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First time topless stories lady picking male especially for date

I wanted Murga punishment stories share this true story of the first time my wife went topless on a beach. This happened in the summer of My wife and I live in London, but she is an American.

First Time Topless Stories

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Be sure to read Wife shares husband stories 1 before reading this part, as it will give context to the characters. This is based mostly on a true story. Be sure to rate this story, or leave comments even for improvementas that will be my only motivation to write more stories.

Name: Goldia
Years: 46
My sexual orientation: I love male
My gender: Fem
What is my hair: Blond
What is my favourite drink: Vodka
My hobbies: Blogging
My tattoo: None

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It was just another day at the beach.

Well not really. I had decided that today was the day I was going to go topless.

You see my lover had set me a challenge before I left for my holiday to France. Not that I was shy of my breasts.

No reason to be. My breasts have always been and still are full and rounded with perky nipples.

First time nudist stories

It was a hot day, with a cool sea breeze blowing. I took care to do my hair in the morning.

And the whole morning on the beach I Long nipple stories looking around at the men coming and going. I tried reading my book, but loosened the straps on my bikini top so that the top was ready to be pulled off as soon as I was daring enough.

It felt great because every time I moved I felt my top exposing more breast, and the men around me were already Boy bride story in my direction. It was nearing the afternoon and we were going to be leaving the beach soon. I knew it was now or never. A younger couple had just seated themselves right next to us.

I sat up, pulled at the strings of my bikini, and yanked the top off.

The wind hit my nipples and I felt them tingling. It was amazing. I leaned back against the wall, grabbing my suntan lotion I smeared sun tan lotion on my breasts taking extra Sexy sleepover stories on my nipples. I could sense the man on the other side watching. He had been glancing over for a while, but this time I could feel him staring.

First time wife topless

I casually lifted my arm, shielding my eyes from the sun, but in so doing, it raised my nipples higher. Bringing them eye level. I heard a vendor up above to the left of me. He was calling out, but I saw him glance my way and then blatantly stare and smile. I pretended not to notice whilst dusting sand off my nipples. I was loving this. I Gay jackoff stories got my husband to take a few photos of me.

First time topless

He was shy. I wanted to pose.

Wanted to rub my nipples and make them hard. I wanted to lean back and push my breasts out.

Why not. I felt sexy.

First time my wife went topless

Time came to leave the beach. I wanted to walk back topless. Ended up just throwing a skimpy t shirt over my hot, sandy body.

It felt great walking with my heavy breasts bouncing and my nipples straining against the t-shirt. I so wished my lover could have been there with me. We would have gone so much further. I just know one of the men on the beach would have come over… who knows what would have happened Tall woman short man stories

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First time topless

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