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One day, her mother asked me to watch her while she took her younger sister to the hospital. The names, ages, places, heck even the hair color was changed to protect the guilty. Feeling his cock Embarrassing spanking stories tumblr hard inside of her and the warm squirts of his semen splashing over her cervix triggered an even bigger orgasm for Serena.

Name: Rafaela
What is my age: 31
Nationality: Vietnamese
Sexual identity: Man
Color of my eyes: Dark gray eyes
What is my favourite music: Techno
Body piercings: None

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Some people say that we are born gay. Maybe that's true because as a girl interested in girlish things, I always felt attracted to girls since birth. My lesbian moms on the other hand believed that sexuality was socially transmitted. Either way, I never gave Real stories of wife sharing second thought to boys while I was growing up. When I was 5 I had my first little girlfriend with my moms' encouragement.

We kissed and humped and used our mouths and our fingers to give each other orgasms. My moms knew what we did but otherwise I knew that we couldn't tell anyone else. We were lovers until we were 8. That was when I started initiating sex with a lot of different girls. I went Cuckold lifestyle stories of my way to get them into sex play with me. My moms weren't bothered by what I was doing, Wifes tits stories looking back I love the way I grew up.

Today I'm married to a wonderful woman and we have a beautiful daughter together. My wife was the birth mother. I Fg sex stories thought I would have but after we were together for a while we both felt it was the natural next step in our relationship. We both shared the same hope in having an attractive daughter that we would raise in as sexually positive a way as possible. So we went out and got a healthy sperm donor who had a history of having smart and good-looking girls just so that we could maximize this possibility for ourselves.

We named our daughter Martha after my wife's deceased mother. My wife began taking time off from work to stay at home with the baby, and not being much of a kid person I was happy to be the one out Teacher rape stories the bread winning.

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But then when Martha turned 3, my wife got a job offer that we couldn't refuse. So I agreed to be the stay-at-home mom for a while.

Actually now that Stephanie mcmahon stories was becoming a big girl, I was starting to look forward to staying home with her. We Bdsm breeding stories ever had a chance to bond like this before and I also wanted to spend more time with my hobbies Fg sex stories as writing graphic novels.

I have been creating graphic novels since my early teen years. I would draw beautiful girls and create stories around them, making them fall in love with each other. So I was eager to get back to my work. But I found that it was more difficult than I thought it would be to have any time to myself with a 3 year old constantly in need of attention. So I started making comics about my little daughter which she would help to Mlp sex stories. My wife had created a habit of being nude around the house during the day with Martha to make breastfeeding easier and to promote a healthy attitude about her body, and so in all the graphic novels that I Indian erotic short stories about her she was always naked.

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F/m spanking stories first we made innocent stories about protecting the animals in the forest. Then we progressed into more serious story lines as narrated by Martha. First I had the brilliant idea to introduce a pretty girlfriend in the story for Martha. After seeing the pictures that I drew of Martha and her fictional girlfriend holding hands and kissing, she loved the idea and insisted I Remote control vibrator story them getting married among all the forest animals.

And so I drew both of the little girls naked in the forest with wedding veils on their he giving each other their vows in front of a naked forest sprite. Finally in the last panel they are kissing and each Fg sex stories a bouquet. But she wasn't satisfied yet. She said she wanted them to have a baby but wanted to know where babies come from. Without going into very much depth I just told her that when two pretty Eat my pussy stories meet and fall in love and want to have a Crossdress bondage stories little girl, they go to a sperm donor and they make one of the ladies pregnant, and in 9 months she has a baby.

That's all I said and she was satisfied with that answer. Next out of Martha's mouth, she asked me if she could breast feed. She knew that I didn't have milk in my tits, but she didn't mind. She just wanted to suck on them. I must admit that I have a pretty nice set of boobs and so I couldn't blame the little tyke for her request.

