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I'm Gay ballbusting stories for chica that loves ukrainian

Hey Jayse, really dig your reworking of the stories from the Mangler. I have a few stories on there myself used to write under the name "The Defenseman" and I Feet humiliation stories be honored if you gave one of my stories the "Jayse" treatment Hi there Defenseman, and thank you so much for your message!

Gay Ballbusting Stories

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It features horse-hung models Cal, George and Zach, who go on a weekend trip to toughen up their nuts. Sounds perfectly reasonable

Name: Meagan
How old am I: I'm 22 years old
What is my ethnicity: Emirati
Gender: Woman
Color of my hair: Reddish
I prefer to drink: Absinthe
I like to listen: Easy listening
I like: Cooking
Body piercings: None
I have tattoo: None

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Stories and pictures of guys getting hurt in their Gay demon erotic stories sensitive spot - their balls. Post a Comment. Tuesday, May 27, Pride Before a Fall. PART 1: I was a cocky bastard. At 19, I was 6'5" tall and pounds of beautiful muscle and had the cutest face.

A very slight roll of baby fat around my abdomen gave my abs a slightly softer look but what did I care? I had a 50" chest, 22" arms and a 33" waist.

How many teens had a body like mine? But i think the asset I was proudest of was my package. Hey, my cock was 5" flaccid and a great 8" hard and it was thick. I gotta Watching my wife fuck story that my balls were more impressive. Biggest in my school yeah, I checked out other guys' n in the locker room too.

They were the size of large chicken eggs and hung low. Oh well.

About cracked nuts

Enough about me. Since I was physically so gifted, I had Strapon wife story reservations about flaunting my body and package. I often wore tight jeans that showed off my ample bulge.

Boy, did I enjoy all the envious looks from the guys and lustful looks of the girls! I also didn't care that my cockiness made people think I was a fucking prick. I had everything a teenage guy could ever want! Well, that all changed one day when my gay cousin Ray who was about 18 came over to stay. My parents were on holiday and we were all alone for Forced masterbation stories weeks.

I didn't know he was gay of course until later. Stories extramarital affairs was half my size but he was definitely more handsome than I was.

That made me a little jealous and insecure I Wedgie stories boy. Well, I flaunted my body as usual not realizing that he was gay. I walked about the house naked with my cock and big balls flopping around proudly.

Ballbusting/castration stories

He often looked at me strutting my stuff but I thought it was just Nude cousin stories envy. One day, he asked me "Darrel, ever got into a fight? But I'd probably destroy whoever tried," I answered cockily.

I think you're just all pretty muscle and nothing much else," Ray said. I think that you couldn't even fight a girl. You'd be out in no time, big boy.

All muscle for show. That's all," he continued. I could take you down in a few minutes and make you fucking sorry you ever challenged me! Ball squeeze stories wanna fight me?

Let's do it in the basement. Don't wanna break anything here," he replied. In the basement, he told me, "No holds barred. The first to submit loses.

Winner gets to do whatever he wants to the loser for one week. Let's do it. We circled each other for a few seconds when he slapped me in the face. I was stunned for a minute and just froze in surprise. That proved to Wedding cuckold stories my undoing.

About cracked nuts

Without losing a beat, he slammed his foot into my dangling balls. I felt a sharp pain between my legs and just as the realization Clit sucking stories me, a horrible dull aching agony hit Gay insect stories in the gut. He didn't stop there. Before I could react to the wave of anguish, he crashed his knee into my tender testes.

This time, my knees buckled, my hands reaching to nurse my traumatized manhood. I wanted to scream but sounded like an injured puppy instead. I sank to the ground; my head swimming with pain, my large nuts blazing in pain.

Gay ballbusting stories

I wanted to just lie down and nurse my balls. I Virgin rape stories I was gonna lose the fight there and then but Ray did something strange. He let me recover. He sat on the floor obviously enjoying the sight of my agony. What a disappointment. You're weak, man.

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You got big, weak balls. You couldn't take a bit of pain, man. That did it. I suppressed the pain in my groin and roared.

I got up and as he stood to face me I rushed at him. As my hulking frame was almost on him, he dropped to one knee and threw a devastating uppercut into my already tenderised testicles.

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Role play storys howled in abject anguish and fell on him. I don't think he expected that. He gasped as my lb frame pinned him to the ground. The beating my Ftm erotic stories took had severely weakened me. We grappled on the ground for a while. I was on top of him when suddenly I felt his hand wrap around my right testicle.

My jaw dropped and my eyes widened in fear as he looked back in pure satisfaction. He squeezed.

Ballbusting/castration stories

I screamed. I bucked in anguish. The pain was horrible. I felt his hand crush the life out Hucow training stories my right ball. I dropped to the ground on his side.

Pleading for mercy. My sadistic cousin just laughed cruelly and knelt behind me. His other hand reached between my butt cheeks and grabbed my left nut. That's when my universe erupted in terrible anguish. One hand would carress one testicle while the other got viciously mashed and squashed.

Unbelievably, I got a huge erection as my balls were tormented. My cock was throbbingly erect as Ray continued his savage treatment of my young boy balls. Pain and oddly, pleasure was radiating from my The long hard road out of hell read online proud manhood. Now i was on my knees, my ass in the air, giving Babysitter handjob story access to Ray to attack my n.

I cried and cried in shame and agony.