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I Futa muscle stories woman that wants hentai

Preface: I have a few stories in mind that i will be writing. While its not entirely necessary to the reader to read this before or after reading any of Giantess toilet stories stories, it is helpful to me to establish and maintain continuity etc. The year isthe world is a different pla

Futa Muscle Stories

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Strand q was a dangerous outlier in 's evolution that went far beyon Preface: I have a few stories in mind that i will be writing. While its not entirely necessary to the reader Mental regression story read this before or after reading any of my stories, it is helpful to me to establish and maintain continuity etc. The year isthe world is a different pla So guess what?

Name: Ramona
Years: 19
What is my nationaly: I was born in Serbia
I love: Generous guy
Gender: Lady
Body features: My body features is overweight

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An original muscle futa story by Rook. Featuring muscle and cock growth, muscle worship, exhibitionism, voyeurism, and of course lots of flexing. Gotta pee story In The Buff.

There was no point staying in bed, waiting for her alarm. Lindsey was up. Very up. It was still dark outside, but the dim light of her alarm clock painted her bedroom in monochrome blue. Lindsey rubbed the sleep from her eyes, letting them adjust to the shadowy shape looming above her. As her eyes focused, Lindsey recognized the familiar pattern of her bed Mfm wife stories, held aloft by her morning wood like a sail hanging from the mast of a ship.

She smiled and folded her arms behind her head, arching her back in a cat-like stretch. Years ago, when Lindsey's puberty was just beginning to blossom, she began waking up every morning with a full erection already towering above her.

It was still dark outside, but the dim light of her alarm clock painted her bedroom in monochrome blue. lindsey rubbed the sleep from her eyes, letting them adjust to the shadowy shape looming above her.

Gone were Uk dogging stories days when she could hit the snooze button and My nudist story around in bed. Once her dick was awake, it wouldn't let Lindsey go back to sleep until she gave it some attention.

The insatiable futa had gotten into the habit of stroking herself awake every morning, as part of a daily battle with her raging extra-strength libido. She always hoped the first fap of the day would put enough of a dent in her sex drive to get Futa muscle stories through breakfast and out the front door, before her dick needed a second stroking.

But most days, Lindsey found herself wrestling to subdue her semi-stiff cock as she dressed, usually finding it far too big and unwieldy to fit in her pants. About six months ago Lindsey decided to try a new approach. She began with a few free weights, then quickly swapped them out for heavier plates when they failed to Jealous girlfriend stories her biceps the satisfying ache they craved.

She had barbells, weights, and straps galore, the only thing she was unprepared for was the extreme way her body responded. Right away Lindsey noticed she could lift heavier while sporting a full, unrestricted erection.

Usually she made every effort to keep her beast on a short leash while she lifted, subdued by belts, straps, and tight clothes - preferably all three at the same time. As soon as Lindsey tried exercising without all the restraints, she was rocketed to new heights of focused Transgender age regression stories. Her stiff cock felt like a nuclear fuel rod powering her morning workouts. She knew she was only tapping a fraction of the raw power it held, but even that was enough to frighten the still-developing futa.

During her adolescent growth spurt, Lindsey trained her mind to separate Camping with mom sex story kind of pump from the other. She had been afraid of getting her wires crossed, involuntarily associating building her muscles with sexual arousal. Thankfully for teenage Lindsey, those big ones rarely struck in situations outside her control, due to a shy disposition and an over-abundance of caution.

Lindsey hardly felt like a grown-up when she was spending about half her monthly paycheck on porn and sex-related expenditures like wardrobe replacement. Soon Lindsey grew frustrated with all the extra shopping trips to replace shredded items. She began to simply buy 5 identical pairs of pants when she found a cute style that hid her package well.

Even then, Lindsey worried she was just enabling herself to tear through them faster by planning ahead and making it as routine an act as popping a button. As if tearing denim and ripping through leather belts with the force of her boners was no big deal. Lindsey even began to look forward to those moments of lusty destruction, relishing the Tbbt stories fiction and security of knowing she could let herself go, forget about the consequences of giving in to her desire to just break something.

She worried she enjoyed the feeling of being too much to handle to an unhealthy degree. As her brain chewed on those troubling thoughts, Lindsey was reminded of her present need - by a sloshing sound like a water balloon coming from underneath the tented sheet still covering her lower half. The red-headed futa gripped her shaft through the bedding as she shifted her position, squeezing firmly to ensure nothing slipped.

Ever since an especially messy morning two years ago, Lindsey had started to wear condoms to bed every night, to save on the cost of sheets and pillows she would otherwise soak with her emissions. Sure, the rubbers were a bit uncomfortable, and expensive in Futa muscle stories size, but they Futa muscle stories clearly cheaper than replacing a full set of bed linens - including the mattress - every time she got too worked up in her sleep.

The growing dickgirl went through two box springs in one month before she figured out the condom trick. She kept over half the length as a reservoir at the tip to catch whatever she released overnight. Even flaccid, the fit around her dick is snug enough not to slip, and it only gets tighter as she stiffens. Over this carefully wrapped package, Lindsey pulls a hair scrunchee, Butt plug spanking stories keep the rubber in place, followed by a knee-high volleyball sock over the Mutual mastrubation stories, down to the base, where the elastic band kept it snug.

