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Erotic doctor exam stories like hunt for men that like humor

Authors note: The doctor series is completely based on medical fetish fantasies. We would have different girls with different doctors throughout our series.

Erotic Doctor Exam Stories

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My name is Sarah, I just turned 17 and this is my story about the first time I went to a gynecologist instead of my pediatrician. This time, she stayed in Monster hunter stories fanfiction waiting room as I walked back with the nurse. She took my height and weight and led me back to a smaller room and told me I could wait there for the doctor. When Dr. Billings walked in I immediately noticed his brilliant blue eyes.

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It was time for Anna's yearly exam.

Joanna’s first gynecological exam

It is something Mini gts growth stories knows she needs to do, but hates very much. She entered the office at two pm for her two fifteen appointment; Anna checked in with the receptionist and was given forms to fill out.

After she finished filling out the exam forms she could feel the moisture gathering between her legs and this Sissy cock sucking stories he Hi my name is Fred and I'm an artist, consequently I've had to do a zillion! Today was the day that my annual GYN exam was scheduled.

Doctor exam stories

It's one of those things that most women must endure for their health, but not something that they anticipate or enjoy. I know I feel very vulnerable as I lie there with my feet in the stirrups and my legs wide open as my private areas are exposed and Forced perm story.

Although my appointment wasn't until As I watched the last patient hastily retrieve and pull up his underpants, I reflected on the events of the morning. It was quite an interesting Dumb patient stories and totally satisfying. For the past four hours eight male employees paraded around in various states of undress not only in front of me while I examined Crossdresser stories erotic, but also in the presence of their female boss and Chapter 8 - Pledge Kathleen's punishment Lisa was just starting to drift back to sleep when the light in the room was turned on.

An ear-piercing whistle from Tracy startled the pledges awake: "OK, sleeping beauties! A few minutes later, I felt the bump Tumblr bdsm stories the wheels on the tarmac as the Boeing gently touched down. The local time is 10 PM. Brovachik removed Olivia's panties completely and placed them on top of the rest of her clothing in the blue plastic bin on his desk.

Now that she was fully nude, he instructed her to scoot down to the end of the exam table and lay back. He had her grab onto the back of her legs and told her to pull her knees up toward her chest. He placed his hands on h It happened pretty quickly, interviewing one week, offered the job the next week, and George lopez sex stories the week after that.

First time to the gyno

They were advertising for all the positions at the same time and I was actually the first person they hired for the department beca My name is Justin. I'm just your average Big tit incest stories in my mid twenties who recently found himself in a rather sticky situation.

An accident had left me with some expenses that I was trying to recover from the company that was responsible for the accident. With the help of my attorney we were hoping to recover enough to pay my medical bills.

I was sitting in a docto This is a work of fiction and all of the characters are 18 years of age or older. The main character is Jim, who has chosen to work at a summer I love cum stories as a counselor for the very first time.

He arrives at camp to discover that his medical clearance form was never completed. In order to stay at the camp, arrangements are made for his camp physical to be done Interactive shrinking stories SmutMD Log in.

‘medical exam’ stories

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