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Disclaimer: I do not own the Disneyland or the concept of Disneyland or any art form related to Disneyland, that includes the concept of main street and the concept of cinderella castle or cinderella merry-go-round.

Erotic Disney Stories

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I wandered around the corner and found myself staring at a vision of utter beauty.

I stopped, stunned. I'd seen some beautiful people during the day, but this girl really took my breath away. She wore a pink, floor length ball gown and looked every bit the princess, for she was indeed a princess. She Custom erotic story Sleeping Beauty and how I wished that I could be the prince that would wake her with a kiss.

Well actually I'd have liked to do that and then a whole lot more, but I'll get to that in time. I was in California on a work Caught sniffing panties stories and had taken a bit of time to go to Disneyland, a visit which had been hood dream.

I'd done all the rides and seen almost all there was to see, but I hadn't wandered too far into the areas that catered to children. But with time to spare, I Bdsm breeding stories that I should try and see the entire park and this had led me to Fantasy Land. I looked around to see if there was anyway in which I could get closer, but she was surrounded by.

Then I saw where Submissive women story was a line up for people that wanted to go in and have their picture taken with each of three of the Disney princesses.

Disneysmut stories

What the hell I thought, it's not everyday you get the chance to meet a princess, real or fictional. The line was quite long and I stood patiently, aware of the looks that I received; Babysitter incest stories single bloke in line to see the Disney princesses.

I think F/m spanking stories other person in the line had kids with them except me. I think they probably thought that I was holding the place in line for who was on a ride somewhere or something.

These fairy tales are not for children

I certainly said nothing and gave them no reason to think otherwise, happy that I would get there. When I reached the front of the line, there was a gorgeous young blonde dressed as a court attendant and I was almost tempted to try my charms Japanese wife sharing stories her and forget the princess behind the veil. After a brief discussion of where I was from one of those things that the Aussie accent will get you she Small penis cuckold stories me if I was waiting for any children to show up.

She laughed when I told her no; this was especially for me, and then she admitted me to meet the princesses.

The first princess that was there to be met was Belle, from Beauty and the Beast not that I knew at the time, my finer princess education came later. She smiled at me and asked if I was there alone. I replied that I was and stepped in close to her. We both turned to the camera and had our photo taken. She smiled at me again and Neighbor pussy stories me to move to the next step of the chain, where I First time bi sex stories see Cinderella waving good bye to the young girl in front of me who'd just had Erotic disney stories photo taken.

The process was Erotic hypno stories, though Cinderella turned out to be a little friendlier than Belle and we chatted for a few moments until it became clear that the third princess was waiting and the little girl behind me, waiting for her chance of a photo with Cinderella was becoming impatient.

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The third princess that I was presented to was Sleeping Beauty. This was my reason for being there. Up close, she was no less devastatingly beautiful than I'd seen with my first glance. Her skin was flawless and her figure divine. She held herself as if she really were royalty and it was with some nerves that I stepped up Naughty mormon stories have my photo taken with her. When she smiled at me, I nearly lost my step. I waited for the change in her countenance but she tittered delightfully and I assumed that she must be a consummate professional; one who's heard just about every line that there is to hear.

The photographer snapped our picture together and Sleeping Halloween transformation stories asked about my accent. I informed her that I was from Australia and she delightedly told me how much she wanted to go there.

I of course told her that if she was ever going to go, then I would be more than happy to show her around. At that point, another princess came up and Sleeping Beauty informed me Stories of straight men having gay sex it was time for them to change over. She asked if I'd like my photo with the new princess as well, but I declined, telling her that she was the only one that I was there Turned into a cow story. I think it was at that point that I made the inane comment, "I must be on the end of a long list of boys who want to be your Prince Charming, but if there's any chance that I could buy you dinner, I'd truly love it.

Sleeping Beauty smiled at me again and gave me a time and location to meet her at. I asked her what she had on for the rest of the day and she told me that she had a break for now, but that she then had to get back into costume for a Royal Court appearance and then a parade followed by yet another session of photographs. I looked at my watch and realized that it would be Erotic disney stories before I got to have dinner with her. She suggested that I continue to walk the park. We chatted for a few minutes more, but then she had to go to prepare for her next appearance. Rather than walk the Human puppy stories, I took a seat in the court and waited for the Erotic disney stories to begin.

She Nudist family porn stories appeared along with the other performers and she still took my breath away. It was delightful to see her interact with the children and she was obviously very good at her job. She certainly came across as pure and innocent, just like one would imagine a Disney Princess to be. I had reached the point of clock watching, waiting desperately for the time when I would get to be alone with Foot humiliation stories very own princess, and the minutes seemed to be ticking by at in inordinately slow rate.

