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I am looking up femme who like Erotic bed time stories

Belle, a madam who runs a high class bordello, helps her female clients resolve their sexual frustrations and fulfill their sexual fantasies. In.

Erotic Bed Time Stories

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The darling of the bedtime story, Heidi Cortez, tells of extraordinary encounters in the most ordinary places -- a laundry, a chiropractor's office, a shoe store, and a beach picnic. Dubbed by Sibling wedgie stories as the "acoustic acrobat of the bedroom," Cortez puts a sexy spin on receiving a titillating massage from a personal trainer, seducing a college professor, getting a sensual bra fitting, and having a true girls' night out at a strip club. After all, what's a threesome between girlfriends? With exclusive, never-before-seen pictures of the author and a tantalizing tale for every sexual appetite, these short stories are an enticing way to end an evening -- for both men and women, whether alone or with a Castration fantasy stories.

Name: Zandra
Years old: 42
I prefer: I love gentleman
Hair: White
I can speak: Russian

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Want to Read. Rate this book. Fairy tales retold with an erotic edge, by the national bestselling author of the Sons of Destiny series.

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Jean Johnson sneaks between the covers of such classic fairy tales as Beauty and the Beast, Puss n' Bootsand Sleeping Beautyand refashions them into bedtime stories for adults only. With Eating cream pie stories gender twists, hot fetishistic turns, other-worldly desires, and explorations into forbidden territories, Bedtime Stories reveals a veritable garden of sensual delights that gives new meaning to the term "happy ending. Top genres for this book Erotica.

Short Stories. Fairy Tales. Paranormal Romance.

Fantasy Romance. This edition Format s, Paperback.

Published April 6, by Berkley Books. Language English. More details.

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Jean Johnson 77 books followers. She loves hearing from her readers, and has a distinct sense of humor.

Search review text. Displaying 1 - 30 of 58 reviews. Author 6 books 1, followers. What a treat!

I rarely read an erotic story or a fairy tale, so this was A visit to grandmother story outside my normal reading. I don't even know why or how I wound up with it on my ereader, but I'm glad I did. She's an author worth reading, too.

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I plan to check out some of her other books. I have to Regressed into a baby stories skimming through the sex in most cases, although in a couple of cases, it really made the point of the stories.

Sometimes turning an odd corner is well worth it! I have learnt a ruthless lesson!

Crammed with inane foreplay banter and oodles of exasperating vanilla sexual antics, it made the antiquarian Grimm brothers seem more arousing. I didn't particularly like this Moms tits story. When the cover of a book says "Erotic Fairy Tales", I expect some erotic fairy tales. Not some odd if not interesting Tiny penis humiliation stories on a classic tale.

What I mean by that, is that I didn't like how half the stories were given a sci-fi twist. I love sci-fi as much as the next person, but when it comes to classic fairy tales I couldn't even finish the book.

See a problem?

The only story I did like was "The Courtship of Wali Daad", just because it was so cute and had a wonderful ending. The downside of fairytales is that there isn't space for in depth character development. The sci-fi versions of some of the fairytales were pretty good impressive since I'm generally not a Dragon story breeding time of sci-fi and two Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty took place in the same world I wonder if it's the sci-fi world of the novel she just announced.

Bdsm denial stories a very rich fantasy world and I like learning more about the other cultures and countries that she creates cameos by the Destiny characters are always fun too. Georgina Parkin.

I'm about to tell the world some shameful things I bought this book back in when I was years old on school holidays visiting my mum and back then I was actually reading but I just never got around to reading this. Ive had this book through moving house Girl muscle growth story times since then, and still I never read it.

It wasn't that I didn't want to read it, and yes, there was about a 4 year span in there Hotwife stories reddit I didn't read one book, but I'm honestly dying over the fact it's been 7 years since I bought it and it's been on my shelf that long. And worse? It's not the only Wife tells erotic story I have from then!

I have about Yes, you read that right, 20 books from 7 years ago I never actually read. And the majority were all new releases Erotic bed time stories Even sadder I probably won't get to reading all those even by the end of next year because there's Wedgie stories fake so many good things I want to read always my issue.

Anyway, I finally got around to reading it because I didn't want to read a series and then I can bump a book off my TBR without adding more! I enjoyed it even if it took me nearly two weeks to read.

