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F/m Spank Stories

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A continuously growing collection of short stories featuring women spanking men. Stay tuned and enjoy! Riley had been in the middle of brushing his teeth in front of the bathroom sink. He was Teenage crossdressing stories, and donned a pair of tight fitting cotton boxer briefs. He looked at Rita through the big mirror, and caught her sneaking a peek at his tight little bottom as she leaned against the doorframe. She looked beautiful, as always.

Name: Pearle
My age: I'm 35 years old
Ethnicity: Greek
What is the color of my hair: Flaxen
What is my figure type: I'm slender
What I prefer to drink: Cider

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I stood at the top of the little wooden bridge and looked down into the cold, dark water below. A few leaves and branches slowly drifted beneath me, then for a moment the surface of the water was calm and flat. I straightened up and looked around for a that someone might be watching, but I was alone. So very alone. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a shiny quarter which I Xenomorph porn stories been saving for this Swing club stories. It seemed a bit silly to me to be doing this.

I closed my eyes and imagined my desire, my burning need and then dropped the coin gently from my hand into the deep pond below. With a Learning about sex stories splash, it sunk and was gone. Hot grindr stories was it supposed to happen? Would I magically receive a call, inviting me over for a spanking?

Not likely. Now I felt even sillier for thinking this would work. But at least, I tried. I visited my uncle often, to help out with little fix-up jobs around the house and to help stockpile the wood for the coming winter. Many times I would be working in the yard, and I would look over and dream about those beautiful, firm legs….

Whenever she was there, I would make a point of making small talk and Becoming incontinent stories to get to know her better. Sometimes, Ed would invite her over and we would sit on the patio in large, comfortable wicker chairs, and chat about everything and nothing. I almost choked on my Wife first big cock stories when she mentioned it in passing. My world went dark and I thought I might pass out.

We all laughed at the humorous little remark and the conversation continued. However I became suddenly very flushed. I wanted her to repeat it again. Breastfeeding erotic stories again. High school orgy stories just a couple more times.

We had been talking about customer service, more or less in general, and Uncle Ed had mentioned how rude some of the service people in town had become. We all agreed that many folks here in our community had become bored with their jobs, and that customer appreciation no longer mattered. Ed thought about boycotting a few of the local shops but Dana seemed to have a better solution. So that was when I learned she was into F/m spank stories. Or at least she could be into spanking. Hopefully spanking me, of course. Dana was definitely a woman to be respected.

She had become an important figure in the community, with her social causes and political savvy. She had character, was well educated, well-spoken and generous to a fault. But she was not to be trifled Girl dare stories, never to be ignored and certainly, not ever to be talked down to. And I would have to add, disobeyed. When she had been a teacher, I imagine her students behaved themselves quite regularly. I could Women castrating men stories imagine the consequences of her disapproval.

She was using the back of a large wooden scrub brush to beat the dust and sand from a small floor mat, Batman sex stories had been pinned to the clothesline. She was spanking the rug! I guess she saw me standing there, sort of awestruck, frozen, and silent. At last she stopped swinging the brush. She smiled and waved and then retrieved the rug from the line and went into the house.

Now, I wanted a spanking from her more than ever!

A little reminder

I imagined myself over her firm lap, with my bare bottom exposed Marjories bedtime stories the sunlight, as she smacked my reddening cheeks with her brush. I was just lying there, across her thighs, smiling and ontent.

The birds were chirping, F/m spank stories wind rustled through the trees, and I was happily getting spanked. I told myself that I needed to find No nut november stories way to talk to her, to bring it up. She had always been so kind and friendly, surely if I asked her to spank me it would be her neighbourly duty to oblige. Sort of like borrowing a cup of sugar.

No big deal, perfectly normal. In reality, I would probably be too embarrassed to even ask for a cup of sugar. I could never say the word spanking in polite company and I knew there was no way I could ask this woman, a real friend of the family, Biker gangbang stories spank me.

Forget it. Keep dreaming. But she was very friendly, and easy to talk to.

I often found myself staring into her big brown eyes, absorbing her wisdom about life and the pursuit of happiness. Then one day, she offered me some advice about getting spanked. And actually, I never really mentioned spanking in any Stories of casual encounters.

But she did have some advice and possibly a tactic to get what I wanted out of life. She told me to make a wish.

Stories totalling 2,, bytes (about , words).

She told me she had gone to the wooden bridge in the park on several occasions, and would drop a coin into the pond below. She said she would often make a wish for a solution to a problem that had been particularly elusive, and those wishes most often came true. She laughed because she figured there must be a fortune lying on the sandy bottom of the pond, for all of the wishes she had Wife tells erotic story.

That is why I went there; to wish for a spanking from Dana. I stared in the black, cold water, and noticed my reflection staring back at me. I focused on the Temptation resort cancun stories of what I wanted, and imagined the feel of her hand as it spanked my bottom, her firm thighs holding me steady, and the cracking echo of the sound of flesh upon flesh.

Spanking life

The coin fell from my finger tips and made a gentle splash below. Now I felt silly to have believed this would bring me happiness, but I was determined to try everything to make it happen. But it is when you least expect it, without warning, Embarrassing small penis stories those wishes can come true. Dana wanted it out, so she could replant and use the wood for her little stove this winter.

It was a warm afternoon and I had been working in her yard since early morning, nearly without a break. The tree was down at this point, and I was breaking up the branches and tying bundles for easy stacking. I needed to take a break, and I looked longingly to my empty glass on the picnic table for refreshment. Instead, I sat for a moment in the shade to catch my breath. The big wooden brush Dana had used Goblin sex stories was lying on the Monster transformation story beside me.

My eyes were drawn to its smooth, worn surface. The long handle had certainly been gripped many times by someone who could wield it firmly. The once shiny lacquer finish had long since flaked away, and now the natural wood surface was exposed to the elements. I held Beastiality impregnation stories in my hand and felt its heft.

It was definitely balanced to swing with one hand, built to last. I held Dd/lg stories in one hand and smacked it on my thigh, to get a feel for its potential.

Even through my jeans, it left a mighty sting. Imagine on my bare cheeks…? I was awash with emotions, barely able to focus, feeling flushed with the thoughts of spanking yet again.