So I just gave her a nod and took her soft little blond head to my breast and she began to suckle. Then she switched to the other Teenage diaper punishment stories when no milk came out and Fg sex stories from that one. I had to admit I was feeling kind of aroused at this point. Actually all this staying home hanging out in the nude and drawing naked pictures was starting to have an affect on me.

And now this line of conversation wasn't helping. After that she surprised me by asking if she could suck on my mouth. A part of me knew we were crossing a line but the desire to give her a sex-positive upbringing in me let her continue. Besides I was too aroused by this point to refuse. With her warm soft little body lying on my chest, she began assaulting my mouth with her inexperienced lips and tongue and when she withdrew she just laughed and told me that my mouth tasted like strawberries.

We Mtf tg story strawberries for lunch. My pussy was soaked by this point. Then I noticed a certain smell in the air of my own arousal. I was tempted to masturbate right then and there but I decided that I would need to at least discuss what was happening with my daughter before I proceeded down that road. So I decided to give my daughter a crash course on lesbian love.

I started by taking out one of my favorite novels about two preteen girls that meet at school.

Sissy cuck stories the beginning they are just talking and holding hands, but you can see what they are thinking about in the thought-bubbles above their he, and that is each other's naked bodies and kissing and having oral sex with each other. Eventually that is exactly what happens Erotic nude beach stories the girls go to one of their bedrooms after school where they proceeded to eat each other to several orgasms eventually ending in a 69 position.

So I explained to Martha that when she gets older she will want to have a girlfriend and Attribute theft stories sex too like the girls in the comics. Now she was curious to get a better look at my Diaper bedwetting stories which by now was soaking wet.

She turned her body opposite of mine and from Fg sex stories angle I had a clear view of her little 3-year-old pussy which was glistening with wetness and looking very inviting. But I resisted my temptation to eat my own daughter Unwilling wife stories just enjoyed the close inspection she gave to my 'gina as she called it. I was feeling really horny now, so I told her that she can call it my cunt, "That's the word that big girls use.

Go ahead and put your fingers inside me, honey," I said. And she did, taking them out again and putting them into her mouth. She seemed pleased at the taste. My wife and I made an effort to give our cunts a nice flavor by watching our diet and now it was paying off.

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That is the place where big girls suck. Finally I told my baby she could stop now and brought her up to my face so that we could kiss and share the juices on her lips. I told her she was a good girl and she Trish stratus sex stories spoke saying that she liked sucking my cunt even better than sucking my tits.

I laughed at her remark and told her that she was a big girl now. Then I asked her if she would Big dick brother stories me to suck her cunt too. Her face lit up into a bright smile and she didn't hesitate to offer her 3-year-old pretty pink wet hole to my mouth and tongue to explore. Having her little pussy and soft baby ass in my face was the most erotic thing I had experienced in years and I could feel my pussy wanting attention again as I sucked on the most Mom spanking daughter stories little cunt I ever ate.

But I was patient and very gentle with her wanting to share with my little baby the same pleasure she had given me. When her hips started to buckle a little and she moaned I knew she was close.

I told her to relax and let it happen like the girl in the comic book. Her body Seducing my mom story for a moment and then she grunted a little girl grunt as she came with a sigh and a little squirt of pussy juice landed in my mouth.

Her baby cum was the most delicious and erotic thing I ever tasted.

Thinking she might be ready for a nap, I suggested we close our eyes for a little while. But she said she wanted to suck my cunt again and went Latex feminization stories to it bringing me to 2 more orgasms this time exploring my hole with her fingers while she ate.

By this time I was exhausted and finally I got her to close her eyes and rest. Meanwhile I lay down myself and reflected on what we had just done. As I lay there thinking, Dp erotic stories first I was a little bit surprised at myself, but then I realized if I was honest I would have to admit that I had always imagined that if I ever had a daughter that I would have Stories to get you hot and bothered sexual affair with her.

After all, my wife and I wanted to create for our whole family Girl spanked story sexually supportive environment with honest communication that would benefit all of us. When my wife got home, I told her of our development.