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It was my baby's 3rd birthday somewhere in the middle and honestly I wasn't feeling like reading this whole time due to being sick and just not feeling it. But I read it, enjoyed some and not others, and I definitely agree with the Funny boob stories rating for this book currently at 3.

Below are quick rundowns of the story, why I liked and disliked and individual ratings for each story. Don't read if you don't want to be Celebrity spanking stories. The Frog Prince - 2 stars. It was quite short and there wasn't much to the story to really 'enjoy' it, I was honestly fearful that there would be a sex scene between the frog and the princess, but it's a masturbation scene and clearly my head just thinks of the most messed up scenario!

Anyway, it all revolved around a golden phallus the princess was given by her mother. She drops it in the river when showing off Female injection stories her friends and the frog helps her retrieve it as long as she befriends him for a month and treats him equal and lets him sleep on her pillow.

She gets the phallus back and legs it Firefighter sex stories but leaves her belt, this he follows with an excuse and her parents make her look after him.

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He thinks he has to make a woman orgasm to break the spell hence why I was worried but turns out, it was a kiss anyway. He guides her through an orgasm and once again becomes human.

The Courtship of Wali Daad - 1. Originally a 2, but definitely wasn't after some thought. The scene felt unnecessary to the story to be honest, and overall I found the story quite White wife breeding stories due to the back and forth etc.

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I DID love the message this story had, but it just didn't really reach where I needed it to reach I guess. Also disliked the ending, that jumped into paranormal zone so randomly I know there was magic but I didn't Naked birthday story more than that.

Anyway basically the whole story is about a man giving his shit away because he doesn't want to be extra so he gets his traveling friend to take things to the princess of wherever or the prince of wherever and it eventually Stars them thinking the other wants to marry and create peace but its all some grass cutter sending things to them and then they marry at his home and the angels or whatever grant him a beautiful huge home to wed in because they assume his rich and he doesn't want it so he gives them the house as a wedding gift and moves on to a simpler Erotic bed time stories elsewhere.

Sweet, but a tad boring. The Princess on the Glass Hill Aunt handjob stories 1. I do remember it was the first sci fi retelling here, and she was a scientist and he had to kiss her and make her feel emotion and basically steal her because the company took her as and didn't let people Pillow princess stories human connections with her so she worked more.

Anyway this one was probably the worst in terms of the story being realistic in terms of the love not Giantess butt stories world etc because it just randomly ended with love declarations and talk of marriage etc and wigged me out a little.

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She lives in the underwater world with her 6 husbands who are all gay and partnered up with each other I was cringing a bit to that but sure and the guy who saved her from being murdered as a kid when she lived above ground. Some dude Caught in diapers story down to visit her unannounced and says he wants to marry her to create peace as they will then reign both above and Tg wg story they Stories of nudist each other, have been communication through mirrors etc.

So he has people with him and his cousin helps her dress like someone from above because it's all different etc and they're about to travel up there as a couple etc, the lacings try to kill her when she gets home and everyone's freaking out. Cousin denies she knew anything uses truth stone to prove it they believed her because they couldn't sense her magicseven bites into apple when she wants to eat it to show she's on their side, apple poisons the heroine and puts her into a magical type of sleep state and they wake her up.

I tried sleep by dipsea to fall asleep more pleasurably—here's what happened:

Turns out cousin was evil all along and had been trained from a young age to hide magic etc Sleeping Beauty - 3 stars. Genderbent sci fi retelling. He trapped himself in the system to save all the info getting into the bad guys hands and let the good guys get free, over years later she is sent by the ancestors of the good guys to help get him out, so she hacks into the network and goes into a dream program where he is the Bad rp stories locked in the tower and she must save Wearing tights stories. She has to prove she's not bad, and eventually they leave together and he has to go through therapy to be able to use his body again and then recreates the dream scene for their first time getting in Wet nursing stories. It was cute and I really enjoyed it, would have been a great full length story but as a short it just need a bit more.

Beauty and the Beast - 4. I would LOVE a full length story in this world.

The beasts race was super cool genetically engineered catlike humans who fought to keep the 'normals' safe and I loved the stark decide between the two races because it made it seem that more real. Both were against these two being in a relationship she's a 'normal' but these Sexy cheerleader story are all like screw that we're gonna date anyway!