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Espanol Forced to wear diapers story looking up men to chat

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Forced To Wear Diapers Story

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Name: Daloris
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My name is Simon and I'm new here on this board. This is actually pretty much my first experience with message boarding at all really so bare with me here! I've had a thing for diapers I guess all of my life the difference with me is when I was 18 I made a bad choice and decided to wear diapers full Cuckold boyfriend stories for fun or whatever.

This choice had some consequences for me so now what I'm trying to do is kinda share my story with other people who are thinking Forced feminization erotic stories or currently trying to forget about the toilet and wear diapers all the time. There are some things you may need to know before you do it.

Anyway let me begin by saying I've loved diapers all my like I suppose. Even when I was like 5 years old Forced to wear diapers story can remember watching my mom diaper my baby sister and feeling like "Hey diaper me too! I personally didn;t reakky think much Sex stories audio books my desires to wear diapers again until I was about 13 then the urge got really strong!

I;d be in Walmart or some other such place and literally go crazy inside when I would see the diaper section. I have no idea why but Stories of casual encounters always felt like ripping open a package of the things and diapering myself right there in the store. I never did though as much as I wanted to and in fact I even felt a little embarrassed whenever someone else in the store would see me looking at the diapers. At 13 my parents had started leaving me home alone more frequently and it was at this point that I realized U could make my own make shift diapers to wear at home when no one else was around.

I spent Forced to wear diapers story making the lamest improptu-type diapers out of anything I could find bed sheets, Free interracial rape stories and once even some of my mom's period p cause I thought they would be absorbant. I wore them whenever I was home alone and hid True amatuer sex stories in my room.

I peed in them frequently and pooped a few times too but they always seemed to leak and were a pain to clean up. Well it was only a matter of time before my mom's tookie nose discovered a soiled make shift diaper under my bed when I was She was really upset and started acting like I was a pervert but my antics continued. My mom eventually got so upset by my "perversion" that she took all the bed sheets off Erotic sisterinlaw stories beds and hid all the towels in a cabinet she had under lock and key!

The next few years were hell for me as my mom's constant anger about my diapers actually got Hyper cock story sent to a therapist that told me my need to wear diapers was a security issue and that wearing diapers was a way for me to feel better about myself and boost my supposedly low self esteem. I didn't and don't believe a word of it though cause I wasn't depressed, suicidal or insecure.

I had friends, made good friends, played baseball on the school team and was happy. All I wanted was to wear diapers and everyone was acting like I was some Wet pantie stories of ax murderer because of it.

My mom's constant obsession with keeping all things diaper away from me for the two years that followed really got to me and on my 18th birthday a few weeks after my high school graduation Wife knotted stories moved out. I rented a crappy little apartment on the other side of town, Sure it felt a bit lonely but good as hell to be away from my mom. It wasn't all that long before I moved out that I realized I could do whatever I wanted without my mom's coinstant bitch Ball squeeze story and soon I discovered real diapers.

I had a friend named Bryan that also moved out right after graduation mostly because his parents just didn't care.

He got a job at a medical supply store and was making like fifteen bucks an hour no kidding. So naturally right after he told me one of the check girls quit I was down to apply for a job. Well when I walked into that store I was surprised to discover aisles and aisles full of diapers for people my size and even some discount adult size super absorbant specials!!

They were wonderfully stacked on a shelf like a miracle from heaven. I couldn't believe it. Then I thought they only made diapers for babies but boy was I wrong. Not caring about what anyone else saw I impulsively bought a jumbo pack of the super absorbant diapers I saw and Bi blowjob stories them home with me, After i had one on I felt so free and was hooked, From that day on I decided to wear diapers all the time not simply just to say in your face mom but also because I finally felt like I could freely express a part of myself that my mom, therapists and culture had been trying to kill all my life.

I was I creampied my sister stories free to be me! Well what happened next: I got a little carried away.

I wore the diapers Hucow sex stories stop all the time because I wanted to. Sure at first it was hard to start wearning diapers all the timr.

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Walking Mature caning stories them is a whole different process from walking in underwear as some of you may knoe and using them Indian cd stories that was difficult to get used to. I literally didn;t sit on a toilet for four years simply because I didn;t want to. I was having way too much fun in diapers! At first everything about wearing diapers all the time was great. Of course when I first started out with the diapers and I would wake up in the middle of the night needing to pee I would just wet my diaper then go back to sleep so I figured I was doing that it wasn;t all that unusual but then some other strange things started happening to me.

It was weird and I was scared I had an infection, diabetis or something, I wasn't peeing a lot just constantly dribbling into my diaper and of course peeing in larger volumes too when needed but still I was constantly dribbling into my diaper like a leaky faucet that wouldn't quit dripping!! I also started feeling like I Human toilet sex stories to pee all the time which actually was a really uncomfortable feeling especially when you're wearing your toilet.

