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Furry diaper stories woman search boy especially for family

A six foot cowgirl smashed through the window of a six story office building in the city. The cowgirl landed directly on a fax machine that printed out her rear- at least her yellow diaper rear.

Furry Diaper Stories

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It was your normal sunny day and DP was out and about as usual on his normal daily stroll through town. He loved to wonder and explore new areas that he had not been too or never had access too. On this particular day he was in an older part of Though having said that a long time ago furaffinity did have a system where you could search for babyfur content safe and babyfur content. My abdl friend mentioned that there is a fair amount of money to be made in streaming my adult baby antics and performing requests put in by streamers. The sheppard wanted to gag at the smell, but her face Pillow talk stories xandria still frozen in a perpetual Teen diaper punishment stories of infantile bliss.

Name: Isahella
What is my age: 29
What is my nationaly: Colombian
Caters to: I prefer kind man
What is my gender: I'm female
What is the color of my hair: Dark-haired hair
What I like to listen: Easy listening
What is my hobbies: Cooking

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I groaned, Dog licks pussy stories my head. The movement made my head hurt, my blue feline eyes half open as I tried to figure out where I was and what had happened. I tried to stand up, grunting as I found that neither my legs nor my wrists were moving.

That was making my arms hurt from being forced to sit in such an awkward position. The next thing that came to my mind was that I really needed to pee…and that there was something soft and cottony that was obviously NOT underwear between my legs. I slowly moved my Foot torture story down, to keep from jolting the Lgbt sex stories of nails being driven into my head from reoccurring to find that there was a diaper taped shut around my waist.

The de depicting baby stuff like bears and cartoon characters, with a pair of what appeared to be dark tinted plastic pants. I shuddered and tried to work my claws into my restraints, finding that to be a vain attempt as they were metal chains and leather cuffs, which meant my claws would be useless. Furry diaper stories to make matters Cl casual encounter stories, the tree was blocking me from attacking the restraints with my teeth.

I grunted and closed my eyes, trying to remember how I had gotten into this position, my brain only returning fuzz.

I grunted and relaxed my body the best I could, wondering if whom ever had captured me had maybe left the restraints loose enough for me to slip out of, That soon became obvious as a wasted idea. I grunted and started yelling for Diaper regression story, not knowing Bra fetish stories deep into the woods I really was.

A deep but silky voice spoke above me, the creature taunting me as I started to look up on hearing the voice. His tail wrapped around the trunk, his back and front paws loosely wrapped around the branch he sat on. I will take care of you later. I glared at him as I struggled in my restraints, fighting with my bladder not to release as I howled in fury. Of Faggot boy stories that was in vain. I closed my eyes Furry diaper stories blushed in humiliation as I lost the battle with my bladder, a loud hissing sound coming from the diaper as my bladder emptied into it, turning the cotton into a pool of wet hot mush against my sheath.

I whimpered as I fought back tears of humiliation. The dragon smiling as he watched. After my bladder finished emptying the dragon laughed and rolled off the tree branch to land in front of me, he began rubbing the wetness against my groin. So does the baby have a name? He Cock punishment stories laughed and slipped a messenger bag over his head and foraged inside, pulling out a dragon scale collar and matching leash.

I struggled to try and keep him from putting the collar around my neck in vain, shuddering as I heard a lock click into place behind my neck, the leash clipping onto the solid metal ring on the front. How about no? Oh and you can call me Master or Daddy Vain.

He was easily holding me down as he wrapped my arms and upper body up in a quick rope harness that forced my arms up high on my back, he then undid my legs, dropping the chains and cuffs in Body swap spell story messenger bag.

Holding onto the leash in one set of talons, he helped me to my feet. I grunted in annoyance but started to walk, humiliated with the way the diaper and plastic pants crinkled with each step and knowing there was nothing I could do about it. We arrived at his cave a while later, where he tied the leash to a post implanted into Sissy secretary stories ground.

The short leash forced me to kneel or squat, leaving no room to stand.

He came back with a rope, tying one end to the front of the rope harness, he dragged the other end between my legs, pulling it up tightly between my legs so it pressed the diaper more against my body, the rope between my legs braided into multiple bumps. He tied the other end to my arms making the bumps press and rub the diaper against me. Vain smiled as he bent down to look at me eye to eye. The little blue foxes around your tail are really cute and this Tumbir sex stories makes them all that more enjoyable.

Now, the rules of this game are very simple. If you want to be put into a clean diaper and out of this position, all you have to do Furry diaper stories tell me your name. Every fifteen minutes I will come back and add something to make this even more uncomfortable for you, ranging from a gag to making it so you can no longer bend your knees or making I peed my pants stories stand with your legs spread.

I bit down my teeth, trying to keep them shut to make it hard to Mother in law sex stories reddit the device onto my head.

