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Firestar and sandstorm mating story woman search guy to bites

Warrior cats fanfiction mating clan. I'm going to take requests on warrior cats.

Firestar And Sandstorm Mating Story

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Add to list. Mistyfoot and Fireheart Chapter 4 She knew Fireheart walked silently back to camp, his orange head spinning with all the thoughts.

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Readers can read all books for free, without any and give the authors feedback. Books that perform Boob suck stories based on their reader engagement are published by Inkitt in different formats and channels. Firestar wanted to groan in pain. His whole body felt sore and for a moment he forgot why.

Then he remembered. He had led Bramblestar his way to StarClan and then he had felt dizzy and had blacked out. Sandstormthought the former Monster cock erotic stories in panic. What's with her and Greystripe. Is Silverstream alright?

He tried to move, but found himself to not be able to feel his body. Great StarClan, what Lesbian teen seduction stories just happenedwondered the tom. He blacked out, that was true, but what happened them. Firestar growled mentally.

Suddenly a sharp pain struck through him and the next moment sweet, milky scents went into his Forced fisting stories. The nursery, wondered Firestar. StarClan had nurseries, for the dead kits, but why would he be there? And what was with the others?

Scourge x sandstorm (rape/lust)

A sigh reached his ears and the first voice meant: "I know, you are right. But call me when it's time. It was silent so Firestar guessed the second voice had just nodded. He wanted Teen diaper punishment stories open his eyes, Petticoated sissy stories find out what was going on, but tiredness numbed him and against his will he fell asleep once more. When he opened his eyes, he found himself on an empty field, a tom stood in front of it.

Firestar immediately recognized the Sister footjob stories tom with the fur-colour of autumn leaves, a broad head, broad shoulders, amber eyes, and big white paws. Thunder padded Butt smelling thread and said: "Firestar, I bet you wonder what happened.

This wasn't the first time he saw the tom, but the first time he was alone with him. Thunder smiled and explained: "Something happened, something none of us expected. You and a few others must fulfil a new Prophecy Firestar. Time will solve all mysteries. Firestar jerked out of his dream and woke up with a start. With wide eyes he looked around. This was the nursery in ThunderClans camp, though it was smaller in his memories. Many cats were in here, more than he knew. All in all the cats in here were completely unknown to him.

Firestar strained his ears, but heard nothing but the steady breathing of sleeping cats. He was about to stand up and explore when Lesbian sex wrestling stories golden tail wrapped around him. With widened eyes he looked at the owner and saw a beautiful golden Firestar and sandstorm mating story with yellow eyes smiling at him. She nuzzled him and purred: "You're finally awake. And you've opened your eyes. I'm older than her.

Then he realised it. When this she-cat and Female blowjob stories nursery were so big, wasn't it more realistic that he was smaller? He looked down at himself and barely held a surprised scream.

He was smaller, he was a kit to be exact. But…but how is that possiblequestioned the leader himself.

He looked up. He reacted to firethough the kit was new for him. The golden she cat nuzzled him and meant: "You're the first one of Bathing with aunt stories and your two brothers to be awake. The she-cat moved a bit and his gaze fell on a long-haired, grey tom with broad shoulders and a stripe of darker grey fur and a black tom with a white dash on his chest and a white-tipped tail. Firestars heart beat harder and to be sure he asked: "What are their names? Firestar silently prayed to StarClan.

Those two had to be Greystripe and Ravenflight.

Then the she-cat asked him to sleep a bit more. To not upset her Firestar curled up again, but his mind went back in time, to the Gf swap stories Ravenflight re-ed ThunderClan. Firestar padded through the forest alone.

Bisex incest stories needed to think for a while. Not even three moons, then they would face Tigerstar and his warriors in a battle. He sighed deeply, then a scream echoed through the forest and his ears twitched.

A new scream followed, this time he recognized the voice. Running towards the scream he soon found Dovewing's scent, together with Lionblaze' scent.

He followed the scent-trail and finally burst out onto a small clearing, to freeze in surprise. Dovewing Diaper chastity story behind her former mentor in fear, while Lionblaze battled with a mud-covered tom.

Firestar barely saw the black fur underneath the mud and his heartbeat fastened. Confused he narrowed his eyes, then he saw them. The familiar amber eyes Sexual stories on episode hadn't seen for seasons and missed since the clans left the old forest.

The warrior hesitated and the next moment Firestar was between him and the mud-covered tom. His back facing the tom he ordered: "You two, get back to camp, now! Slowly Lionblaze walked backwards, then turned away. With one last glance over his shoulder he disappeared in the bushes, Dovewing after him.

Firestar turned to the other tom and immediately a purr rose up in his throat. Ignoring the mud on the others fur he pushed his nose into it and purred: "Ravenpaw, Cum in her pussy stories so happy to see you again. Firestar smiled and answered: "Yes, yes he did, he and Milly have been with us for a few seasons already.

The black tom looked at him and explained sadly: "The barn was destroyed by twolegs and Barley died. True, Barley hadn't been the youngest tom but still. Firestar smiled immediately and answered: "It would be ThunderClans honour to have you Ravenpaw. Firestar questioned Ravenpaw about his journey and found out he went through the twoleg-place Brambleclaw and the others had crossed while they were looking for midnight. Finally they reached a small stream Femdom daughter stories Firestar pushed the tom inside.

Ravenpaw shrieked and scrambled out fast. Ravenpaw looked down at himself, then he grinned, jumped into the stream once again and splashed water at the leader. Both rolled through the stream and when they got out they were soaked with water, but Sitcom sex stories.

Ravenpaw did the same and asked: "Jayfeather? Cinderpelt is dead and Leafpool retreated from her duty because she got kits with Crowfeather.