Haircut stories india off her toes.

Throughout the night I was at a state of perpetual hardness. Now sitting Enema slave stories the couch with her and watching her crossed leg swing slowly up and down as she played with her shoe I could feel my hard on begin to ache.

The coffee shop collection

I squirmed uncomfortably and tugged on the shorts between my shaft and my inner thigh. I looked up to find Anne smiling at me. I was speechless as I felt the awkward silence grip my throat like a frozen vice. I sunk Shemale on male story into the couch and gulped down the remainder of my beer.

Brutal ballbusting stories

She slid in close to me Wheel of time sex stories gentle hip touching mine and I watched as her shoe fell off her toes onto the floor. With her right leg crossed over her left she began to run her right instep slowly up and down my lower leg. Besides that rod swelling in your shorts gave you away hours ago. Then she stood up, put on her shoe and faced me.

Lets you and I get out of here. Walk me home, I only live a Bisex incest stories blocks away. She reached down and I grabbed her hand still in a state of semi-shock at how forward this vixen had suddenly displayed a Jekyll and Hyde type of syndrome.

Anne’s ball busting pleasure

I will give you what you want if you give me what I desire. Still holding my hand, Anne led me through the thinning crowd. On our way out I saw Tom and Julie on the other side of the room. I saw Julie feign an angry look at him as she slapped him on the shoulder. From our conversation earlier that night I learned that Anne Hagrid sex stories a local attending the University.

She was in her Junior year Human to animal transformation stories in psychology. On her way to her house she explained that her parents were out of town for the week. The arrangement was that as long as she was in school as a full time student she could live at home.

The basement was finished out and was hers until she graduated and landed a job.

Brutal ballbusting stories

My parents are pretty cool they understand that I need my privacy. She had a nice setup up. A completely finished out basement fully carpeted with all the trimmings. She sat down on Sir snuff stories couch and patted the seat next to her beckoning me with her index finger to come hither. You see it excites me, to see and feel a guy squirm in pain and pleasure.

Are you okay with that? I stood up and proceeded to strip post haste! While I was undressing I noticed Anne was making preparations of her own. On the end table was a bottle of baby oil. She Awoken dragon dragon story a liberal amount all over her legs and feet.

She then grabbed two of the heavy couch pillows and placed one against the inside armrest of the couch and propped her back up against it. The other pillow she placed on the seat of the couch in front of her resting her feet on top of it in such a way that her knees were brought up inches Itching powder stories her chest allowing her to rest her chin on top of them.

Seeing her sit like this in a cannon ball type manner made me curious as to what she had in mind.

Besides what I have here is all you will need…right? I want to see if the height is right for you. My cock was fully erect and the Story making out with mom inches from the front of her shins which she kept pressed tightly together.