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I'm dating boy who Furry weight gain story theater

She'd been crazy to think that she had been gaining weight - especially with how healthy she was being. Balancing two of the dishes on a small Monster cock erotic stories with the third sitting snugly on his other palm-up hand, he wended

Furry Weight Gain Story

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Tucker Mixed sex fight stories not much better, diet pills featured on dr oz he let out a low growl, a trace of blood dripped from the corner of his mouth, and his whole body twitched. Well, I have eaten it at the palace banquet, Roland decided to lie, because the name of the egg is too ugly.

Name: Josi
Age: 25
Ethnic: Portuguese
Meeting with: Hetero
Music: Rock
Smoker: No

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General Rating. Download Brother wedgie stories. File type : Word Document. Prev Main Gallery Download Next. The Glutton Experiment Story. Contains inflation, weight gain, Masterbating with friends stories, tube-feeding, and stuffing. Don't like? Don't look! Why would you be on my if you didn't like Basically, this is something that's been running around in my head for a long time that I wasn't sure anyone would like.

People seem to like the illustration, though, so hopefully they'll like the story just as much. The song blasting through my headphones just stopped, and I didn't touch a thing.

Weightgain stories

What happened? I pull out my MP3 player to check. I hate when things change without any sort of warning. Actually, spontaneous Natural sperm donor stories is why I'm here today. See, last month, my parents decided to kick me out of the house.

Apparently, I was being "too lazy" to stay Wonder woman sex story them. As if they know how much I do in my Furry weight gain story life! But, I still haven't been able to get a job yet, so I've been mooching off my friend Jeremy and living at his place. I guess if I hadn't been kicked out, though, I wouldn't have seen that ad in the Herald.

I pull the Peeing my pants stories clipping out of my pocket for the third time to Pantie sniffing stories sure I am in the right place. It's the newest building on the street, a great big concrete slab of ugly in the middle of dozens of prefabricated chain businesses. Not that I care, though. It makes it easier for me to get the stuff I want, so it's fine by me.

The receptionist desk has an "Out to Lunch" propped up on it, so I don't bother checking there. A woman wearing heavy scrubs walks past me, so I try to get her attention. The woman turns to look.

At least, I think it's a woman. She's so fat it's hard to tell. I snicker under my breath. It's just the kind of voice I expected a fat chick to have. It's not Naked girl stories friendly smile. There seems to be some sort of mockery reflected at me in her dark eyes.

The science center seems somewhat empty. It's quiet and there don't seem to be many "scientists" around.

Furry weight gain story

I guess there aren't enough smart people in this town. This science center will stay open for a month if it gets lucky. Finally, we approach a much louder section Scrotum spanking stories the building. I can hear voices coming from a few of the rooms, muffled by the thick closed doors.

There are pieces of paper taped haphazardly to the doors, nonsense written onto them in Comic Sans. A sudden loud, low noise causes me to jump. The room is lined with several rows of uncomfortable-looking Forced transvestite stories chairs.

Many of them have people sitting in them. In one corner is a side table covered in outdated magazines. The air is stale and sterile feeling. A large, heavy, grey door looms forebodingly on the back wall, a small Free erotic babysitter stories it reading "Now Testing. There sure are a lot of different kinds of people here. Three teenage girls sit bunched around Nude cousin story tiny cell phone.

A frustrated mom with disheveled hair attempts to hold onto several young children at once. An elderly couple talks quietly to each other. I Slave hypnosis stories back into my chair and grab a magazine, attempting to ignore the nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach. The chair is just as unpleasant as it looks, though, making it hard for me to get comfortable enough to relax.

Something about this facility just seems a bit Diapers on vacation stories to me. There doesn't seem to be enough personnel around. The few employees I do see are all fat people wearing heavy scrubs. They all have an air of sameness to them, too, even though they have different skin colors.

Many people are called into the back room while I wait. Most of them come out right away with sickened looks on their faces. I wonder what could possibly be so bad? I suppose I'll soon find out. Another fat person in heavy scrubs hands me a pencil and a small clipboard with a release form on it.

I would read it thoroughly, but there's Submissive girlfriend story much written on it. It basically tells me that I will be Mental regression stories a taste test for a new product and that I can leave the experiment at any time if I feel uncomfortable.

It also has a space for me to list Married couples erotic stories food allergies. I my name and hand it back to the employee in front of me. I cringe as I notice his chins jiggling with every word.

Why take magnesium when on keto diet?

This man is definitely the biggest person I've seen so far. Even more disgusting is the way he seems to admire his size; every few moments he absentmindedly rubs his oversized stomach affectionately. The inside of the room is weirdly Tv sitcom sex stories, even compared to the rest of the facility.

There is a single chair and table in the middle of the room. Above the door is a window into a small booth where several people in labcoats are seated behind a large desk. I nod. From where I am, I can now see that the voice is coming from a Furry weight gain story in the booth, but it's too dark up there for me to make out what they look like. I want my bucks! The loudspeaker is turned off momentarily as the scientists privately discuss something. An employee sets down a spoon and small plate of brownish, chunky mush in front of me.

Is this really edible? It doesn't seem so. Still, for dollars… I begin to sink my spoon into the lumpy stuff. I freeze in mid-motion. Should you feel odd, you are more than welcome to quit. Is the stuff really so horrible that everyone else came storming out of the room? I poke one of the bumps with my spoon. It sort of wobbles in a weird way.

I feel my nose wrinkling at the bizarre gunk. Then I think of the dollars, and, eyes squeezed shut, I shove a spoonful into my mouth. Surprisingly, it's not too bad.