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It has been quite some time since chapter 5 was submitted so if you are not already familiar with the story Male sub stories it might be advisable to start with Chapter 1. Fems up, ladies!

Forced Prostate Milking Stories

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I have had Puffy nipples stories lot of discussions when it comes to the elusive Super-O in men. By now I assume a considerable of guys have heard about it someplace somewhere. Also, some have achieved success while some are still finding their way around it.

Name: Vyky
Age: I'm 25 years old
What is my ethnicity: I'm panamanian
My sexual orientation: Man
Tone of my eyes: Big blue eyes
What I like to drink: Rum
Smoker: Yes

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I do pull one Tickling bondage stories my containers filled with frozen man milk from the freezer every once in awhile and look at it. Self Prostate Milking This is a good way for a man to milk his prostate. I like to watch. Once done ejaculating I tell him to keep rocking back and forth gently. In time clear fluid begins to drip and run out in streams…. It consumes my thoughts day and night.

Prostate milking, endless orgasms! - sex stories

It seems to be genetic. Some men just have more jizz than others. I really wish this could be my full time job.

Unfortunately I have to work for a living. A big dick, and a big cumshot! If he were mine…. This is the problem with Pregnancy fetish stories. The measure of a man is not the size of his equipment however. Look at the balls on that stud! We are the cause of mans efforts. Men come into the world through us.

Not the other way around. All we really need from them is their juice. The men would be milked daily before breakfast.

Then they would toil in the fields all day, laboring for us women. We would feed and care for them but they would essentially be Bulls for breeding purposes. Male sperm has a lot of healthy Tbbt stories fiction and is good for a womans skin as well.

Some we would process for this purpose. Most of the sperm would go into cold storage for future production or breeding purposes.

There would also be a facility where women could choose to get bred by the bull of their choice. The bulls have no choices. After the guards, all women of course, captured him he would be flogged and jailed for a time. Milking would still be in his routine of course. If he Tiny dick humiliation stories to run again he would be captured and castrated.

Then he would simply labor and be of no other use. He would do the most Trait swap story of jobs. Castrated by a Woman. It would be a simple life. Keeping the bulls drained keeps them docile. In a couple of years I imagine.

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The stuff I have in my freezer will never work. Will I tell the man? Of course not. Every sample I collect belongs to me. Dominated husband stories my breasts filling with milk. I know when my sister was pregnant her husband had to constantly milk her breasts to give her relief because she was producing so much milk and lactating constantly. A man so sure of himself and that he controls the process.

I always innocently explain in the beginning that some clients need to be restrained on the table. Of course they always agree.

Then I have my fun. It usually takes a few minutes before they realize they have absolutely no control in the situation. I then Too old for diapers stories explain to hunny bun in the sweetest of voices that cumming is not enough. No no no.

Prostate milking, endless orgasms!

Did they not read the fine print on my agreement? I guess not. Oh well. I was delighted with his first two ejaculations into my container. His Diaper pee stories groans and grunts and hip thrusting showed he was quite satisfied with his production too.

Sls erotic stories smiled proudly and seemed pleased that I was impressed. I of course explained that those were the easy ones. The third one was good too with a little help from my gloved finger gently massaging his prostate as he orgasmed louder this time his hard muscled body twitching on the table.

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I kept massaging his prostate gently but a little harder near the end as Tampon sex stories milky fluid stopped and now his fluid ran clear in a log stream into my container. He shuddered and gasped for air as I continued. We were close to the point where he was going to beg me to stop I Male to female fiction stories tell.

I was going all the way with this guy. He squirmed and cried out as I pressed a little harder and massaged vigorously in time with his twitching. I finally stopped and squeezed the last drops out of his big cock head. I pulled my glove off Teenage diaper punishment stories washed my hands as he lay there breathing heavy with no attitude or smiles.

Just gulping air and covered in sweat. His big cock was still hard though and I got down and began tickling the head while he whined about being sensitive. I just slowly jerked the big head off with my hand while he continued to buck and cry for me Rectal exam stories stop.

I wondered where all his bravado had went as I gently tortured his hard cock head. This big man whined like a baby.

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I decided I wanted to go all the way again. See if I could make him cum with no prostate massage to help. So for a half hour I worked his aching sensitive cock head while he jerked around and cried out like a baby. He was finally forced Pulling a train stories spit out another load, albeit a small one, while hissing and grunting.

There was more to milk there. His big balls were empty though. He was covered in sweat, his thick brown hair matted to his forehead.

There was no big wide confident grin any longer. Just exhaustion and sweat, and perhaps a hint of shame though he would never admit it. I went into phase 3. I got a nice low electric current going to his prostate with a lubed metal rod up his ass while he squirmed. His big dick was hanging down and getting softer but not for long.

His balls tightened up again and his dick swelled nicely to attention and ready for action. I played with his dick and Free incest stories with pictures and sure enough with the low current he started to contract shortly, again and again, involuntarily. He just lay there unable Dirty bedtime stories to tell your girlfriend make any noise but grunt with each contraction and squirt of fluid that came with it.