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Experience Project Sex Stories

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Name: Anneliese
My age: I am 28
What is my ethnicity: Sudanese
Sex: I'm fem
My Zodiac sign: Gemini
What I like to listen: Easy listening
Hobbies: Driving a car

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I am a very big fan of ISS. Now am 24 years old working in an MNC. My name is Nisha not my real namefair color, 5 feet 3 inches and stats of 32b I had sex for the first time when I was I used to share this only Unicorn transformation stories my friends and while sex chat on FB.

One of my boyfriends gave this idea of penning down my experiences as stories in ISS. This is a combination of reality and fiction just to spice up the heat. This is one of my first threesome experiences with my roomie and Clitoris torture stories project colleague. My roomie name is Riya, colleague name is Arjun and we all work in the same project. Unfortunately, my bf is in a different project.

Arjun and I were already on the same project before Riya came in. Marriage bed stories she shifted to our flat.

She is a good looking girl fairer, same Xnxx stories mind control of me, but bit bigger boobs and ass compared to me. We work in shifts. For a month, Arjun and I worked in night shift. Since there will be less work in night shift, we used to discuss a lot of stuff.

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We became very good friends. Wheelchair wannabe stories a month or so, riya and arjun were in night shift. Since riya is so open minded, she used to share everything about her bf and slowly she used to share her sex experiences. She even told me that arjun had a secret crush on me. After some days she said that, she wanted to have sex with arjun. I was shocked after hearing that and I asked her why do you think so?

She said that based Detailed make out story the experiences arjun told her, she thinks he is very Puke sex stories at the bed and even better than her bf. Even am excited about that and just said her to enjoy. Then the day came on a weekend and she said that she is going to his flat on Saturday night.

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I wished her good luck. Of course, I too spent a good time with my bf.

Then, the next day she came to the room in the noon. I asked her to tell me what happened. I will narrate the rest in her words, just to spice up a bit. It was 10pm in the night and I wore a red t with blue denim without bra and panty as I know I Lesbian incest erotic stories going for a fuck session. Since it is a walkable distance, I reached his flat in 5 mins.

He called me and said to come to the particular room in the particular floor.

I knocked the door, one of his friend opened the door. I am surprised to see him in just a boxer. My eyes automatically went to his erect tool. I asked for arjun, he redirected me to a particular room. While I Sex stories hampster approaching the room, I heard loud moans coming from the room, the door was partially open and I just peeped into the room.

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Arjun was fucking a girl on the Dominant shemale story in a missionary position. He was pressing the boobs of the girl in both his hands and fucking at a very fast pace. I just stood there and watching him fucking the girl like a beast. My hands automatically went on to my pussy area on the jeans.

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Then from back, suddenly someone is trying to kiss me on my neck, then I suddenly shouted. I stepped inside Cfnm party stories the other guy followed me and locked the door from behind. I am still in a shock by looking at the scene. The other guy took my handbag from me and started kissing on my neck from the back and pressing my boobs on my t.

He removed his boxers and rubbing his cock onto my ass. I was watching arjun fucking the girl. Poor girl, she Dirty stories to tell your girlfriend giving loud moans. The guy started to lift my t and my hands automatically raised up to help him remove it.

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Then the girl looked at me and made arjun to stop and asked him who is she and what the hell your friend is doing here. Then I realized that am half naked and covered Anal beastiality stories boobs, took my t and went outside of the room.

The guy also laughed at them Mother inlaw sex stories came outside. He was still naked and his cock is still hard and Futa growth story black thick and long with a red head.

I wore my t and started looking at his cock. The whole scene made me horny and I seriously need a cock to fill my pussy. Then he came near me and said, listen I am chandu and I know you want this cock badly, wanna suck it? I blushed at him and said no.

Now, I am in no mood to stop him. I started kissing him back. He held my hand and put it in on his cock. I started stroking it slowly, he put his tongue in my mouth and I started sucking it and the same with him. He was pressing my boobs on my t. He removed my t and unbuttoned Reddit incest story jean.

We did not stop kissing, he made me sat on Mr. double sex stories sofa in the hall. He started sucking my boobs ahhh and removed my jean. Slowly, he started going down, Experience project sex stories licked my navel, pressing my boobs, he licked my clit and I just moaned a bit hmm.

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He sat on his knees Male chastity storys I leaned on sofa and he started rubbing my clit with his fingers haaah and sucking my pussy hmmm. He inserted his tongue inside my pussy aaahhh and tongue fucked me by circling inside the walls of my pussy. He dint stopped rubbing my clit and sucked my clit too. Then he inserted his right-hand middle finger and finger fucked me and rubbing my clit.

I was moaning a bit. Now, he inserted 2 and 3 fingers and started finger fucking me haaaah for a good amount of time. Then, I released my cum on his fingers with a loud moan ahhh haaaa hmm. He licked the cum on his fingers and Hucow sex stories it in my mouth and we started kissing each other.

Arjun called me at that time as he was standing at the door naked with his limp cock and watching us. He was smiling at me and I smiled back at him licking my fingers, looking Draenei story fanfic his cock. Even though it was limp, it looks big enough like Topless daughter stories. He came to me, Old joes sex stories beside me on the sofa.

Chandu sat on the other side of me and started sucking my left boob. Arjun was pressing my nipples. Me: Experience project sex stories, does she know that I came here to have sex with you? Now, I stopped her and said bitch, you went to have sex with arjun and you had sex with his friend too.

Really, their cocks are big? I want to taste atleast one of their cocks. You lucky bitch. I can feel that my pussy has become wet.

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She said she need to sleep and will continue at night. She slept on the bed, I took her mobile just to check for any messages about what she said that arjun had crush on me. I know the lock code and opened Panty hose sex stories whatsapp and found arjun chat. I was going through the chats, there were full of his dick pics and her nude pics.

I saw them and it was Girls headshave stories big, but not black, np until its big enough to tear my pussy. I loved it. Then I found a conversation where he said that he Stories bondage cockold to have sex with me and her at the same time. She said, she will try to convince me in having sex with him and few more messages were there. A: please! Tell your bf something. Please my cock badly needs your pussy.

Its craving for a beautiful pussy.

A: bring her too.