I decided to put that in Self punishment stories back of my mind to though after I had several tests for infection, diabetis etc.

Yet more started happening yet I noticed that when I would take Cheerleader spanking stories diaper off to take a shower I would continue to dribble a little even without my diaper on and I started peeing in larger volumes almost every time I took a shower. It was weird and started to freak me out a little bit because I was not actually trying to piss erotic stories celebrities blackmailed forced my shower.

It wasn't until I accidentally pooped once in my shower that I really started to get concerned.

It wasn't like I stopped notcing altogether when I needed to go to the bathroom although that did happen sometimes especially with my constant dribbling. My bidy showed me no mercy. I log in getting scared whenever I wasn't wearing my diapers that I would start to go and a few times I actually did including one rather awful pooping experience in a swimming pool.

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I couldn't enjoy swimming anymore. Diapers were no longer something I wore for fun they were in control of my life. One Saturday when I had nothing to do I made a point of monitoring my Diaper camp story use as it seemed I was getting way too sed to constantly Sissy cuckold stories a diaper.

So in the morning I removed my wet night diaper and got in a fresh one then I sat in front of the T. V with a pen and a paper planning to reocrd each use I had no matter how small. It was then that I really realzied I was going too far. I dribbled a bit on accident as I chomped my breakfast cereal but no big deal right?

Then later when I saw something funny on T. V I laughed and I Gay feeder stories a large squirt of pee in my diaper flowwoed by more dribbling. I was trying to record this on the paper when suddenly the door bell rang and as I got up to answer it I started peeing in a Lesbian self bondage stories volume. Ah man!

I said to myself. I'll record that to a second.

I opened the door expecting it to be the Jehovah's Witnesses or some such group when to my surprise I saw the angelic face of an old girlfriend from high school Melissa. I'll admit I was crazy about her but I forced myself to forget about her after I found out she was engaged to a friend Senior year. Teen castration stories I saw her face everything stopped and I Gay incest short stories some more pee into my diaper in shock followed by more dribbling.

Man I was like a non stop peeing machine! She had been by my mom's place and just wanted to see how I was as she was in town for a few days for a funeral. She came into my living room that Judicial spanking stories of rotten diapers and sat on my pee stained couch from my recent attempts to be diaper free.

I felt lost in everything she was telling me about what she had been doing, her studies, her parents everything then suddenly I was brought Femdom rimming stories down to earth as I suddenly farted loudly. She looked at me in shock and giggled. What was that? Another weird thing that Tg magic stories happening I started farting a lot without realizing it after my third year of being in diapers.

I felt my face burn as I dribbled some more into my diaper then stumbled some bull shit about my squeky shoes. Soon afterwards I felt a sudden urge to poo and started doing so immediately afterwards.

I didn't even think about what was happening as I listened to her voice although I was aware of my poo oozing Sexy gyno stories of my bottom and spreading quickly across the seat of my Incest feet stories. I peed a little more as she told me she missed me and that she wanted to call me but lost my then suddenly reality set in as I felt the rest of poo push itself into my diaper followed by a farting sound that was muffled by the padding i the seat of my diaper.

A really foul smell filled the room and Melissa Crazy swinger stories at me in disgust. I stared down at myself in horror as I realized I had just shit myselfin front of my ex girlfriend and I think she knew it. I stood up in a hurry and tried to waddle quickly away but because it was Saturday and I was wearing my oversized sweat pants I always did to bed. I started to sag.

I tripped on my sagging pant leg and fell on the carpet with nearly my entire diapered bottom exposed to Melissa.

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I peed a little more as I fell. The image of Melissa's disgusted yet shocked face as she sat there staring at me in my poop filled diaper is something I think about everyday. She called me a freak and left the apartment immediately I never saw her again. Shortly after that I went to the doctor to discuss the problems I'd been having and I actually had developed a form of incontinence. I could wear diapers all I wanted then but it was no longer really a choice or for fun.

Years later I have mostly regained everything Step sister seduction stories lost during those years I spent in diapers but I still do have occasional accidents and always need to have diapers around as I wear them always in public or when I;m working. I wet the bed still without even trying and usually wear my diapers to bed not because I want to but because I need to. Wearing diapers was Painful wedgie stories and I still do enjoy some of it but I never intended for it to become a necessity as it pretty much has.

So for all of you out there that are thinking of trying to wear diapers all the time. Think about what may happen before you do it. Stop Shrinking man stories stop notcing when you're peeing and for those of you who actually Gay toilet slave stories to become incontinent for whatever reason realize that its not something you can turn on and off and that it may not be what you're expecting.

No matter wear Forced to wear diapers story are and if you don't you will have accidents. Consider things you may not be able to enjoy if you really do become like me: Swimming, sleep overs and fashionable pants are just a few.