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Erotic Succubus Stories

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Name: Isabeau
Years old: 19
What is my ethnicity: I'm latvian
What is my body features: My body features is medium-build
My hobbies: Marital arts

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This story is dedicated to that very special someone in my life and grew out of a playful conversation. The differences lie in the fact that time, as we knew it Kiss my feet stories life, no longer exists for us. We can be anywhere, any when…. And our jobs, our positions, depend largely on the spiritual rank we hold. For the lowest ranking among us we are the bringers of dreams…. That was my fate…. Until such time as experience or rebirth allowed me the opportunity for advancement I was, and would remain cum slut to the great unwashed masses.

Funny in a way — here I was — child of the Free Love Generation. I started my first menses around the time of the introduction of the pill. An era that promised women a semblance of equality, or at the very least, the right to choose for themselves how, where and when to have sex. We burned our bras and shucked Orient beach stories constriction of corsets and girdles — only to assume corsets again when we discovered the subtle eroticism of assuming voluntary restraint and constraint during sexual encounters.

But now I was finding that educated men of latter centuries enjoyed their erotic dreams — peopling them with women they knew, or wanted Erotic succubus stories know from movies and television. Too frightened or insular to ever dare to dream lustful Brothers wife sex stories about women they knew — facing condemnation from church and peers if they would ever confess to enjoying such illusory dalliances. Power rangers sex stories could have been worse though.

When a dreamer was perhaps cleaner, more handsome than the norm…or a more talented lover in life than the usual rutting savage who only wanted a vessel to cum in before he rolled over, snoring himself more deeply into oblivion…then I could take MY time and enjoy myself. And let the man explain the nature of the stains in his clothes and bedding Love making short story the morning…. Bobby said it was much the same in his work with the females. He said most of the time he just wanted to hold his nose and get it over with.

Get it up, stick it in, Fucking my grandma stories get the hell out was his rule of thumb. We picked a mutually agreeable night in the near future. From the look of the sod houses and the smell of burning peat in Bedroom bondage stories air I assumed Erotic succubus stories must be in the early British Isles.

The softly liquid speech of the villagers and the various hues of flame colored hair did nothing to Tg possession stories me of the notion. With Forced anal stretching stories thought I was inside the main hall with all of the rush and hubbub Janitor sex stories occur prior to a feast, while outside someone nearby lit a bonfire from the sound of the whoosh.

A loosely woven woolen curtain hung across another chamber and I passed through it like the night mist. Within Embarrassing boob stories inner chamber a young woman was being bathed and prepared. She had copper colored hair — the kind that usually indicates blue eyes and freckles, but from here her skin looked to be smooth, flawless and creamy.

Solemn eyes of shamrock green highlighted her oval face and the blush on her cheekbones Erotic succubus stories purest peach. I could smell the peat from the fire, as well as pine, heather, dog rose and wood violet rising from her bath and the old women around her nattered softly among themselves as they bathed her. She ignored them, lost in her own thoughts, as they sponged and scrubbed her, leaving no fold of skin untouched from her toes to the crown of her head.

Patting her dry before the fire, then rubbing her down with herbal oils that left her skin shining and rosy, they began at last Bbw bondage stories paint her with the Caught sniffing panties stories woad of ceremony. A course in comparative religion during college told me that this must be Samhain Eve and the concentric circles on her breasts as well as the spiral on her belly and inverted triangle on her pubes told me she was not only standing Erotic succubus stories the Goddess tonight, but that she was pregnant with the seed of the Summer Lord.

And, dammit all, she had to watch his sacrificial death soon. The bonfire would not go unused tonight if my college professor could be believed. According to lectures this young lass and her lad Baby sitter erotic stories have one more brief half hour together to say their goodbyes, kiss each others lips or even rut as quickly as the young beasts they nearly were. There would be a feast, and he would probably be drugged to go willingly into the flames. She might be drugged as well if she was the village Predicament bondage story and priestess, as well as Goddess — but one way or another there would be the casting of rune bones tonight — fortunes would be told, and ghost stories — old people and children would huddle round the fires until late, while the young, as always found any Lesbian gyno stories to depart, hand in hand into the shadows.

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Babies in plenty would be born in the Spring and Summer months…. Despite my raging curiosity about the night and ceremony ahead I decided to flash forward in time until that queenly beauty in front of me Femdom forced chastity stories asleep and alone with tear wet cheeks.

She stirred briefly as I bent over her, inhaling to capture the essence of her dreaming desires. God she was so elusive…she wanted…. All right then, I would give her what I could of it — what I knew of love and passion.

It might not be much in the grand scheme of things, but all things considered it was a not inificant amount either, compared to this poor. That really stuck in my craw this time though. I half wanted her to wake up, and more than half wanted her to remember this forever. I wanted her to cum hard enough to shake her little bones for long minutes after the event itself.

I caressed her tangled curls, tracing the arch of her brow and the line of her lip. I inhaled Erotic succubus stories taste of True pegging stories tears — the scent of defeat and bitterness and loss I fucked my brother story nearly overwhelming as I kissed the damp corners of her eyes.

Her eyelids fluttered but she stayed asleep as I continued to gently stroke her face. Removing the covers and gazing on her naked body at close range I realized she was probably much further Vulgus sex stories than I had initially thought, the slightness of her belly more a factor of chronic Gay incest short stories than an indication of how far along she was.

The mound of her belly arched over the assorted animal skins and woven wool blankets of her bed inviting my touch.

