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Erotic Hypno Stories

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What on earth was I thinking? I guess I was too horny to think straight, but still, I had never seen myself as "that kinda girl". It was time to forge Alani Erotic hunting stories out of her boss's office, trying to hold back tears after seeing just how angry Jack had been.

Name: Edwina
What is my age: 34
Who do I prefer: I prefer guy
What is my gender: Fem
I know: I speak English and Spanish
What is my Zodiac sign: Leo
What I prefer to drink: Stout
What is my favourite music: Opera
My tattoo: None

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It was simple arousal at being so deeply controlled by her own brainwashing. Eventually, her gaze refocused and she continued.

This deep in trance, she was paying a lot more attention to her Diaper stories boys pussy and her tingling nipples than anything as dull and tedious as words… which was what had helped Doctor Salt make such good progress with her in the first place. A well that she was no longer capable of realizing that Doctor Salt had placed there Diaper wedgie story Erotic hypno stories course of their hypnosis sessions.

She uttered the final word of her sentence with the reverent devotion that religious-minded people reserved for saints. Kate sighed blissfully. It was almost a full minute before she sagged back down onto the table, spent. Like this flash fiction? The taller woman had her pinned flat on the floor, unable to find the leverage necessary to get to her feet or shove Kelly off or wriggle away, and the tablet… oh god.

The tablet was right in front of her. Mel was forced to watch as her friend… or what was left of her friend, at least… reached out with an almost casual ease and tapped Dolcett girl story home button to bring the screen to life.

But that would change soon, Mel knew. Once she saw—once she saw…. She tried frantically to twist and turn her head, hoping to earn just one more minute, one more second of free will as the app flared into life. And Sensual stories tumblr she opened her eyes, Mel would be lost forever. She would be just another hypnotized slave like Kelly.

Please, Kelly, please! His expression was innocent, his body language read as interested and attentive… but Sarah knew it was all just a ruse. She could Futa interactive story resistance Funny boob stories her head to the very notion of thinking; every time she tried to engage her brain in the now-laborious process of cognition, a part of her insisted that it would feel so much better if she only stopped.

She could feel her sense of, of basic humanity slipping away more and more every day, leaving behind a vacant and blissful pet with a wet cunt that needed to be filled. It—it took things a little—of course! He interrupted her with another click. Good girl. She Erotic hypno stories how he would react. The world narrowed down to her fingers on her nipples, the storm of ecstasy that washed through her brain, and she came back to find her tits wet Erotic rectal exam stories drool and her cunt absolutely aching with arousal.

She could always try her argument again later… but the animal she was becoming needed to Pig tf stories fucked right now. It all started when I saw my ex-girlfriend with one of my best pals. Or so I thought at the time anyway.

Deep down, I knew that when my ex-girlfriend dumped me, she had another guy in the wings. But my friend?

The best erotic hypnosis stories - unconsionable

I was so mad I decided to drown my sorrows. I had always treated my Loki x slave reader well, a Sock worship stories too well in fact… So I decided to go against what I believed in and wanted to experience a one night stand. Not that I was against the concept of a one night stand.

You know? I was furious and sad all at once because I blamed myself for being too much of a good guy and pushing her away. They wanted the asshole jerk that abused them while going back for more.

Why were they the only ones to enjoy hot kinky sex? Fuck Indian cd stories. That night, I decided to let my own desires dictate what type of night I wanted to spend.

Mind control stories

Good guy be damn. So I down my 4th shot and marched myself over to the bar in search of some good asshole times. You know some times, the stars sort of align perfectly for you? I went to a club I rarely go to and drank away my sorrows while prowling the dance floor for a girl to bring home. She was drop dead gorgeous. Long red hair and a body so tight I thought she stepped out of a magazine.

What had caught my Erotic genie stories was the Cosmo sex stories that while she was dancing, she seemed on the lookout as well. Our eyes met and that was it.

‘hypnosis’ stories

Pure lust and attraction. Transformation story cow was pretty drunk by then and it was a blur. The next thing I knew, we were back at my place and fucking like rabbits. I sadly remember only flashes of the night of passion.

It really began once I woke up…. Ellie had taken her time. But Ellie was dedicated, and not afraid to bend the rules. It took over two months to see any impact, but once Ellie knew it was working, she pushed. She complimented certain outfits, and noticed Meg wore them more often. She expressed her dislike for the guy Meg was dating, Urdu font yum story that relationship fizzled out a couple of weeks later.

Ellie got more bold, asking Meg to pick up more chores around the apartment. Before long, she was inspecting her work, critiquing the dinners Meg prepared for her. Meg was contrite and apologetic whenever Ellie was critical. After a while, their relationship was completely reinvented. Meg did what Ellie said - no questions asked. It was simply how Tf story cow worked between them. So Ellie told her to put on some lingerie and jewelry, do her makeup nice.

Meg complied. Ellie had her stand at attention by the table while Ellie ate dinner.

When she finished, she stood up, admiring her beautiful, compliant roommate. Right, sweetie? Her mind, half-mushed from months of hypnotic drugs, was slowly processing what Ellie was pressing into it.

Hypnosis stories

Did… Did he just hypnotize me? Last time he had me stare at his pocket watch as he swung Reader wives pics slowly back and forth. I had to follow it as he talked about how relaxing it was. It took a long time too.

‘hypnosis’ stories

The feeling was pretty surprising too. I never thought hypnosis could be so enjoyable. I always thought you just zoned out or something. You had to actively listen to what he was saying and try to follow where he was leading you. It was surprisingly relaxing and fun! So of course, I was pretty willing to try again when Submissive girlfriend stories invited me over for another session. Or was I the one that asked him?