Plus, she Forced male orgasm stories color coordinate with her actual socks to amuse herself. It gave Lindsey a little thrill to display only green socks on Christmas, or just black on Halloween. While secretly she would know how deliciously color-coordinated her hidden red or orange cock-sock was. Lindsey had no Pillow talk stories xandria for showing off - so why did she bother? Was it Stepmom spanking stories she knew how sinfully cute a girl like Becca would find her?

Lindsey derailed that train of thought by kicking off the blankets covering her lower half.

She unwrapped the bedsheets from around her mast, carefully sliding the sock off of Family trip sex stories slick shaft. The sock was still dry on the outside, and the condom was nearly full.

It was a pretty good system, she reflected as she hefted the condom to feel its weight. Last week she had decided it was time to experiment again - to test her limits… within reason of course. It had been several years since Lindsey last measured her personal Cock punishment stories, so she made a promise to herself to re-explore her own developing potential.

Sure, the special clinic put her through plenty of tests already, but she never got to see theand having an audience was sometimes… problematic.

It was still dark outside, but the dim light of her alarm clock painted her bedroom in monochrome blue. lindsey rubbed the sleep from her eyes, letting them adjust to the shadowy shape looming above her.

All her concentration Wwe wedgie story willpower had gone into controlling herself around Becca. Lindsey chuckled to herself as she took in the surreal sight of her cock looming above her, highlighted in electric blue and pre-dawn purple. Some mornings Lindsey woke feeling so close to the edge of an orgasm, she would stroke herself off, right into the condom, gripping the rubber tight around the mid-shaft to ensure it wouldn't rocket off. She burst every condom she tried this with, but only - she reasoned - because they were already so full.

She expected a fresh condom Futa muscle stories hold, but she had never allowed herself the luxury of trying. Lindsey slipped the condom off, shivering as her shaft expanded in the crisp morning air, eager for room to stretch out after being confined all night.

She tied the end of the condom like a cum-balloon, and placed it on her nightstand next to the alarm clock. The backlit glow made it look something like a lava lamp. She reached out to trace a finger along her stiff erection. It was still growing, filling out to a thicker girth, as its firmness went from rubber to iron. She wrapped her fingers around the expanding trunk, squeezing and kneading taught skin padding the rigid core. She brought her second hand up to massage her apple-red cock-head, but a glob of Body swap spell story welled up Erotic rectal exam stories she touched Hotwife stag stories, as if to caution her against too much stimulation.

She leaned down and licked away the salty droplet, then bent further to pick up the free weights laying on the floor next to her bed.

Resting her elbow on her knee, Lindsey began to pump her right bicep, curling the 35lb weights. Each time her bicep contracted at the peak of a curl, Lindsey gave her cock a flex as well, thrusting her hips and causing her stiff erection to twitch and bounce. Before long, her cock was twitching to each beat of her heart, and every sixth beat became an extra Mind blowing sex stories cock-flex to time up with her bicep curl.

Lindsey gasped as she felt her cock adding power to her lifts, almost like it Tail plug stories spotting her.

The weight felt like it was getting lighter the more she Fm spanking stories it. The fiercely-erect Wife pays debt porn stories felt like she could continue pumping her right arm forever, so she switched the weight to her left arm and repeated the exercise.

After 3 minutes of concentrated pumping, her biceps were tight with the sweet soreness of a heavenly burn. Lindsey stood to stretch her biceps before moving to the next exercise. She gripped the frame of her bedroom door and leaned away from it, stretching her right pectoral to its full range.

She momentarily considered unwrapping a second condom, but figured the mess wouldn't be too bad as long as she made it to the shower before she came. Clasping her hands above her head, Lindsey bent to one side, then the other, continuing to stretch her lean, muscular frame. All the while, her cock was sticking straight out, aching with stiffness. She swayed her hips from Futa muscle stories to side, enjoying the weight of her heavy dick swinging and bouncing.

She pushed it down with her palm, bending it towards the floor, then released it to spring back up and slap against her cobblestone abs.

She tried once more, and on the second attempt Lindsey caught her cock between her breasts. One upside to her unwieldy length was being able to tuck it between her tits like this - Adult nursing relationship stories handy when working out naked.

Dropping to the floor, Lindsey kept her cock pinned between her pecs as she did pushups. Her sizable breasts created enough of a cushion to keep her cock from touching the floor.

Each pushup sent her cock head sliding back and forth in the slick canyon between her breasts. The muscular striations of her pecs added extra stimulation as her flared cock tip rubbed against the rippling muscle. The pushups were way too easy, but Lindsey was enjoying the sensation of tit-fucking herself, so she kept going for several minutes. On the last few reps, she switched to Blackmail bdsm stories pushups, in a vain attempt to give her pecs a harder pump, but she had to stop before she creamed herself right there on the floor.