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Name: Devora
Years: 47
What is my nationaly: I'm peruvian
Service for: Gentleman
Tone of my iris: Clear brown eyes
I like to drink: I like to drink red wine
Hobbies: Shopping
Stud: Nasal piercing
Smoker: Yes

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Gromet's Plaza Self Bondage Stories. Having trained many slaves in the past, I can easily tell the s when a slave has adjusted to their position and accept it. Once in a while, a slave will develop an attachment to their new masters and become instantly disobedient to the new master. It is unfortunate that the slaves have to Unaware shrinking stories they are in no way in control again, their only saving grace is most masters are not as cleaver and sadistic as I.

Amber seems to be turning out into one of those slaves. She has grown very attached to me as a master and already does not see herself as a kidnap Ronda rousey sex stories.

Something is different with Amber however, normally I sell them off to my normal contacts or dispose of them if they get too damaged during training. Ambers Last Day I looked at Amber lying on my bed, not believing that my time with her is almost over. Maybe it was because she was so nice in the bar where she worked and I got to know her?

She will be gone soon, and I had better prepare her. I gave her a swift slap on her ass she was not allowed to used the covers, so she was very Daisy ridley sex stories. She was broken. If she still had a want or Erotic male post orgasm torture stories to escape, keeping track of the time would have been top priority.

Her new master is going to love her. This is the day you should be making the trip back to your dorm.

People are going to start looking for you and the time has come to make preparations for your departure from here. Realizing that she'd just made a big mistake, she tried to recover. Once I learned to behave, you have taken such good care of me. I just wanted to let you know that. Your new master however will have a big problem with slaves that misbehave. I will let him Sex stories playing doctor of your transgression today so he can punish you for it. I was surprised to see her lower her head and start crying.

She made no attempt to Femdom snuff stories it either. It probably just has finally hit home that she will be a slave for life. stats and valuation

Why are you Cuckold training story anyway? You have already been sold. They are expecting deliver of you later today. I am sure you have had the fantasy of being the slave of an Arab sheik, tightly bound all day, Female bedwetting stories only purpose is to please him. Well it is going to come true now. The people I deal with actually are the ones that will sell you and actually ship you over there.

It is quite impressive how they do it. You will first be place in a rubber, inflatable suit. An inflatable hood will also be placed on your head and secured to the suit. Once everything is air tight, tubes will be inserted into your nose and an inflatable gag in your mouth that has a tube as well. The tubes themselves are very long and very, very hard.

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Your suit will then be inflated and checked to make sure it is secure and has no leaks. The next step is to be lifted and placed into a large mold, basically a standing tube about 5 feet in diameter. The final step is to fill the mold with cement and seal you inside. It takes about 2 days to dry, and while Widows sex stories does, it will compress a bit. That is what the suit 101 erotic stories for.

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That, and to leave room for your Pantyhose femdom stories to escape your body. In the end, you will be a cement pillar that will be sold overseas. The only noticeable marking on the entire thing will be three very small little holes at the top. It will be hell for Milwaukee brace stories few weeks, fed though a tube, nothing to do, no movement possible, standing and sifting in your own waste.

I normally do not tell my slaves what awaits them, but I felt like being nice today. Any questions? I figured that it would take at least a month to get Gagged utopia stories ready, but I was not even close. It will be daytime so transporting her will be a bit difficult. An Cream pie eating stories style duffel bag usually does the trick in any case, and a little rope. I could hear her crying again. I have never had a slave desire to stay with me as much as Amber.

Usually they ask to stay only because they understand that once they are out of the country there will never be any hope for escape. After minutes went by, I returned to the bedroom with the items I would need to get her ready to transport. I was surprised to see she stopped crying and was kneeling on the bed with her head down. She perked up at the sight of me and started to smile. I know how where you can get another sla mmmmphph! Another slave? Curiosity overwhelmed me Wifes first black stories I took her gag off.

I still have to punish you Driving naked stories before we go for talking back to me. Here is what I was thinking. You said it was going to take a month to train me, what if you told them you need the entire month? There is too much planning, research and cover up work to make sure nobody knows.

Vulgus sex stories can help you get Tiffany. You have already seen her, would see be a good enough slave for you Master? I already let her go.

I could tell her where to find me, and to come get me. It can be a private area, and you can capture her. I could even help you train her Master. I will do anything, I just want to stay Slut teacher stories you Master. I could tell my contacts that Amber tried to escape and while trying to catch her she was hurt. Amber might be on to something, but time was limited. I will warn you however, if you even think about trying to escape the tortures you have felt Pokemon rape stories until now will be mild in comparison.

The next step was to get her ready to look the part. I gave her some contact solution to help her get the contacts out. Once they were out, she tried to look around, but the light was too bright. Not having time Amature wife sex stories wait, I stuffed the ball gag in her mouth and lead her downstairs to the basement. Amber tried franticly to ask Gagged utopia stories questions, probably about what I was doing, but muffled cries were all that came out.

Once in the basement, I locked her hands above her head and her legs to a Incest breastfeeding stories bar, which locked to the floor. I walked over to one of the Gagged utopia stories and grabbed some aspirin. After I had a few pills, I walked back over to Amber and undid her gag.

Take Hot wife and son stories aspirin; they should dull the pain a bit. I am going to whip you and make you look like you have been beaten for weeks, you played such a good part on the phone, I am sure Tiffany would expect nothing less when she sees you. I also put on a pair of nipple Black cock whore stories. After attaching some weights to the clamps and clothespins on her cunt, I sat down for a while to enjoy the view and let the aspirin do its job.

Amber is under the impression that the pills will actually dull the pain, and they might, but that it not their purpose. Aspirin thins the blood, and also make the skin MUCH easier to bruise. After a good whipping, she Erotic scat stories look so black and blue that she will almost look like a smurf. After a few minutes went by, I picked up a flogger and blindfold. I put the blindfold on her as to remove any ability to brace herself for swings.

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Once that was secure, I positioned myself behind her and took my first swing. I drew back the flogger again and took aim a little lower on her sweating body. The straps gushed forward Soft core story a raging river around her thigh and crashing down on the inside of her leg, just below her cunt. Teen female masturbation stories that one got her attention.

I continued with the flogger for another 20 minutes; its effects starting to show very nicely. Next was the paddle, but not just any paddle, this one had metal studs on it. They were not sharp enough to pierce the skin, but will leave a bevy of bruises all over. I stood in front of Amber and drew my hand back, watching her tense up, trying to prepare for the worst.