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He only smiled and slid it into place, locking the first of Caught wife masturbating story straps behind my head and under my chin, then grabbed the sides of my muzzle, pinching down on the jaw bone, causing me to yelp in pain. The bar sliding in place at the back of my maw, the dragon ignoring my pained yelp as he released my jaw, my teeth clamping down on the Mature women spanking stories. He then finished buckling the straps, so that I had leather bands going around my muzzle, between my eyes, and around my head to hold it securely in place.

He then patted my head before walking off, ignoring my growls. The first fifteen minutes passed, my jaw already aching as he asked if I was ready to tell him my name yet, which only got him a growl, He slipped behind me and undid the leash, leaving the rope harness to keep me from struggling. He then bound 2 wooden posts to the back Furry diaper stories my knees, forcing me to stand.

When that was finished he slid a ring to the base of my tail, making it impossible Double penetration rape stories me to cover myself. To finalize it, the leash was reconnected to the ring which forced me to bend over at the waist.

Diaperfur stories

I closed my eyes and whined, my arms and jaw aching as I waited for the True diaper stories fifteen minutes. I was tired of being in this position, feeling way to vulnerable and exposed, and the wet mush was cold and gooey now, making it more uncomfortable as the knots in the rope pressed it against me. As he came back I grunted at him, my bladder emptying again into the already wet diaper, filling it more.

He smiled as he petted my head. I growled at him, Guy wedgie stories he only laughed at.

He asked if I was ready to tell him my name yet and I whined in frustration but nodded. He unbuckled the straps, removing the muzzle guard. He shrugged as he took the leash and forced me to walk to his nursery, a room filled with adult baby gear. He closed the door behind us, the lock resoundingly Erotic stories forced wife in place.

He looked at me and smiled. You have a choice right now, to either be padded or show Fm spanking story your girly side. I groaned, figuring that dressing up as a girl would be less humiliating then being diapered, I made my toward the shirt. I slid it on, adjusting the pitch of my voice to be more feminine, as I grabbed a canine dildo.

I sat it on the floor, adjusting my somewhat long hair so Dragon tf stories was less masculine. I squatted down, adjusting the toy as I noticed it was self lubricating, I moaned as the tip penetrated into my tail hole, my tail flicking some as I spread my legs more to slide lower on the toy.

Babyfur stories

I blushed, shuddering and moaning as I slid down to the rubber knot, my moaning sounding like Models spreading legs virgin girl, my actions maintaining a girlishness to them as I started to ride the shaft above the knot, squealing in Frontal wedgie girl stories as I accidentally shot the knot into me.

The pain of being stretched so wide without practice causing my member to throb for attention as I continued sliding up and down the knot. Vain smiled as he sat down to watch, obviously enjoying the show as I rested one hand on the ground to stabilize myself, my other paw going toward my mouth as I continued going, gasping and moaning with every movement. Vain smiled as he continued watching.

Panting and moaning, even after the orgasm was finished. Vain stood up, his shaft clearly visible outside the sheath, the dragon member tipped with barbs, ridged along the shaft, and complete with a knot near the base as he stepped toward me. Babysitters tied up stories closed my eyes and blushed deeper.

He bent down and lifted my chin, resting the tip of his shaft against my lips. I knew better then to bite if I ever wanted to get out of here … but instead to go along with his wishes and try to Body swapping stories the worst situations the best I could as my head bobbed along his shaft, my tongue working at the shaft and head.

He smiled and tossed me a pair of panties.

I grunted some as I popped out the toy. I stood up, using a nearby cloth to clean myself up before slipping the lingerie on, adjusting it to fit more comfortably. The little bow glittering slightly in the light as it sat on the Nude boy story of the panties. You will learn to act like one, and I expect your voice to stay at a girly pitch for the duration of your slavery. Any disobedience will be dealt with severely.

And thanks to the collar around your neck you will not be able to leave my territory. The moment you Cheerleader rape story outside of it you will fall into a slumber.

Now come to bed and show me your girly charms in bed. I slipped onto the bed and started moving my tail and ass seductively, The purple panties showing the curves of my ass, along with the bulge of cock and balls between my open legs. Caught going commando stories was nervous about letting him take me, never have being with one of his kind. After a short time I felt Latex maid story weight on the bed, followed by sharp talons carefully sliding the panties down away from my ass to expose my tail hole.

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His rough tongue brushing up against the metal ring that had Castration fantasy stories been removed. I moaned and shivered in pleasure as his tongue slickened the outer ring of my tailhole and danced against the inner ring.

His tongue was Gay pirate stories and rough, but pleasurable as it teased my inner workings. After he had lubed me up with his spit, my tail hole glistening with saliva, he adjusted himself and pressed his member-head against my opening. He ignoring my squeals of pain from being stretched and the barbs scraping against me as he pushed in, his strokes hard Stories of casual encounters fast, my shaft bouncing inside the cloth trap of panties, my claws popping as they broke the surface of the sheets and slid back out.