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Fat male gainer stories found femme who like bbbw

So I decided to write a guide that lists all of my stories, along with how long they are, Pregnant tf stories kind of kinky content you can expect, and a brief description of the plot.

Fat Male Gainer Stories

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Cook ask. Fap away! Professor Plump. Fatter Exchange Student. Lifeguard Off Duty.

Name: Liv
Years: I am 44
What is my ethnicity: Syrian
Sexual identity: Man
What is my sex: Girl
My Sign of the zodiac: Aries
Body features: My body type is quite skinny
I prefer to drink: White wine

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Restrained and unable to move. A constant flow of gainer shakes being funneled down your throat. Thousands Gay spiral stories thousands of extra calories being forced into your stomach beyond your control.


Your feeder has kept you like this for a week now. You can feel your body ballooning with fresh new fat. You begin to wonder what it Dirty stories to tell your girlfriend be like. He stretched your stomach so much that it takes enormous meals for you to be full, and those enormous meals will only turn into more fat. Dom was a top broadcaster on this site.

He was 5'11" and pounds with a very lean muscular build. His skin was tan and he had a slightly hairy body. His voice was deep, and slightly raspy. Dom took pride in the fact that he let his viewers take control of his broadcasts. Tonight, Dom was using a vibrating dildo that would Erotic tattoo stories a strong, pulsing vibration everytime a viewer sent a donation or tip.

Dom scrolled through his chat to the most recent donation. Thank you Luvbig Dom was wearing a black jockstrap that could barely contain his bulge. The dildo vibrated again, and he began rubbing his cock.

Dom continued to groan as the bulge in his jockstrap grew larger. The dildo continued to buzz, and Dom screamed with pleasure. He removed his cock from his jockstrap, and began to jack Mature caning stories. His hands reached for something to grab, and his back arched.

His dick grew more erect, and the buzzing continued. Dom continued to reach for something to grab, and arched his back more. He began to scream as he came. His load shot across the room. Box, do you promise to use it in your broadcast?

No one has ever made me orgasm like that. As the days days went by, Dom continually checked his P. A couple fan letters, but nothing from his new viewer. One day, Dom anxiously logged into his broadcasting profile for his nightly cam show, and checked his private messages. There was no return address listed, but a small note was taped to the top. Dom quickly moved inside and opened the package. Inside was a dildo Naruto futa stories looked similar to the vibrating one Dom had.

There was also Husband sharing sex stories note. Dom thought to himself. He was nervous to try the dildo if it was really that powerful, but he remembered how he felt the other night. He inserted his new dildo, and reached for his computer to begin his show. Dom laid back on his bed, and Age regression stories tg for his viewers to take control.

He was wearing a white pair of bikini briefs, and already had a large bulge. The new dildo began vibrating and Dom let out a small yelp. He was surprised by how powerful the vibrations felt. Dom could feel a dull tingle rush through his whole body. Dom began to feel euphoric, but noticed a new sensation arising. The pressure was slightly painful, but it was also very pleasurable. Dom found himself enjoying the feeling.

He looked at his stomach and noticed it starting to bulge slightly. That feels fantastic. He looked back at his stomach, and it began to look like he had swallowed a basketball. Dom began to rub his belly, and notice that his chest was beginning to feel more swollen. Everytime the dildo buzzed, Dom was unable Interracial impregnation sex stories Fat male gainer stories himself.

He became captive to the sensations that ran through his body. Dom was able to escape his euphoria for a moment and began to feel his body. The pressure was building in his arms and Mom is the family slut stories now. He rubbed his body and noticed how soft he was beginning to feel. He moved his hands to his belly and was able to grab a handful of what seemed to be fresh, soft fat. Dom was quickly overcome with pleasure and was unable to continue his attempt to remove the dildo.

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Big guy?! This needs to stop! You dont have control. Just enjoy it. Doms heart was beating rapidly, and he layed his head back as the donations began coming in faster and faster. With each donation, the pleasant feeling Dom felt grew stronger. Dom continued to let out captivated groans. Dom was becoming addicted to the sensation. The euphoria he felt helped him forget his panic, and made him only want more. Dom was now double his normal size and weight. Family trip sex stories thighs were beginning to touch, his arms no longer had any muscular definition, his chest was billowing out and folding over his belly, and his love handles spilled out over his fully stretched underwear.

The donations were coming in nonstop, and Dom Boys turning into girls stories had time to catch his breath between every moan.

Thicc brohs — “the covid+” - chapter one

His underwear was completely buried in fat and no Soulmate stories fiction visible. His belly folded over into his lap, and his love handles began to wrap around his body completely.

His body was growing like a balloon. His skin was stretching beyond its limits, and now his bed was starting to creak.

Dom made an attempt to sit up, but his belly was easily growing past 60" around and prevented him from being able to pull himself up. He rolled to his side and onto his belly, and pushed himself onto his hands and knees. His stomach was inches from touching his bed. His Diaper bedwetting stories was ripping down the center. His skin was smooth and round.

Dom screamed loud enough for his neighbors to Mass effect sex story. His belly grew and was now touching his bed. Another set of large donations trickled in, and Doms body grew larger. Dom noticed as his arms and knees were no longer having to support his weight.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

His belly was growing so large that it began to lift him off his bed. Doms bed was creaking loudly. Dom reached for Need to pee story computer, but his arms were growing too heavy. Dom tried to roll his body to the edge of his bed so he could reach better, but he had grown so Scrotum spanking stories that he didnt even have the strength to move.

Dom was helpless. He grew and grew as his viewers relentlessly donated.