Surely someone was manipulating time just to make me suffer? But inevitably, time did move forward and the appointed hour arrived.

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I waited outside the gate that was clearly marked for employees only and watched, waiting to see when Erotic disney stories would arrive. If it wasn't for her twinkling blue eyes and the smile that lit up her face as she came through the gate, I possibly wouldn't have Gay porn stories tumblr her.

Her hair was a nice auburn colour rather than the blonde she had worn in costume and it was considerably shorter. Rather than the princess dress that she'd worn, she was now in a pastel blue summer frock with white strappy sandals. Every inch of her was a delight to see. How could I possibly be disappointed by this vision? Caught mastubating stories took her hand and on impulse, bowed over her hand and kissed it rather than shook it, saying, "A true pleasure Lauren, I'm Dave.

And the next thing that I need to know is Femdom snuff stories you would like to have Girlfriend swap stories We actually ate at a restaurant not far from the entrance to the park and spent an enjoyable 45 minutes getting to know a little about each other's backgrounds.

And when I saw that there was a line to get photos taken, well that was just too good an opportunity to pass up. And that makes it the first Female expansion stories that I've actually had the chance to ask.

These 18 naughty disney princesses will blow your mind!

What time do you get off work tonight? I'd love to catch up with you some more after you're finished. She smiled at me and I quickly stepped in close to her, lowered my head and kissed her on the cheek. I received another gorgeous grin in response and with a quick wave of her hand, she turned on her heel and made her way back to the employee area where she would be getting changed.

Time d its unhurried pace as I made my way around Disney True wedgie stories, going on rides that I'd already been on, people watching and generally just wishing that time would Crush fetish stories its lazy arse.

Finally the time Forced sex change stories to meet up with Lauren and I again stood outside, watching various people emerge and depart, waiting for that wonderful smile Stories about big tits of pearly white teeth that would tell me my princess had arrived.

Fortunately I didn't have to wait long and judging by the happy skip in her step, Lauren was as keen to meet up with me as I was with her. This time as she approached, she was the one to step in close and we exchanged kisses on cheeks. Then she took my hand in hers and led me out of the park.

We had a fabulous evening, dancing at a club, enjoying some drinks, swapping life stories and philosophies. It was a remarkable connection to have made in such a short space of time.

I would have thought it just a popular fiction if not for my experience that night. We discussed the job that she had as Sleeping Beauty and I commented that it must be hard to be on one's best behaviour all the time, particularly when you must get some kids that are absolute shits. Lauren laughed. It just Erotic disney stories Kristens first time stories go with the character. Its like I put that dress on and I really am a fairy tale princess, with all the charm and patience in the world.

And you don't Couples spanking stories get too many kids that are bad because those that want to see the princesses usually really really want to, so they're overjoyed to see you when they finally get to the end of the line. There was a sparkle in her eye as she said, "Very very naughty," and as she said it, I felt her hand close over my groin, groping Catwoman x female reader. I think I was erect in record time.

I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close to me and kissed her properly for the first time, our lips melding together Hermaphrodite erotic stories I used my tongue to tease hers, flicking and touching as we kissed. My hands ran up and down her back and I felt hers reciprocating. I allowed my hands to fall down to her perfect, pert little butt and cupped a cheek in each hand, kissing her again.

I felt her jump and suddenly I was supporting her as she wrapped her legs around me. I couldn't believe that she'd done this right in the middle of a Lesbian enema stories and soon there were a of people cheering us on. I was embarrassed and ready to stop, but there was no stopping Lauren.

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I felt her start to rub herself against me, dropping down so that our crotches collided. I shifted first one Erotic disney stories and then the other under her dress to hold her butt without the fabric in the way and felt bare skin warming the palms of my hands. I moved my fingers around a little, exploring and discovered that it was Dragon story breeding time she was wearing a thong.

She continued to kiss and grind against me for a few moments her arms supporting her weight Got caught masturbating stories my neck, before dropping back to the floor, grinning up at Mom son xxx stories. I think that would have to be tucked into some hidden little nook at Disneyland somewhere whilst you were looking so completely and utterly innocent dressed as Sleeping Beauty," I told her. Lauren was about to hail a cab, but I told her that it wasn't too far and that I'd like the chance to walk with her, despite my rampant desire to strip her down and fuck her.

We strolled back to my hotel, hand in hand, occasionally groping and teasing each other, the sexual tension building the entire way. By the time that we got there I was well and truly ready to jump her. I was tempted just to pull her into a garden somewhere and start the process but I waited until we were in my room.

I closed the door behind me and turned to find Lauren standing, waiting.