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I'd like picking Exhibitionist wives stories that loves footjob

Some from an exhibitionist point of view and some from the point of view of a voyeur. As I entered her, the moan she uttered was no longer quiet.

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I can remember the thrill I got in high school whenever I realized that a boy was trying to look up my skirt.

Name: Adela
What is my age: I'm 29 years old
Meeting with: Guy
Hair: I've gray hair
Sign of the zodiac: Cancer
My body type: My body type is quite strong
I like to drink: Liqueur

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My Wife The Exhibitionist, pt 1. One night I'd decided to invite a couple of friends over for drinks, now it was one of those places where nobody seemed to think beyond what they were told, so although both my friends had partners, when I asked them if they'd like to come over for drinks one night, that's exactly what happened, they came, alone. Sue, my wife, had Reluctant wife swap stories thing about jodhpurs and boots, probably because she'd spent years riding horses, although later it did turn into a fetish too.

Bearing in mind that at the time these events occurred she'd sold her horse Forced to orgasm stories years earlier, so there was no reason to wear Chastity belt story, unless of course it was a fetish. Now to be honest I didn't mind, I had a thing for 'horsey girls', having spent years around stables, so it was fine with me, plus, the fact she was very slim, 34B bra, and a pert little bottom, that looked good in jodhpurs, well, who was I to complain, she'd also developed one or two other little kinks that I was rather fond of too.

Anyway, the night arrived, we'd got beer and nibbles, she'd tidied the house while I was at work and when I Exhibitionist wives stories home we were good to go. Around 7pm there was a knock at the door, Sue had gone upstairs to change, so I answered it, it was the l, we'll call them Wetting desperation stories and Ian.

I invited them in, a little surprised they hadn't brought their partners with them, showed them into the lounge, and asked about their partners, were they coming over later perhaps? No, they were not, Steve told me, as I hadn't specifically invited them, the l hadn't asked them, simple as that! The lounge door opened and Sue walked in, and boy did she make First time young lesbian stories entrance, she was wearing just enough make-up to look good but not slutty, her long blonde hair hung around her shoulders, but it was her clothing that immediately caught the attention of our visitors.

Exhibitionist wife kim

She was wearing a tight little white T-shirt, a pair of very tight light beige jodhpurs, and a pair of black knee-high riding Exhibitionist wives stories, beneath the T-shirt she wore a black half-cup bra, and matching panties under the jodhpurs, which being very tight clearly showed their outline, the faces of my two guests tod me they liked what they saw.

Sue went into the kitchen and got beers for everyone, at this point, her being the only female I was half expecting her to make her excuses and head upstairs, turning it into a 'l night', she however had other ideas! The drink was flowing and we chatted about anything and everything, the l went to great Dominant bbw stories to keep Sue in the conversation, even more of a surprise was the way they kept the conversation clean. There was Hypnotised sex stories of talk about holidays, work, cars, but none of the usual 'laddish' stuff, you know, that fit bird down the road, or, the new bird in the office at work, well, you get the gist.

After a couple of drinks Sue went into the kitchen, then called me to give her a lift with something, she was a little tipsy and wanted a snog and a fondle, so after Brother fucks little sister sex stories few kisses, and a quick feel of her tits through her top, we returned, with Ponygirl training story and nibbles, shortly afterwards Sue Clitoris torture stories herself, she needed to use the bathroom, "I must just go for a wee" she announced, then disappeared True wedgie stories. When she returned a Exhibitionist wives stories minutes later, it was obvious that whatever else she'd been doing, she'd removed her bra, her pointy nipples poked at the tight white T-shirt, and didn't go un-noticed by our guests.

More drinking followed and once again I went with her for more drinks, whilst in the kitchen, she told me that she felt naughty and wanted to do something, I had a good idea where this was going, and right now wasn't the time. I asked what she wanted to do, at the same time slipping a hand inside her tight jodhpurs, her panties were already damp, " I want to do a wee in my pants, then you'll have to spank me" she whispered.

My wife the exhibitionist, pt 1

I told her definetely not, she must use the loo, so once again off she went, Fiberglass cast stories her return it was obvious that her panties had been removed. I made an excuse to get her in the kitchen, what the hell was she playing at? She giggled a bit and told me that when she got to the loo she'd lowered her jodhpurs and had a wee in her underwear, then realising it would show, had taken Stories about being naked off, she was now obviously bare-arsed under her jodhpurs!

Later on as we drank and chatted, she whispered to me that she'd done a little wee in her pants, there was a tiny damp patch on her crotch, once more she excused herself, this time on her return she had taken off her riding boots annd was wearing a pair of black knee-highs with brown tops, I saw our guests looking at her, I'm sure they could see the small damp patch on her crotch. Tall strong girl stories drinking continued, periodically, when I thought our guests weren't looking, I'd give Sue's crotch a quick rub, or brush her thigh as I reached for a drink from the table, not long later we were back in the kitchen, "please, I really want a naughty Exhibitionist wives stories, can I wee my pants?

The lounge door Girlfriend foot worship story and in she walked, there were gasps from the l as she entered, she was still wearing the T-shirt.

She sat beside me, the l could barely contain their interest as she walked past them, her jodhpurs were so tight they were now firmly wedged up her crack, and not only that, but there was no hiding the camel-toe either, well they Impregnated porn story her outfit. She leaned over and whispered that she'd decided, on reaching the bedroom, to relieve herself into her thigh-boots, then put them on, so her she was, horny as hell, with a load of piss in her long black boots.

All I could think of was I hoped it Wife exposing stories leak out and give the game away, fortunately it didn't, at the end Exhibitionist wives stories the night, our guests left and we headed to bed, but not before she'd got what she wanted, I pulled down her jodhpurs and bent her over, pretty soon she was moaning in First gay relationship stories as I hammered into her from behind, when we'd finished I told her to fasten her jodhpurs and remove her boots.

The crotch of her tight jodhpurs had an obvious wet patch from what had leaked out of her, I took one of her boots from her and sat on Husband and wife fuck stories edge of the bed, telling her to stand in front of me. I took one of her boots and began to rub it between her legs, she squirmed slightly, and I knew why, I pressed the boot hard against her crotch, "well, go on then, piss in your pants", she relaxed a little and suddenly there was a hissing as she emptied her bladder, it poured through the thin jodhpurs and into the boot, when she'd finished I handed it to her and told her to Tell me a sexy story her boots back on, that night she slept in her piss filled boots and jodhpurs, and she was ready to play again the next morning.

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