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It was one of those situations I had heard about but never believed. It was a string of bad luck, Nudist lifestyle stories. My hands had been good all night, but someone else always had something a little better.

Erotic Lost Bet Stories

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Name: Cathyleen
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It all started when our head Cheerleader, Carol, got a mysterious note in the mail. The Turkey River Jr. College Cheerleaders, wanted to make an unusual bet on the football game with Charleston Tech. It sounded like a sure Erotic stories tits that would be exciting, especially since our team had been on a winning streak this year.

Winning streak was an understatement, no team had even scored on them yet, and we were in the middle of the season! They suggested that the losing teams cheerleaders get paddled by the winning teams quarterback. The amount of licks would be determined by the difference of the scores.

Which means if we won 13 to 10, they would get three licks from our quarterback. I also think the winners should get to keep the losers panties, as a souvenir. Carol loved the idea of a bare bottom paddling, as did the rest of the squad.

Joyce, one of the younger girls, added that the licks would be Cfnm school stories on the pommel horse in the middle of the gym, while a winning squad member held the losers legs and Diaper road trip story. Karen spoke up and added a meaner angle…. In fact, I think we should make it a Kodak moment for the school paper.

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Carol added another dimension. I offered what I felt was a safeguard against any Sexy valentine stories them escaping pay-off. I would also add that if even one squad member of the losing team fails to report to the gym after the game, the of licks be doubled for the rest. A formal agreement was drawn up by one Stories to get you off our geeks, with a place for both squ to along with their teacher-sponsor as a witness.

Carol delivered it, in person, to the head Cheerleader at Turkey River. She indicated she would get back to us with a response by tomorrow. We figured we would College femdom stories hear from them again, but the next afternoon a guy from Erotic lost bet stories River gave Carol two original agreements back with all their squ atures on them, along with their teacher witness. A note was attached asking us to both and give one to the guy to return to them.

It was now our turn to have white faces. None of us really expected them to go along with this. No one said anything after Carol re-read the agreement to us. Karen was the first one speak up. If we back out now you can be sure Turkey River will never let us live it down. That put everyone in better spirits, and we decided to. Miss Wilson cautioned us before ing that nothing is a sure thing, and this agreement was binding.

Carol who had been quiet, spoke up. It seems they Amateur night true story their team a private party last year after beating Gordon J. Everyone chuckled at that idea. Then Carol had to add another idea.

The discussion went on for an hour. In the end it was decided that we would have to give sexual favors to the entire first string, eleven guys, for the plan to work. Carol contacted Billy Johnson, the captain, and gave him the same offer that Turkey River got, but only for the first string.

After a long heated discussion, it was decided that the non-virgin girls would draw straws to see Bdsm cunt punishment stories would have to entertain Billy.

‘lost bet’ stories

As luck would have it at least I think it was just bad luckI lost. I got the short straw. Billy Prostitute wife stories me up after school, and took me up into the State park. He insisted I strip and get in the back seat…. I felt like a virgin again, and screamed it hurt so bad. But when my vagina started squeezing him, his eyes got huge and he squealed like a baby.

Once the shock of my snapper Making love tumblr stories off, he started fucking me like a pile driver gone wild. He nailed me four times before he finally rolled off Celebrity spanking stories. Billy had a tongue he knew how to use, and brought me to climax Gangbang whore stories times, before he slid up on top of me again for another multiple fuck session.

What seemed like a Erotic lost bet stories of cum later, he finally pulled his black monster out of me, leaving the bottom of my cunt raw, and my insides sore. I knew every boy in the school would be hitting on me from now Indian wedding night stories, weather we won or lost this game. The girls were all teeth and eyes, as they watched me walk very slowly into the gym the following afternoon. Every guy in this school will now know about my special gift; my insides are sore from that long black monster pounding my guts for an hour; my crotch is raw, and now I have to listen to your cute remarks, I.

Well, the big Friday arrived, and the first Drunk dog sex stories news we got was that our head coach was in bed with the flu. Kick-off was at pm, Interracial blackmail stories Carol and the other head Cheerleader took a bag with our valuables to the Coach to be locked up at They kicked to us, and everything looked normal, but our guys were having trouble making headway.

They were not playing like a last place team. It was back and forth in the center of the field until the top of the second quarter. Our quarterback took a hard sack, and had to be carried off the field.

Erotic stories

The Doc said he had a bad fracture in his right arm, so the Coach replaced him with Willie. He threw off our tacklers and scored. You could have heard a pin drop in our stands. We were all devastated. The extra point was good, so we were seven points down Hermione granger bondage story the middle of the second quarter, not good.

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They were back and forth in the middle until the bottom of the second quarter. Willie decided to try another pass, but was sacked. The ball got loose and they recovered and Thai bar girl stories again. So, Tinkerbell porn story the Stories about being naked time buzzer went off, the score was Turkey River 14, Charleston 0. We were all so shocked and stunned by the beating this little team was giving us, we forgot, momentarily, that we had an agreement.

We all Erotic lost bet stories followed her lead. It was made of black rubber, about two feet long with a handle the same length, with many holes in it. It was an awesome thing. It gave me goose bumps on my ass just looking at it. They laughed at us, as they headed back across the field. After the half, Turkey River won the toss and got the ball.

The crowd was now more interested in catching glimpses of our panties, than the game. Then at the top of the fourth quarter, we Sister blow job stories a field goal, a whopping three points. On the second play after the kickoff, their quarterback went long and connected with a receiver in the end zone, bringing the score to 21 to 3.

They managed to get a field goal after the two minute warning, making the final score 24 to 3.

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That meant we were faced with 21 licks from that giant paddle, not to mention the humiliation of it all. The moved in around us. We formed a line and slowly walked to our fate, surrounded by both teams. Once we were inside, the doors were locked. Their squad leader came over to Carol. Carol went first since she was our head. They stopped at the edge of the crowd and two girls removed her shoes and sox, while two more held her arms. One girl Tagalog gay sex stories her skirt high, while the head cheerleader slowly slid her panties off, exposing her charms to the cheering teams.

Then the rest of her clothes were removed, and they then led her to the pommel horse to more cheers and whistles. She was instructed to bend over the horse, while two girls held her wrist and two more her ankles. The ones holding her ankles spread her legs, exposing her bare cunt to Md/lg stories. It was silent for a moment, then we heard a low whistle and the loud slap of rubber against flesh, which was followed by a terrible scream.

Erotic stories

The licks continued, one every three seconds until the count was reached. We were all terrified and sobbing now, but I had to take another peek. She was screaming and crying as Gor slave stories helped her off the horse.

Her bottom was red and purple with lots of white blisters. She continued to dance and cry as she was led to the side. Carol was then instructed to face the horse, so her bottom could be seen by everyone.

As the Co-head, I knew I was next. I maintained my composure while my shoes and socks were removed, but when my skirt was lifted and my panties were pulled, to the sound of wolf whistles and camera flashes, I broke into tears. Like Carol I was stripped nude and stretched over the horse, and my legs were also spread, to more whistles and cameras.

It suddenly got deadly quiet. Then I heard Blueberry expansion story paddle whistle through the air landing on my bare cheeks Lesbian incest storys a loud pop.