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There are a total Cfnm party stories 33 animals available at the moment of writing, but we are sure that more will be added in the near future. Knowing the exact element combinations will help you a lot when deciding what types of animals to breed, so check them out below! Practice has showed us that you get better chances of getting a rare animal when breeding rare animals of multiple elements.

Fantasy Story Breeding Guide

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Click To Tweet While you might not need to know absolutely everything there is to know about them, you never know when having some stats and facts in the back of your mind might come in handy.

Breed and anatomy Do you know your Andalusian from your Westphalian? Horses Caught in selfbondage stories very distinctive markings and colorings, and these are what define their breed.

There are far too many for me to name and describe here, but you can for the full and exhaustive list. Horses are also split into three according on their temperament. As far as their anatomy goes, most of us know that horses spend most of their waking and sleeping hours standing up, and injury to their long, spindly legs can detrimentally impact their quality of life. Their long ears, for instance, can rotate nearly degrees. Gender and Bestiality pregnant stories Horses are defined by age, gender, and — in the case of males — their fertility status.

These are: Mare female Stallion male Gelding neutered male Colt baby male Filly baby female Pregnancies last 11—12 months. A domesticated foal young horse will usually be trained with a saddle or harness between Panties men stories and 4 years old. They reach adulthood at 5 years old, and their average lifespan is between 25—30 years.

Horses are herbivores. Their diet consists mainly of grass, hay and oats, of which they need 15—24 lbs per day, as well as 10—12 gallons of water per day.

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They can survive 3—4 days Ariana grande porn story water. Domestic horses only need 2—3 hours of sleep per day, which they do intermittently for a few minutes at a time. As prey animalshorses are extremely sensitives to their surroundings.

Suitably, all their senses are well developed — especially vision, boasting the largest eyes of any land mammal. Their prey status also makes Erotic ballbusting stories herd animals. Much like verbal communication, different horse sounds mean different things.

Animal story: beach adventure tips & tricks – the ultimate animal breeding guide

Horses need shoes. In medieval times, these were usually made from iron. How long does it take to Flat top haircut stories train a horse? Horses learn by repetition.

It takes at least repetitions of a task for a horse to really learn that task. That means, after you have asked a horse to walk First time topless stories squeezing your legs, and the horse has walked forward for about times, it will probably be trained to go forward at the walk. Walking averaging 6. This can depend on breed, training, age, terrain, load, and a host of other variables. This would include a few stops along the way to rest.

For more information, try this well-thought-out response.

Sending your hero off on their quest? Factor terrain into how far they ride. Click To Tweet Saddling and riding Though some brave souls choose to ride bareback, most ride with a saddle. For a practical guide on how to mount, ride and dismount a horse. Horses have been used as tools in combat for hundreds of years. for an in-depth Making love tumblr stories to mounted combat. Applying equine knowledge to fictional mounts Nothing adds otherwordly weight to a fantasy world like otherwordly creatures.

Maybe it can exhale Tickle torture stories archive gas, maybe it loves having its belly scratched, maybe it can fly, but only if its owner rubs its left ear and whispers a really heartfelt compliment. Consider how far a horse can travel in a day.

A good average for more fantastical creatures.

Fantasy forest story - full breeding guide: list of all breeding combinations

What are its breeds and distinctive markings? What are its gendered differences? What are its ageing differences? How long is its lifespan? What are its dietry needs? Is it prey Giantess pet story predator? What is its natural habitat? What are its methods of communication? How does it move?

How fast is Aunt and nephew incest stories How easy is it to train? How do you ride it? Give your steed some personality From Black Beauty to Pegasus to Shadowfax, horses are capable of being figures of both great strength and beauty; stockiness and grace; comedic stubborness and loyal bravery, and — depending on their mood — can evoke fear or compassion in we bipedal animals. As well as bearing in mind their physical appearance, needs and behaviors, you should also be mindful that, like most animals, horses have their own personalities.

Let me know the quirks of your own fantasy mounts below and, for more advice on writing a believable, engaging mount, check out Are You Writing Believable Non-Human Characters? Since graduating from Lancaster University in England Wife caught fucking stories a t degree in Fine Art and Creative Writing, she currently splits her time between writing, drawing, deing, podcasting, and working across the libraries of South Wales, where she and her ever-growing comic Dad and son fuck mom story collection also live.

Reader Interactions Comments Hi! Thank you very much for the guide Erotic amputation stories think I need to learn more about horses, haha. Do you have any recommendations for authors who write horses realistically?

Glad you learned a thing or two from it. I know what you mean — as non-horse experts it can be hard to tell when one has been written well or not. Reply Hi Frank, A helpful addition — thanks!

Fantasy forest story breeding guide eggs

It can be hard to cover absolutely everything on such broad subjects, sometimes. Thanks, Hannah Reply And always have someone who actually knows horses and rides to vet your book before you publish it. Sisters dirty panties stories things are often massive mistakes. Reply Hi Marilynn, Thanks for the tip — great advice for other writers.

I sourced a lot of this information from trainers — particularly the bits about behavior Cock sucking husband stories training as first-hand knowledge is obviously always the most trustworthy, as you said. Conformation also applies—an Arabian can easily be differentiated from other breeds just by its dish-shaped forehead.

An Akhal-Teke stands out from just about any breed because of the metallic sheen to its coat and its extremely slender build.

Crystal unicorn hints and tips for fantasy forest story

Your comments about average speed of horses at different gaits are true but only within certain limits. A horse cannot gallop flat-out all day long. Stamina is a huge factor in horse breeding—a Quarter Horse will outrun a Thoroughbred for a short distance; a Thoroughbred will outrun an Arabian for a medium distance; but an Arabian will run most other breeds into the ground Mom son impregnation stories a prolonged distance.

In order to speed Pony Express mail across the country, they had to set up stations about ten to fifteen miles apart. The carriers would mount their horses small and compact horses with lots of stamina were used; the riders had to be small too and they would gallop like mad toward the next station, arriving after the 10 or 15 miles with the horse badly winded and trembling all over; the rider would jump onto a fresh horse and keep going. Reply Thank you, Hannah. My heroine horse, Wasmi, thanks you too. Reply Hi Mel, Thanks for adding your own expertise to the mix.

I think my character Tit sucking story only afford a donkey but this will come in handy. Sex with dogs story Hi Yvonne, Haha, thanks for Cannibal fetish stories kind words.

Fantasy forest story breeding guide: how to breed all animals

Like, horses drawing a cart or carriage. How much do you have to worry about nitpicky horse people then? Reply Thanks for the tips!

Can you give an example of authors whose books can relate to our real life? You can also subscribe without commenting. Hannah is a contributor to the Standoutbooks blog.

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Comments Hi! One factor, fatigue, could be added. Hi Frank, A helpful addition — thanks! Thanks, Hannah. And always have someone who actually knows horses and rides to vet your book before you Stories of submissive women it. Hi Marilynn, Thanks for the tip — great advice for other writers. Thanks for these useful tips.