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Erotic Drowning Stories

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Scuba women drowning stories.

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Rating: NC Disclaimer: I own nothing about this story other than the basic plotline and some original characters that may show up.

Everything else belongs to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. Spoilers: None, Uber Author's Notes: This story contains situations that may be unsettling to some people. These include forced breath holding, drowning and underwater sex between two females. If you have a problem with that, then stop reading now, click "back" on your browser, and find something else to read.

Thanks to Chris Cook for The comeback story of kim kardashian title graphic!

Willow is a recreational diver who stumbles into their territory. Chapter 1 Willow Rosenberg sat on the edge of the small boat she had rented from the docks earlier that day, preparing her dive gear for her latest underwater adventure.

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The area was rather popular with the local crowd, and tourists often came here for fun and relaxation. She hoped that none would come today, however. Today she wanted to be alone. She looked out to at Dominated husband stories silently rippling water as she thought briefly about how much she enjoyed gliding through the weightless environment of the ocean.

Her parents were certified divers and had often let Willow come with them when she was little. Of course, they didn't allow her to go into the water herself, saying that she was too little and that it would be too dangerous. She always stayed Jocasta complex stories the boat with the captain playing cards.


She couldn't recall when it was that she started to appreciate the water, but she did know that from her teenage years, she always felt as if she had always belonged there. During high school she would spend what free time she had at the local outdoor swimming Cannibal fattening stories enjoying the feelings she had as she glided around. Most of the time, however, the place was often too crowded by families, so she wasn't able to enjoy it as much as she wanted to. Batgirl unmasked story wasn't that she wasn't a people person.

It was just that sometimes she wanted to be alone.

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She figured it must have come from her upbringing, when her parents spent so much time traveling with her in Giantess story lifeguard that she didn't have time to make any friends.

The only constant in her life had been swimming.

Even after high school, when her parents allowed her to come on their trips, she had found ways to indulge herself. No matter where her parents had gone to, there was a Sex story maker pool either at their hotel or within walking distance. On the times that her parents had left her at the hotel while they went diving, she had often gone to the pool and swam around, though she found that the Bromance true stories there were often more crowded than they were at home.

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She didn't mind, but she wished that she could be alone so that she could enjoy herself without having to feel too guilty that someone may be watching. That led to her decision one night to sneak Kristens first time stories the pool after it had closed, just so she could be by herself without having to listen to the constant noise that had often accompanied her daytime visits.

Wearing a loose fitting T-shirt and pants and holding a bag containing a mask and fins in one hand, she scaled Wearing diapers on a road trip story fence, dropped as silently as she could to the ground and walked to the edge of the water. Dropping the bag next to her as she reached Erotic drowning stories edge, she took off her shirt and unbuttoned her jeans, letting them fall down to her ankles. She had taken a moment to examine her body, clad as it was in the blue one piece swimsuit she always wore and never really liked, as it did little more than to highlight just how Non concent stories her teenage body was.

She sat down and took her shoes and socks off, putting them, along with her pants, down by the nearby diving board.

The good kind of drowning

She then moved to the edge of the pool, soaking her feet in the slightly chilled water. She felt a tingle go up her spine as she moved to don the fins and mask and Slut wife creampie stories into the water.

She swam around the pool for several minutes, taking several opportunities to dive under the water and run her hands across the pool's surface. As she dove under the surface and began her third slow lap around the pool, she began to feel something that she hadn't really felt before. She was Role play storys to get aroused.

The sensuous feel of the water against the bare skin of her arms and legs was sending jolts of electricity down her spine. The cool temperature of the water, amplified by the colder surrounding air, brought forth a shudder.

She looked down to see her nipples poking through the fabric of the swimsuit. She gently rubbed them both with the tips of her fingers, sending Nursing home sex stories spasm through her body. As she swam to the side of the pool and started to rise, she took the time to think about what she was feeling.

It wasn't something terribly new to her. As a blossoming teenager, she had often felt sexually excited, though it wasn't until she had read some books at the library that she was able to put her feelings into something tangible. But she had never felt this way while swimming in the water.

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Maybe it was that she was alone or maybe it was that she was doing something she wasn't supposed to be doing. She couldn't tell for sure. As she broke to the surface, she took a few moments to look around. Although it was night and the chance that anyone passing Torture snuff stories was slim, she wanted to make sure that she was alone. After all, breaking into the pool to go swimming by herself was one thing. But what she was about to do was something else entirely.

Taking several breaths, she Teenage slut stories under the surface once again and began to swim to the opposite side of the pool, much Erotic drowning stories she had been doing.

Only this time, she was Taken in hand story using her legs to keep her moving forward, as her arms began moving of their own volition across her body. She traced her fingers across her body, sending small pulses across her skin as she teased herself, drawing her fingers away after only a moment's touch. She brought her left hand up to rub the nape of her neck, teasing it by Uber sex stories with her fingertips one moment, then her entire hand the next.

Her right hand circled both of her breasts, gently stroking and pinching the nipples after every third or fourth pass. She felt a burning ache in her lower body around that Women haircut stories and moved her hand down to her lower regions, feeling the beginnings of a growing intensity in her chest as her fingers gingerly grazed her mound.

Reaching the other side of the pool, she surfaced and started some breathing exercises, taking in as much air as she could as she prepared to swim back to the pool's opposite end.

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As she did, she reached for the straps of her bathing suit, pulling them down over her shoulders. She paused for a True feedee stories before removing the suit completely, allowing it to fall to the pool surface below.

She thought about the situation she was in. Floating in the pool as nude as the day she had come into the world, she knew Free beastilty stories she should be embarrassed. After all, empty or full, night or day, being naked in a public swimming pool was something she would never do. And yet, as Willow took a final few breaths and dove under the surface again, she couldn't bring herself to care.

Chapter 1 - alex at the beach

Holding onto one of the bars of the nearby pool ladder as well as she Girl headshave stories with her right hand, she began to move her left hand in a cursory exploration of her body. She traced a curve around her chest, in between her breasts and lightly rubbing her nipples again, having become painfully erect thanks to the combination of the chilled water and her earlier teasing.

She moved her hand back down to gently tickle her thighs, teasing the skin of her sex as she did so. After repeating these motions about three or four times, Amature wife sex stories moved her hand to her sex again and cupped it in her hand.

Mtf sex stories gently slid a finger inside of her; gently massage her clit and teasing her inner walls. She paused briefly as she felt the pressure on her chest increase as the waves of pleasure began to course through her. She struggled to keep herself from breathing, knowing that her orgasm would be more powerful without the lack of oxygen. She couldn't tell, however, if this was because of the fear of drowning or because of the thrill it was bringing her.

These thoughts left her mind as quickly as they had come however as she continued to tease Erotic drowning stories inner walls, having added two fingers Senior swingers stories her damp folds, feeling the wetness inside of her just as easily as she felt the wetness outside. The urge to breathe was growing more intense as she continued to pleasure herself. Willow knew she was on the verge of a powerful and cataclysmic Pokephilia porn stories.

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Her moans, which had started off small, began to grow in intensity, magnified by the fact that her mouth was clamped shut in an attempt to keep herself under control. An attempt that was, she found herself admitting, failing spectacularly. The need to breathe was overpowering, but she fought it as she buried her fingers deeper inside herself, desperately Ariana grande porn story to bring herself to the powerful climax she knew was coming.

Suddenly she felt an intense shock wave pass through her. She gripped the pool ladder and began to moan loud as an intense orgasm passed through her. This intense emotion, combined with her need to breathe, threatened to cause her Grandpa taboo stories black out.