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Fantasy Cannibal Stories

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LURID: vivid in shocking detail; sensational, horrible in savagery or violence, or, a guide to the merits of the kind of Bad Books you never want your co-workers to know you're reading. A piquant aroma drifts on the evening breeze. The neighbors must be cooking out — again. What is that? They're having quite the party this evening outside their ramshackle place tucked Girls first orgasm story back there in the woods, a long lean carcass roasting on a spit and two pots bubbling away in the coals beneath.

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Here are some of the gynophagia themed short stories I've read and decided to review and rate here.

Science fiction. fantasy. the universe. and related subjects.

What does the rating system mean? For Writing and StoryI rate these based on originality, storytelling, grammar and just the plain craft of the language. Also high marks to stories with the plot that doesn't seem Tell me a sexy story a contrived fanfiction or fetish fodder.

As for Remote control vibrator story Impactit's Trample fetish stories much the story's cannibal angle peak our arousal. Stories with a low Erotic Impact rating doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad story, just one that is not geared to titillate us in an erotic manner.

Want me to post a short story here? Submit requests to "twistdart at gmail dot com". In the meantime, I'll place them here for those who'd want to read them. Thanks for collecting all of these fine old stories in one place and preserving them. Best wishes. I just got your first Forbidden Feast magazine. I enjoyed it, especially the story about the Brazilian model.

Short stories

I appreciate and share your vantage point on many of the issues your write about. Medallion of zulo stories do put quite a bit of extra effort in the storytelling, and not just fodder for the fetish. Dear Admin- i have a story to post with illustrations.

How can i do that? Eatyoualive August 19, am. The Patriarch March 12, am. Shelf bra stories can them to me at forbiddenfeast-at-gmail-dot-com. Tobban May 10, am.

Not read all but most of them. And I really like your skills in The Bluebeard Emperor. A nice and interesting read, well done!

You must be logged in to post a comment. Short Stories Here are some of the gynophagia themed short stories I've read and decided to review and rate here.


Read here. My very own story which was planned as a 1st two chapters of a larger story, so ratings doesn't apply. Punishment haircut story at your leisure! Discovered this classic piece of writing in the earlier days of the cannibal internet community in the mid 90's. A must read. This tale is evil, evil, evil.

Devout Christians might want to stay clear of this one if they value their faith. But then again with our kind of fantasy, we're all going to hell anyway.

See a problem?

One by one, the girlfriends of Fantasy cannibal stories, Frank, Tom and Ralf had apparently disappeared without a trace, and soon, Marc's new girlfriend, Gretchen would find out how and why. Started strong, though pulling up a little short on the follow through. Still, another solid outing from Menagerie. Short, sweet, and a fairly formulaic read, recommended for its careful depiction of the victim's slow death by boiling. But what stands out is that the elements of the story is more submissive and sexual Craigslist gay hookup stories nature, focusing on the build-up but not so much on the "culinary" half of the fantasy, the eating.

All in all, a story for the "eatees" not so much the "eaters", and somewhat a refreshing read from the XX-chromosome point of view. It's all in good fun, though, or is it? A light hearted tale filled with Living latex stories and backstabbery. But their quarry was much more than just a nameless victim which puts the couple's relationship to the test. Hisdinner has a wonderful writing style which is good enough to be publishable if Merman transformation story desires that career.

Science fiction. fantasy. the universe. and related subjects.

This story, although light on the fetish aspect, is wonderfully original and is an example of what she does best. Character building. Excellent read! This straight-to-the-point tale is light on Mistress strapon stories backstory but takes its time during the best parts, the lovemaking and the eating, not holding back on the gory description.


Unfortunately for her, Steve, the hot-tub repairman also thinks of her the same way, and with some minor adjustments to the hot-tub A decent read with not many surprises. A far-fetched notion, but Menagerie seems to pull this off anyway with style.

Reading this tender little story is like being read a bedtime story while hugging a soft teddy Petticoated sissy stories and thinking warm thoughts Winters that Fantasy cannibal stories plans to open a cannibal restaurant. Why so bold? Surely he must have something up his sleeve? As brief as Femdom abduction stories Monty Python sketch, still compelling enough a read.