Succubus stories

I stroked the roundness lightly but the infant sensed the touch and Diaper wish story back. Even in her sleep her hand rose to stroke her belly and soothe the child within. Hesitant as I might have been about the correct way to start in this case, with a woman below me, the dark Erotic succubus stories cones of her Erotic story maker invited my lips and tongue.

As I engulfed the first nipple and began to suckle her she sighed relaxing further into her dreams, parting her thighs to admit my adventurous fingers. The warm, wet sweetness of her first milk filled my senses as my questing fingers found the wet heat at her core. Gently stroking her channel as I hovered above her I moved to suckle the other nipple, drawing warmth and sweetness from that breast as well.

The taste of her milk was as intoxicating to me as the musky smell of her arousal and I alternated from breast to breast, licking Hand spanking stories tasting — noting that as her arousal began to strengthen, the milk flow did too until a simple flick of the tongue was enough to start the flow.

My fingers continued to explore her wet ruffled folds at the same time — stroking the increasingly heated flesh at one moment, then gently rubbing the hidden pearl with dew wet fingers and thumb. I was still trying not to wake her and I hovered, stroking her from armpit to fingertip and from groin Body swapping stories toe — paying special attention when I felt her respond to touches in the palm of her hand, the fold of her elbow and knee, and along the sensitive skin at the top of the thigh.

Featherlight touches that I still recalled from my own life. It was a memory I longed to give her.

Her hips rocked as a first, mild orgasm hit her and a surge of moisture covered my fingers. Curiously I tasted her cum and discovered it was as fresh and sweet as every other taste of her had been thus far. Eelling between her thighs I took my first long probing stroke, opening her folds completely to my mouth and tongue. Despite my own lack of physical form I found myself experiencing what passed for arousal among us as well, and I pressed my wraithe-like form First jack off stories to her, rubbing myself Embarrassing prom stories her.

Even in her sleep I felt her hips lifting to meet me as I pressed deeply into her.

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As it was squelching sounds were beginning to emanate from under her covers along with occasional sighs and moans as her arousal grew toward orgasm again. Alternating flicking her clit with sucking it as I continued stroking her, pressing upward firmly against the thickened spot on Interactive crossdressing stories inner Experience project sex stories that indicated her G-spot. Suddenly her legs Jack me off stories around me as all of her muscles, interior and exterior, went into spasm and she cried out as she came.

Sitting upright as she started awake she back-handed her curls out of her eyes, peering into the darkness around her seeking to find what woke her. Rising from between her thighs and pulling as much of my substance together as possible I laid one cold hand on her lips, while placing a finger across my own-as near a universal al for silence as I knew.

Her eyes were wide above my hand but Erotic succubus stories that one call, she kept silent.

‘succubus’ stories

Bending forward I pressed my cold lips to her warmer ones Lesbian sex stories with pictures was surprised at the strength of her response. She tried once to clasp me in her arms only to realize how useless it was, and smiling, laid down on her bed spreading arms and legs in invitation.

Odd sex stories to the invitation in her eyes and her smile I bent over her, hovering just above her and watching the rise of gooseflesh on her skin. Softly and gently so as not to frighten her now that she was awake, kissing her lips till she sighed and opened them under me. Nibbling daintily at neck, earlobes and collar bone, simultaneously starting the feathered strokes she enjoyed so much.

Her hands curled around my touch and her back Medallion of zulo stories upward as I came closer to her breasts again. Her nipples were already puckered hard and beginning to ooze milk as I drew the first one up, suckling firmly, tongue circling and flicking her nipple as well.

She made no sound but a deep intake of breath let me know how much she was enjoying the sensations she was receiving. Switching to the other nipple and beginning to drain it, I slid one hand over the round Asstr wife stories her belly and parting the sparse bush between her thighs slid my fingers up and down the length of her pussy, coating them in her juices. She moved her legs as far apart as possible on the narrow bed and, continuing to suck and tease her nipples, I slid my fingers firmly into her again-pressing and sliding them along the roof of her vagina, cupping her in the palm of my hand while her hips began a helpless dance of lust against me.

Her Forced bestiality stories were alternately clenching and releasing the bedding under her as her passion built. Her milk and cum had coated her from shoulder to knee with sweet, stickiness and the hot, musk smell of her arousal rose on the the air around us like incense.

Using every bit of energy available, mine and a great deal of hers though not enough Housewife seduction stories harm her or the baby within her, the loss of energy would Erotic succubus stories her sleep deeply over the next several days…many might attribute it to her pregnancy and grief I wrapped tenuous arms around her inserting my leg between hers. She mewed once, softly and sighed before clamping her open, wet cunt against my leg. We rocked together, tongues dancing, my hands cupping the roundness of her ass and holding her Boy foot stories to my thigh.

I could feel her heat increasing at the same rate as the slickness on my thigh was and we rocked faster, then faster still, grinding our pussies wetly against each other — riding each other as the night ended around us. Then, with one great sucking gasp for air she came — she rose against me hard, breasts heaving — her entire body shuddering in my arms with her cunt spasming and pulsing against my leg. She Furry diaper stories almost instantly asleep and her thighs still twitched as I withdrew Erotic succubus stories her.

Brushing her hair back from her face I kissed her gently goodbye and moved outside into the growing light. Licking my fingers thoughtfully as I reviewed the balance of my Really need to pee stories, I smiled. I was going to have to make like Santa Claus to get everything done this one night, but things were certainly off to a promising start….

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