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I am First time sex with mom story woman that wants tattoos

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First Time Sex With Mom Story

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Name: Mirella
Age: 21
Color of my eyes: I’ve got lustrous green eyes
My sex: Fem
Languages: Italian
Music: Rap
My hobbies: Travelling

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First time with mom

This happened a few months ago. My Dad was never around these days. Adult punishment stories tried to ask my mother but she told not to ask again. I was twenty and I wanted to move out of the house.

There was tension in the house. I wanted to break it.

Another problem was I was incredibly horny. She was full figured and a little overweight. I did love that she had big boobs.

The bras she wore looked like they could barely hold all that flesh in. I would stroke my meat at night and think of my Mom. I got up out of my bed Erotic scat stories walked down the hallway. I turned the doorknob.

Mom was on her back and touching her pussy with her fingers. I Fat gainer stories so turned on. Why should she do that when my cock was erect? I stepped inside.

My Mom saw me and her eyes got wide. She looked at me for some seconds.

Mom finally reached out with her hand and held my dick. She slowly began to stroke me.

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I was plenty hard already. I wanted more. I pulled free and got right up to her mouth.

I slapped my cockhead across her lips. Mom finally opened up and took me into her mouth.

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This was more like it. I pushed my rod down her throat.

She gagged some but she seemed to get into it. I had to make sure I controlled myself. I wanted more than a blowjob.

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A few minutes of that and I pulled away. I took hold of my dick and I found her gash. I sunk into her sopping wet hole. Mom let out this loud moan.

I started stroking her pussy with my fat cock. I could tell Mom was getting into it.

She wrapped her thick thighs around my back. Mom just whimpered and took a good fucking from me. We did get into it. I had to taste her tits.

First time with mom - sex stories

I lowered my face and sucked on both nipples. Search for:. Spread the love. s: 1 2. Post « Mom Giantess scat stories drunk, we have sex and enjoy it.