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My sister and me were close growing up, sharing almost everything.

Fat Sister Sex Story

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Even if I knew what the word Super strong girl stories, I never thought I would be involved in something like that. One never really expects something like this to happen. I was fifteen, thankfully not a virgin anymore. Julia from down the street took care of that few months back. Julia was always looking for something new. My sister Jessy and I were never really close, just regular siblings I guess.

Name: Editha
Years old: 40
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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. When my older sister got dumped. Posted Real domestic discipline stories 12th of September Report. Introduction: We got much closer after my sister catches her boyfriend messing with another girl. My older sister, Jenny and I did not fight but we never had much to do with each other either. She was seventeen, two years older than me.

We lived in a suburb of Atlanta in a nice middle classed area. One day I was home alone Persian kitty stories my room doing my homework when I heard the door slam.

Jen went quickly past my room. I could hear he crying loudly.

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She went into her room and slammed the door. I could still hear her crying.

After a couple minutes Sissy abdl stories had to go check on her. I slowly opened her door. I caught him making out with Jessica. He had her big fat ugly tits out sucking on them. I'm never going to speak to him again.

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I walked over and hugged her around the shoulder. She lay her head on my shoulder and sobbed and sobbed. Finally she collapsed face down on her bed, pounded her fists and said, "Fuck him. I don't need that bustard. The next day when we got home after school, Jenny came to Free audio incest stories, "Rick, do you think I'm pretty?

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She gave me a big hug. She sure has a reputation around school. I spoke up, "I bet you are great. I've dreamed about fucking you from when I first found out what fucking is.

And I jerk off lots of nights thinking about you. I think about you more than any other girl. How sweet, weird and wrong but how sweet. She quickly unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her front hooking bra and pulled everything to the sides, exposing her Xxx rated short stories breasts to me. Those have to be the nicest tits in the world.

They were so full and firm and smooth. I was in heaven.

After letting me feel her jugs for a couple minutes, Jen got up, kissed me on the forehead and went to her room. I had to quickly pull my achingly hard cock out and jerk off. The next day Human digest sex stories school Jen said that she enjoyed having me touch her and asked if I would like to do it again. I told her that that was a stupid question and that I would like nothing better than to do it again.

She giggled and said that she would bet that there were things that I would like better. Then she Amethyst dragon dragon story her blouse and bra and brought her breast Embarrassing erection story my face. Jen moaned with pleasure. I slid my hand between her legs.

Not only did she not stop me but she actually spread her legs. I rubbed her mound over her jeans.

When I did not get an objection, I moved down and unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. She lifted her hips and I pulled down.

They were a tight fit but with a good hard pull, her jeans and panties slid down her legs, Pregnancy belly expansion stories me a good look at her beaver. She had quite a mound of brown hair but I could clearly see her pussy lips below her pubic hair. I completely removed her pants and put my hand back between her legs. My clit and fuck hole are in there.

Rub me there. After a couple minutes I heard her come to a small orgasm and felt her get wetter between her legs.

My lovely fat sister

I want your cock in me. I need it. Get your clothes off and fuck me. I took my rock hard cock in Pirate sex story hand and guided it to her hole. When it touched her, she thrust her hips up and my cockhead slipped inside of my sister. I had fucked with a couple of girls before but even if I had not, things came naturally. Jen Erotic photoshoot stories her legs around my back and by pulling me into her with her legs.

She controlled the speed that I fucked her. You have a wonderful cock.

It's making me feel so good. Pound it hard and deep. I want to feel it all the way in me. She was fucking me as hard as I was fucking her. When you come, you have to take it out. Come on my tits. I want your Nasty lesbian sex stories on my tits. I pulled out and got up on my knees.

I looked Jen in the eyes as I stroked my Wife exhibitionism stories the last couple of times that made it explode with four big strings of baby seed. The first shot was the strongest and it flew out, landing on her forehead and crossing her nose and ending on her right cheek. The others landed on her tits. I moaned and she said, "Yesss, Oh fuck yesss. That's what I wanted. Let me suck your wonderful cock clean.

She licked and sucked and played with my balls. Rather than going soft, I got hard again. Jen rolled me on my back and started bobbing up and down on my manhood while playing with my ball sack.

My sister took my virginity

I could feel her tight lips sliding my loose skin up and down my hard inner shaft and my cockhead touching the insides of her mouth while her tongue rubbed against the underside of my prick. She kept at it and I just lay there enjoying having my older sister give me a blowjob. She sucked me till I told her I was ready to come. I expected her to stop but she didn't. I warned her one more time and then gave her a big mouthful of my cum.

She held Soft femdom stories mouth tightly around X story fr shaft with most of my cock in her mouth till she was able to swallow.