With Firestar and sandstorm mating story simple premise, this story still finds some way to feel original, Beastiality rape stories and extremely kinky with two spectrums of emotions regarding the fetish between the two call-girls.

A can't miss read for Dolcett purists. It's safe to say that they're not alone in the forest! Came across this story while browsing writing. Manages to be graphic despite being a mainstream story. A rather far-fetched story with crazy ideas, but that could be a good thing for some. Tori Amos exploded.

Mystery, intrigue abound. Here, the cannibalism aspect may Tumblr naughty stories integral to the plot but it is almost treated as a condiment which shows how strong the main plot is written. A "Club X" tale to end all "Club X" tales.

This story is so outrageous, descriptive and imaginative that I can't be helped but be impressed by this epic, despite some quite unecessary elements of coprophilia.

A can't miss read for Dolcett fans if you can spare the time. Safe to say, one of them is going to end up as nourishment for the others, but who? This is an intriguing tale from a writer that shows much promise with well fleshed-out Itching powder prank stories and decent enough storyline that could pass off as mainstream literature.

A simple read with a lot of implied cannibalism. Somehow, this fairy tale maintains its cheerful and light-hearted manner despite its macabre subject matter, something that the author is an expert at doing. Cannibalism doesn't have to be a dark matter. This thriller follows Sarah, who found a used roll of 24 print film with Diaper wish story mysterious and unnerving pictures.

Little does she know A run-of-the-mill club Dolcett type theme, the only difference that sets this one apart from the rest is some excellent writing. If you're a fan of extreme BDSM torture rife with many of the Dolcett themed stories, you might like this one.

Fee fi fo fum

Seems to be part 1 of a series which I don't seem to have at the moment. Set in the 's, three African American women in the heart of Washington D. Though much is shown about the characters' Sister in law nude story, not enough depth with the personalities makes it easy to interchange characters without affecting the storyline.

Overall, a decent series for plumper fans with a good variety of the choice of victims and preparation methods. Part 1: Getting Started cannibalism, True diaper stories, plump, femcan, non-consensual, violence, decapitation, butchering, spit roast Part 2: Varying their Diet cannibalism, androphagia Part 3: Canadian Bacon cannibalism, gynophagia, plump, femcan, non-consensual, violence, butchering, spitroast Part 4: Flower Child cannibalism, gynophagia, plump, femcan, non-consensual, violence, butchering, gourmet Part 5: Mindy Chili cannibalism, gynophagia, femcan, non-consensual, violence, butchering, gourmet, oven-roast Part 6: A Lovely June Day in November cannibalism, gynophagia, femcan, non-consensual, plumper, violence, butchering, gourmet, oven-roast Part 7: Ruth's Turn African american erotic stories, gynophagia, femcan, semi-consensual, plumper, nubian, roleplay, livegutting, lifestuffing, livespitting, spit-roast, twist ending Part 8: Robin's Souper Adventure cannibalism, gynophagia, jungle natives, flashbacks, consensual, plumper, multiple victims, decapitation, spitroast, livegutting, liveroasting, boiling.

This story follows one such lady who gave herself to free her family from debt, and her fate is Fantasy cannibal stories in horrible yet delicious detail.

Hills. eyes.

Stories of casual encounters on the foreplay but one of the best descriptions of the eating, and that's Classic Chewy at his best! Much of the story revolves around necrophilia and cannibalism is only mentioned as an afterthought. Still, mildly interesting.

Despite this, the story has more substance than other short story dedications and method of how the girls are dispatched is especially memorable.

Teen girls masturbation stories quite convinced that the author may be a professional writer in his public life. My only criticism is that it is quite devoid of sensualism which to me is an important ingredient in a fine cannibal story.

Nonetheless, a must-read, especially for the description of Spanked pussy stories banquet. This well-written tale is long on the tease, nicely drawn out pre-cooking scenes but in the end, ends up as a rather straight-forward gynophagia fetish tale with a simple plot.

This long and epic tale needs a lot of patience to get used to and is hampered with a rather plodding and plain writing style.