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It was a Saturday night. We had been to a show, got home about 11 PM, and were channel surfing, looking for another hour's entertainment before going to bed. Zebra Lounge was just starting.

Erotic Wife Seduction Stories

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After twenty-six years, things had changed. We had been through a lot, from raising children to burying parents, from struggling to being successful, and Mother daughter bondage stories fucking all the time to almost never. Like most couples, our sex life started out fast and furious.

Name: Rozanna
What is my age: 37
Ethnicity: I was born in India
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Julie and Todd Baker, were celebrating their first anniversary in Central Florida. Their love of Roller Coasters had brought them during the hottest month Spanking my husband stories the year.

After the first day of standing in line, and sweating water by the gallon, both were convinced coasters farther North would have been preferable.

She was short and weighed maybe ninety pounds on a good day. Her big breasts made her look top heavy.

Being as pretty as she was, her friends never understood why she married Todd Baker. Her husband was only three inches taller and slightly built, but he was the most caring and kindest man in the world. Without his tutoring, she would have never gotten through college. Returning from an exhausting day at one of the many Amusement Parks, Julie went inside the motel room for a long, soothing shower.

Todd relaxed outside in one of the chairs furnished by the motel. On Hwymany of the motels are only separated by a parking lot and privacy fence. During the week, many motels have only a few Wife goes black stories occupied. There was really nothing Naughty mormon stories view, except the second floor of the motel next door.

A young, black woman was leaning over the safety railing. She appeared to be wearing Husband bondage stories a bra and panties. She noticed him looking and went back inside. A moment later, a stocky black male left the room and disappeared around the corner. Todd saw all this, without really thinking about anything. Leaning back, Todd closed his eyes and wondered how much longer Julie was going to be.

Seduction of a wife

What were you staring at my old lady Magical gender change stories You like black women, Brady bunch porn stories Julie was one of those people that became sexually excited from the thrill and danger of riding an extreme Roller Coaster.

She had just experienced the most delicious little orgasm, using her two magic fingers. Strange, but, there seemed to be someone yelling at him. Not even drying, she rushed to the door. If Todd was in trouble, she had to know!

Cracking the door, she opened it a few inches to peer out. Unknown to Julie, this was the exact moment Todd was knocked against the door.

The force slammed her against the wall and momentarily knocked the breath out of her. Todd flew into the room and across the bed, slamming his head against the wall, knocking himself out. The angry black man was right behind him, and the Gay daddy slave stories thing he saw was a naked woman.

A beautiful, big breasted woman! A defenseless, young, white woman! What do we have here? Were you waiting for me, honey? Julie was attempting to suck air into her lungs and scream at the same time. She felt herself picked up like a rag doll and thrown roughly onto the king size bed. Finally, able to take a deep breath, she gulped air into her oxygen starved lungs. Scared beyond belief, her next thought was to scream as loudly as possible. Before a sound could escape her Adult grandpa stories, a large hand was clamped over her mouth and nose, cutting off her precious air again.

You understand? When she nodded, he removed his hand, only to clasp one of her full breasts. That piece of trash sprawled on the floor likes to look at my Hot young gay stories.

Releasing his grip, she was told. After a brief inspection, Julie could tell Todd was alive and breathing normally. Thank God! Turning around, she was going to plead for mercy. With the drapes closed and no lights, the dimly lit room was still bright enough to see her rapist had dropped his shorts. His heavy, black cock was hanging no more than two feet from her face.

The sight almost scared Julie to death! With his hands full of her hair, she was pulled toward his tumescent penis. Show my cock how much you prefer him to your wimp husband. Julie had Tall girl growth spurt stories lips pressed together when she came into contact with his black pole.

Julie opened her mouth when she felt the head of his rod against her full lips. She had to open wider before the partially erect penis would enter her oral cavity. Tentatively, she licked Erotic wife seduction stories tongue around the sensitive tip of the blunt head. Feeling the pulse and throbbing veins against Filipina wife horror stories lips would have been exciting in other circumstances. He began fucking her face with short, powerful strokes. With each thrust, his cock was getting harder and harder, until it became a rod of black iron.

Get on Femdom trample stories bed and spread those legs!

Everything was happening so sudden, Julie never had Forced fisting stories chance to gather her thoughts. In that time, her husband had been knocked out, she had sucked on a black dick, and was now expected to open her thighs to be fucked.


Julie came to her senses with the most pleasurable feeling between her thighs. For an instant, thinking it was her husband, she reached down to pull Sex stories nxx head closer to her throbbing pussy. Feeling the kinky hair brought her immediately to full awareness. Please Bondage vibrator stories Turn me loose!

Trying to squirm and wiggle away was a useless effort. He had her hips rolled upward and his strong arms were entwined around them, while his thumbs spread each side of her labia. Julie was in the perfect position for oral stimulation. The feeling became so intense, she saw little explosions of stars behind her closed eyes.

Change picture

Without conscious F/m spank stories, Julie knew she had her first orgasm with someone other than her dear husband. Suddenly, he removed his tongue and slid up her firm body.

With one hand, he placed the head of First time cum in mouth stories monster against her wide open pussy. Julie felt the huge head slide inside her wet and slick vagina.

She was being stretched beyond anything she could ever imagine. She felt him Odd sex stories almost all the way out, then farther with the next thrust. Her tight, wet hole was getting used to his length and thickness. Two more strokes and his nine inch woman killer was buried to the hilt.

Julie knew the head of Wife flirting stories giant penis was pressed against the mouth of her womb. Rubbing the nipples between thumbs and forefingers, caused an involuntary moan of pleasure from this innocent victim. Hearing the moan and feeling her vagina muscles clamping and releasing his cock, brought an unseen Ball stretching stories to the dark face.

Julie could feel the throbbing penis buried deep within her stomach. His mouth was sucking her firm breasts, first one and then the other. Strong white teeth were lightly nibbling on the erect nipples. There was no denying the bolts of pleasure shooting through her being.

Julie’s forceful seduction

Julie had accepted her rape as a way of saving herself and husband more pain. The thought never entered her mind that she would enjoy every inch of this huge cock. Her mind was in denial, but, not her twitching, moaning Short stories to get you turned on. Her ass began flicking upwards on his down stroke, attempting to accept more of an already buried organ.