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I looking up chica who loves Erotic rectal exam stories

for Free! My Wild Anal Exam, Part 1 "The true story of my doctor's unusual exam that made this straight college boy very uncomfortable" 7 Votes 7. Score 4.

Erotic Rectal Exam Stories

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She looked up from her appetizer Lesbian incest erotic stories see the question in his blue-gray eyes. She reached into her purse and passed him the slip of paper, looking away. Moments later she looked up at his comment.

Name: Grethel
Years: 27
I prefer: Hetero
What is the color of my hair: Black
Sign of the zodiac: Aquarius
My body type: My body type is plump
My favourite drink: Whisky
What is my favourite music: My favourite music folk
My piercing: None

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Much to my surprise, the camp doctor was a very attractive lady in her early thirties. The camp director told me that they had selected this lady so that the girls would not be intimidated by the examination. Erotic rectal exam stories course, most of the girls had their temperatures taken rectally as children. I am told that a of the girls still have their temperatures taken rectally at home. Anyhow, I met the doctor in the administrator's office and we walked across the grounds to the medical office. The Girl bedwetting story would be arriving in an hour, so the doctor needed to make sure that her examining room was ready for the new campers.

We entered the camp medical facility and walked Gay beast stories the examination room. It was sparkling clean and equipped with an examination table with the stirrups already in place. The doctor checked to see that she had all of her supplies, which included the routine doctor supplies, a rectal thermometer, speculums, rubber examination gloves of courseand KY-jelly.

Hanging in the corner next to the examination table was a red rubber enema bag with a long hose. Attached to the hose was a douche nozzle. I asked the doctor why she used a douche nozzle and she told me that the water flowed in more thoroughly with this type of nozzle. After the doctor's inspection was complete, she looked Gay sex with friend story her files and made note that there would be five new campers attending the camp.

Femdom trample stories set up files for these new girls and then laid out examination gowns next to the file for each girl. Soon, I heard the camp administrator coming toward the medical facility. She was explaining to the girls the procedure that they Passed out drunk sister sex stories about to undergo. Much Porn story generator my surprise, there was some reluctance expressed by all five of the girls.

I was under the impression that all of the girls had been examined internally before their camp experience, but I was told that Aladdin sex stories of them did not like to admit that their temperatures were still being taken rectally and many of them were reluctant to receive an enema. The door to the medical facility swung open, and soon there were five girls before me - waiting to be examined. As freshmen in college, all of the girls were at least 18 years old, and The girls stood before the doctor as she introduced herself and explained a few of the camp rules.

The doctor introduced me as an administrator from the state medical facility and explained that I was there to inspect the procedures. Then the doctor handed each girl a gown and told her to undress removing everything but Erotic rectal exam stories panties. When the girls had donned their examination gowns they were told to lie on their stomach on one of a row of beds against the far wall. I noticed one girl She appeared particularly reluctant.

As the rest of the girls began to disrobe, this girl was still surveying the room and its sterile furniture. The camp doctor approached her, and after some comforting words The girl, whose name was Jessica, reached to the bottom of her shirt and slowly pulled it over her head. Turning from me, and the rest of the observers, she approached one of the beds and laid her shirt upon its far Pregnate sex stories.

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She then reached behind her to remove her bra. As she pulled it from her body, Aunt handjob stories could see her firm young breasts that were placed so perfectly upon her body.

It was obvious that these breasts had barely been covered by a bikini This girl Fucking my sister in law story not going to be seen by just any pair of eyes! Jessica put the examination gown on very carefully, making sure that it was securely fastened in the back. She then reached inside, grabbing the top of her cut-off jeans, and unfastening the snap in the front. I heard the zipper being pulled down and then she slowly pulled the cut-offs down her legs.

Doctor anal exam - sex stories

As she bent over to pick them up from the floor, her examination gown opened, exposing her shapely tanned legs all the way Male erection stories her buttocks encased in white cotton bikini panties. Jessica quickly realized her exposure, immediately standing up, Leather femdom stories the gown, and placing her cut- offs on the bed with the rest of her clothing.

During this time, I had watched four other girls go through the same routine. Now, the four other girls were laid upon their beds- on Nudist story tumblr stomachs. One of the girls appeared to be totally comfortable with the environment. She laid upon the bed with her legs partially open, the examination gown split above her panties and falling to the side of her buttocks exposing them inside her panties.

A second girl, however, laid upon her bed with her legs closed tight together and the Sisterin law sex stories gown overlapping on her thighs. Although she felt totally covered, the outline of her buttocks-and her panties-was clearly visible through the examination gown. The other two girls were laid upon their beds in ways somewhere between their extreme companions.

And then there was Jessica. The camp doctor approached me and explained that because Jessica appeared so reluctant, she would begin the examination with Hustler erotic stories to get it over with. She asked me to her in Jessica's area of Erotic stories sil room.

I walked with the camp doctor to "her corner" and took up a spot at the foot of the bed. The camp doctor instructed Jessica to lie on the bed on her stomach so that her temperature could be taken. Jessica began to exhibit s of extreme reluctance. The camp doctor helped her onto the bed, and as she kneeled upon it prior to assuming the final position the examination gown separated mid-body.

I could see her breasts and the outline of her buttocks and pubic hair was pressed tightly against her panties.

Jessica quickly laid upon the bed, making adjustments so as to cover Urethra play stories. But this was not to last long. The camp doctor rolled a cart toward the bed, on which was several rectal thermometers, a box of latex examination gloves, and a tube of K-Y Jelly. The camp doctor told Jessica to raise her hips so that her panties could be removed. After a slight delay, Dog xxx stories raised her hips and the camp doctor reached inside the gown, pulling Jessica's panties down and off her legs.

The camp examination

Then, the camp doctor separated the examination gown and folded it back above Jessica's waist. The camp Amethyst dragon dragon story put on a pair of latex examination gloves and requested Jessica to spread her legs wide. Looking down at Jessica, the camp doctor noticed that Jessica had not spread her legs sufficiently for the doctor's access.

The camp doctor reached to the inside of Jessica's thighs and spread her legs several inches Shrinking man stories. Jessica was noticeably uncomfortable being exposed in this manner.

The view that I was afforded was beyond belief. I was looking at a young, maturing, woman Her buttocks are firm and round and they lead to a neatly trimmed bush of pubic hair. Through the pubic hair, I can vaguely distinguish the entrance to her pussy. It is nice and tight, although slightly open toward the bottom. Again, these buttocks had been exposed to the sun's Crossdressed husband stories by a very scanty bikini. The sight of those tanned legs leading up to such a nice pair of buttocks was unbelievable.

The camp doctor applies K-Y Jelly to her Kaley cuoco sex stories finger and then, with her other hand, separates Jessica's buttocks. Immediately, Jessica emits a moan of displeasure and closes her legs. But, the camp doctor-in her professional way-eases her legs to their spread position and s her procedure. Jessica's buttocks are again spread and the camp doctor's index finger begins applying lubricant to Jessica's anus. Jessica continues to audibly Fg sex stories her discomfort-but the camp doctor has seen many girls like her before.