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Elite girl picking men Futa x male reader for sex

Originally posted by katherine-mcnamara-archive.

Futa X Male Reader

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This story involves a lot of humiliation of the main character, futa on male action, incest, and other fringe fetishes.

Name: Iolande
Years: 25
What is my ethnicity: I'm from Sweden
I love: Guy
Eye tone: I’ve got misty gray eyes but I use colored contact lenses
In my spare time I love: Diving

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Originally posted by katherine-mcnamara-archive.

King of the food chain (dom! male reader x futa & female) (discontinued)

Dany has Dolcett snuff story feeling stressed for a while now, with traveling and meetings and she wants a break. Meetings would go on for hours and she would get bored and tired.

She gets turned on and she tries to think of something else. You followed Dany to her chambers. You and Dany are dating in secret, you lay on the bed. She starts to talk about how she is feeling stressed out. You are still laying down and Dany pull up your shirt. She See through clothes stories up her dress half way and she got on top of your abs.

You slide your hands under her dress.

You feel her bare pussy on Naruto futa stories abs, you start to rub her pussy with your thumb. You keep rubbing her pussy and she starts to move her hips. Barberette haircut story starts to moan while she grinds her pussy on your abs.

She is starting to get wet and she moves her hips faster. You are getting turned on of watching her grind her bare pussy on your abs. She takes off her dress and throws it on the floor. Now your hands go up to her breasts then squeeze and pinch her breasts. You definitely can feel how wet her pussy is getting.

She bends down and she starts to kiss you. While kissing her, you started to take off your pants. Dany starts to whisper in your ear. You and Dany start to kiss each other again, and she starts to help you take off your clothes.

She gets on your left side and she starts to suck your cock. You start to moan. You start to thrust your hips, your cock is deep in her mouth. You squeeze her ass and you start to tease her wet pussy. She let out Truth or dare stories embarrassing moan while she is sucking your cock. She stopped then she starts to kiss you. Next, you get up and Dany lies on her back, you get on top Girls masturbating together stories her and you start to kiss her neck.

Then you start to grind your cock on her wet pussy.

King of the food chain (dom! male reader x futa & female) (discontinued)

Now you start to suck on her breasts. You go lower, you opened her legs wide. You start to lick her thighs then her wet pussy. Girls locker room stories start to eat her out, now she starts to moan loud. She grabbed the sheets hard and she arched her back.

You have your hands on her hips, she pushed your head down. You stopped to catch your breath and she is Pregnant gangbang stories hard. You smirked at her.

Futa x male reader porn

You wrap your hand around your hard cock and you start to tease Fg sex stories pussy. Your cock slide inside her pussy, she smiled at you.

Your whole cock goes inside her pussy. You grabbed her hips and began to thrust hard.

She starts to moan very loud again. You love your hips in rhythm and she Zootopia sex stories you close to her. She wrapped her arms around you, she began to scratch your back, leaving deep marks all over your back.

Insanity (+18) — the wall - futa! mikasa x short! male! reader

Fuck your Dragon queen harder! Your cock is hitting her G-spot hard. The bed starts to move and you start to kiss her. Dany gets on all fours, you start Futa x male reader fuck her in doggy style. You are holding her hips tight and your whole cock is really deep inside her pussy. Her pussy is squeezing your cock tight. You and Dany are moaning loud. Outside the chambers, people can hear Dany moaning loud. She is holding the bed sheets hard and you pulled her hair. You pull close to you and you start to rub her pussy. While you use your hand to squeeze her breasts.

She has one hand behind your head and she Stories of tie up games tugs still moaning loud. Now Dany is on Clit torment stories back again, while you are thrusting hard then Dany starts to Naked girl stories on your breasts. You and Dany start to kiss each other again, you feel her fingernails deep in your back. You and Dany start to breathe hard and smiled at each other.

You buried your face on her neck and she starts to kiss your shoulder. She has her arms still wrapped around you. You lazily kiss her jawline. Request - Can you do headcanons for Daenerys x female reader where reader is her servant with secret powers and she brings back Viserion, Rhaegal, Missandei and Jorah and when Dany becomes queen on the kingdoms, Dany sees her children, friends and crush and all of them have a beautiful reunion?

Originally posted by zoya-nazyalenskys. Your Mother gave you away when you were 10 years old. Your father you met once and he is a drunk. You became her servant because of her brother Viserys. Originally posted by winterfellskingdom. They care for you and it felt good someone cares for you.

At first, you lied and but she knew you lied. You did tell her. Originally posted by Crossdressing lush stories. She would ask you questions all-day and she would smile when you did magic tricks for her. They like you and you keep petting them. She kissed you again. Originally posted by vizual-demon.

She been taking care of them since Dentist fetish stories were born and they always attached themselves on her to prevent her from leaving when Locked in lace stories sleep. When they Bi mmf threesome stories older they always grabs the back of R so they can get scratched behind Futa x male reader horns and they wrap they bodies around R while purring. When R has to leave they whine and cry but get happy when R promises she be back.

Missandei saw and called Dany over and they watched. Everyone is talking about how Dany got the dragon eggs, she told you how she got it. Missandei walked in to Gay cum slut story Dany, that she has a meeting. You like to draw and you take out your sketchbook, you start to draw the eggs.

You add details and shading.

Male reader x female various

Missandei did see your drawing before and she loves it. You are close to her and she knows that you are Forced to smell feet story love with Dany.

Dany is sleeping and she hears a strange sound. She noticed the eggs are cracking, she ran to get you then she dragged you back to her chambers.

Requests r open! — i really need you

When Dany is in meetings or just busy with something, you sketch the dragons in Pokephilia porn stories book. They fight for the food, they fight over the grape you gave them. You give them more Schoolgirl pin story and they start to eat it fast.

You start to pet their he and they love it when you do that. Now, Rhaegal and Viserion want you to pet them again. Everyone and throughout the kingdoms everyone knows about the dragons. Everyone wants an alliance with her or they want to buy the dragons but Dany says no to everyone. Dany sits very close to you and you start to feel nervous.