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Dancer girl search boy especially for Fat gainer stories

Be warned: These stories contain dark themes such as extreme obesity, fat related health problems, humiliation, force feeding, and more.

Fat Gainer Stories

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The walls in this apartment block were paper thin and the last thing Sexy ballbusting stories needed was a rowdy pair who had just moved out of home for the first time.

Name: Debera
What is my age: 33
Favourite drink: Tequila
I prefer to listen: I prefer to listen reggae
I have tattoo: None

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Tolsty just wants to get laid, why does every guy have to be so shallow? Sure he'd gained Going commando stories freshman 15, er, 40, but he was cute!

What will happen when his crush Noka has a different opinion of his body? Trevor is a drama freak and Paolo is an Italian jock.

They go to the same school, and they're both pretty popular among their peers. Paolo is secretly an encourager, and Trevor just happened to have gained some winter weight Oliver quits running cross country and finds himself Submissive couples stories a confusing and dark relationship with his best friend's brother.

Dylan is good at manipulating Oliver and preying on his weaknesses making him unhealthy and immobile. A journalist in a slightly different universe who is obsessed with fat is investigating a Retirement home sex stories murder when he finds out that a demon is collecting Sins - and he is being collected for Lust.

All characters are older than M M Homoerotic. Phil is living in the shadow of his most successful online friend Scott, a famous feeder.

Jack is a college jock ordered to move up a few weight classes for his wrestling team. Will this beefcake's abs survive after being ordered to pile on the pounds?

A desperate young man on the run finds himself stuck in the high seas after a tumultuous night. Will he be discovered, and what punishment Stupid sex stories After Wishing for a glutton's fantasy, Tyler finds himself in the presence of an attractive devil named Adrien who promises to fulfil such a wish and more With the help of a singular hypnosis session, a Underwater erotic stories couple realizes their shared kink and engages it with a voracious appetite.

Unrealistic, somewhat rapid gain and graphic sexuality. First story. Stories Stories Authors Search.