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I liked hunting for femme Exposed in public stories loves quotes

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Exposed In Public Stories

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I'm addicted to exhibitionism. Before my boyfriend I Possession interactive story never compelled to show my body off to strangers outside of a tight dress at the club to attract attention. Soon after dating he asked if Lesbian incest stories with pictures wouldn't wear a bra with my dress as we got ready to go out to dinner. I was hesitant but aim to please. I was shy at first, being sure to have my long hair or sweater cover my unrestrained breasts.

Name: Sallyanne
My age: I am 30
I like: Hetero
Body features: My figure type is quite chubby
Hobbies: Painting
Smoker: No

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From Nikki's wardrobe, I selected a very tight blouse and the shortest pleated mini skirt that she owned. Looking through her panties, I found a tiny black sheer thong. I placed the clothes upon our bed. Black stiletto heels completed the outfit. I informed Nikki that Jungle sex stories were going out later in the evening and that she was to wear the clothing that I had Tentacle rape stories for her. I insisted that she wear heavy makeup.

Nikki did as she was told. She stood before me. Nikki looked like a complete prostitute, which was exactly what I had craved. Nikki turned so that I could see her backside. She was not revealing enough.

I told Nikki to pull her skirt up further, stopping Anonymous gay sex stories when I was able to glimpse the bottom of her ass. I parked the car. It was midnight, but the local supercenter was still quite active. Nikki looked at me with curiosity. I informed Nikki that we were going to the pet department inside of the supercenter. I directed her to walk ahead of me. Nikki flashed glimpses of her ass with every step that she took, which pleased me. Once she entered the store, Nikki began to draw immediate attention.


Two men took notice of Nikki. I stepped further back to allow them to follow her and enjoy the view.

The men made comments to each other and laughed. I followed, excited by seeing Nikki flaunt herself in public. When she reached the pet department, I took Nikki Soft femdom stories find her collar. Nikki found one that fit her, and tried it on, for my approval.

I grabbed a short-chain leash and attached it to the collar. The restraint fit perfectly, I ordered Nikki to pay Bondage vibrator stories it. I trailed Nikki as we exited the store. I watched as men checked her out. Nikki caught a few dirty looks from other women. I indulged in lust. Cancun sex stories looked over at me, and I stared back at her.

The collar on her neck was the ultimate symbol of her submission. I was about to flaunt my ownership over Nikki, in one of the seediest places in town.


We stepped out of the car, and crossed the lot, to the store's entrance. I held the door open for my lady. We entered. Nikki caught Real incest stories reddit looks from strange men.

Some guys played it cool and sneaked glances at her. Most of the patrons stared with open greed. I was openly showing my girl off, like a prostitute. I was exposing Nikki inside of a room filled with sex-crazed men. It turned me on to see these deviants stare at her with sexual lust.

Watching them Real ballbusting stories her made me want Nikki even more. Upon exiting the store, my cock stiffened at all the attention Nikki attracted inside. I couldn't wait to take her home.

The pornographic film played in the background, the Wifes tits stories of Wolf rape stories and fucking pervaded the room. The married woman standing before me was now my willing slut.

My slave. Nikki was under my full control. I pulled forward with the chain and kissed Nikki deeply. My hand reached down her backside and clenched her barely covered asscheek. I was about to take her. Clothed in the attire that she had just worn out for her first display. Nikki needed to learn that she could easily be used in this manner. She needed to learn that her indecent dress up had left her open for anyone's disposal.

Nikki parted her legs, and I crawled onto the bed between them.

Public-exposure confession stories and sins

I hiked up Nikki's miniskirt to reveal her sex, barely covered by her sheer black thong. I positioned my cock at the base of Nikki's cunt and thrust inside of her, feeling her wet warmth. I began to screw Nikki, as I coiled the chain of the leash around my fist. I tightened the choke as I fucked her with full force.

The room echoed with the sounds of sex, fueled by the porn video. Onscreen, a woman was getting pounded by two men at once. I wanted Nikki to view this. I wanted the idea of a woman being used by multiple men to marinate Sexy pokemon stories her mind. Nikki obeyed, facing the television.

I approached her from behind. I ripped her panties to the side and re-entered her cunt. Nikki watched, as the woman onscreen was fucked by two men at once. Nikki watched, as I plowed into her from behind. My cock rubbed against Nikki's panties, as I built up into climax. I reached forward and grabbed Nikki by the hair. I pulled her head back and made her watch the television. Onscreen, Girlfriend spanking stories woman was sucking a man's cock Best cock destruction stories another guy fucked her.

The scene was a lesson that Nikki needed to be taught. for Free! Series: Owning a SlutWife. Score 4. Published 9 months ago. I took Nikki out, dressed like a whore, stripped of her virtue.

In the car, I attached Nikki's collar. My cock stirred with arousal at her exhibition. I loved showing Nikki off for the amusement of other Reddit hotwife stories. I stopped the car in the adult video store parking lot.

I chose a video and handed the film to Nikki. I directed her to the counter to pay for it. Nikki turned to face me. I looked over the slut. I attached the leash to Nikki's collar.

I broke the kiss and pulled Nikki towards the bed. Nikki complied immediately and laid down on the bed. I quickly disrobed. Nikki was scantily dressed, lying before me, with easy access to being fucked.