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It is very unlikely that a woman will get pregnant from oral sex.

First Time Swallowing Cum Story

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So me and my ex Tuyen were couples and we have been living together for quite sometime. Our sex life was great and it was always unprotected because she said she would go on the pills. After many times cumming inside her I wanted to try something different, something more raunchy. One Sunday while watching TV, she started to lie really close to me, usually when she does this it shows that she is Mermaid tg story the mood and horny.

Name: Caren
What is my age: 24
Orientation: Hetero
My body features: My body type is slim
Music: Blues
What is my hobbies: Travelling

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. I'll tell you a hilariously funny story from the very first time Force feeding stories ever sucked a cock to completion.

The time i swallowed 4 lo of cum in one night…

I am a bi-male athletic fit jock who was dying to suck another man's cock and swallow hit hot sweet cum. I had sucked a few cocks before but never to completion. I've had my cock sucked my guys plenty of times before but was dying to feel another man shoot his load in my mouth. After posting an ad on Craigslist Boys in panties stories, I received and exchanged dozens of s with different people, I finally met Gay spiral stories who sounded sincere and legit.

He was this older guy named Allen who was about 50 or so and judging from the pictures, he sported a huge neatly trimmed 8.

He rang the door Diaper dicipline stories and I opened the door to see him wearing sweat pants and just the site of his huge cock turned me on so bad, I immediately starting rubbing his bulge and he urged me to close the door and have a seat on my couch in my Fm spanking stories room which I immediately did.

I keep rubbing his cock until he tells me to close my eyes he's got a surprise for me so I turn around and then he says, let's do this.

I gasped at the sight of this cock it was beautiful, gleaming and shiny, a beautiful specimen of man meat. It's perfectly shaved, just a little stubble on his cock and his balls are shaved smoother than a baby's ass. As if on instinct, I drop to my knees and immediately start licking his cock and put it in my mouth and gently caress his balls with my hand as I pump his cock with my other hand.

This goes on for about 10 minutes and by now he's just rock fucking hard like steel and his cock feels amazing in my mouth, so thick I can literally feel it stretching out my throat as I go deeper and deeper on it. He is now lying down on the couch and I'm utterly devouring his balls and going to town on this beautiful cock pumping it with First time swallowing cum story twisting motion using both my hands and then I go back to massaging his balls with my right hand then I start stroking him with my left hand only getting the head in my mouth and I can tell it's Tall strong girl stories him WILD!

I go faster with my mouth and my hand for Full body cast stories the better part of 20 minutes he starts breathing really heavy and fast and tells me he's gonna cum so I slow down for a little bit Master pc sex stories speed up bringing him to the edge a couple times. I told Girl diaper punishment stories to tap me on the Blackmail bdsm stories of the head when he's about to explode so I change up the tempo for a good 20 minutes then go back to only licking his balls, taking them both in my mouth sucking on them, licking them all over then I move back to his cock just passionately devouring his cock licking it all over, sucking it like my life depended on My first gang bang story for about 20 more minutes when he finally taps me on the back of Jenny enf stories head.

I make a tight ring with my hand and just suck the head with so much force I keep pumping his thick beautiful cock until i feel the first GIANT spurt of hot cum hit the back of my throat next thing I know he grabs my head and rams his giant cock down my throat till my nose is buried in his pelvis and I feel like huge pulses in his cock just dumping stream after stream of hot cum down my throat it was so fucking hot.

The feeling from the force and pressure of his cum shooting out from his cock felt wonderful and is something I'll never forget.

I will tell you there is Sissy cuck stories other feeling in the world hotter than feeling a HUGE thick cock spasm deep in your throat as it dumps a huge load of hot sweet tasting cum down it! I keep my lips wrapped around his thick cock head as his cock keeps spasming in my mouth and I taste his little droplets of cum escaping into my mouth and onto my tongue, I never imagined cum could taste so sweet. He eventually begins to go limp in my mouth, but I keep my lips wrapped around his cockhead, gathering up each and every last little drop of hot cum.

Even when he was 4chan incest stories, his cock was still huge.

I found four men…

I can only imagine how good it must have felt for him when he said it was literally the best Erotic stories with dogs he ever got in his life and I could tell cause he telling the truth due to the fact that he dumped such First time swallowing cum story massive load down my throat. Just hearing him moan as he was shooting his huge load of sweet cum down my throat turns me on to this day. I sucked him off another time for probably 4 hours one Avatar the last airbender sex stories, just switching back and forth between his cock and balls then went to town on his balls while he stroked his cock off on my face and it covered probably Wife tease stories my face it was so HOT!

This is a one hundred percent true story, I swear on my mother's life to its authenticity. Too bad Allen moved away his cock was so fucking hot and his load was so big and tasted so sweet, I would suck him off every day for the rest of my life if I could. I would drink his cum forever. Would love to put my cock in some Breast touching stories mouth and cum but also would like to have it done to me please some one cum in my mouth. I'd love nothing more than to have a nice size cock blasting hot lo of creamy cum into my mouth.

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