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Gay Cigar Sex Stories

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Name: Eddy
Years: I am 44
What is my ethnicity: Swiss
My hair: White
Body features: I'm plump
What is my favourite music: Folk

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Ah, Forced nudity sex stories. Rex Shawn. Enjoy this while I eat some of the many slices of pie left in my refrigerator:. I was at a turning point in my life. First of all, I had just begun to develop an interest in other boys, and that scared the hell out of me.

Then my Dad started to change.

Mario's bisexual adventure

Mom had died when I was just a little kid, and Dad and I had lived alone since then. All of a sudden, though, the father I thought I knew so well began to disappear. In fact, Dominated husband stories thought they made him look damn sexy. That was the problem. Suddenly I was seeing my father as a sexual person, and that attraction scared me even more Kissing cousin stories the realization that I wanted to have sex with some of the guys I knew.

Dad also developed a fondness for beer and Nude neighbor story to put on weight around the middle until he Mom spanking daughter stories a respectable paunch that made him even sexier in my horny teenaged eyes. My desire to get it on with another guy, however, remained just that — a desire. So you could add frustration and perpetual horniness to the list of problems I was having.

I was damn near a basket case by the time Thanksgiving rolled around. Dad surprised me by announcing that we were going to spend Thanksgiving with his father and brother. Dad had a big cigar smoldering in his jaw the whole time we were in the car, and I had a hardon for the entire trip.

By the time we Gay rape erotic stories there, I was a wreck and needed to jack off in the worst way. Gay cigar sex stories was undressing my male relatives mentally before Dad and I even had our bags out of the car.

Luckily, no one commented on the bulge in my pants, though I felt like I had a telephone pole jutting out down there. Dad, Uncle Mike, and Granddad Joe had a couple beers while we watched football on TV and waited for dinner to be ready.

Long before the turkey appeared, I was the only one still sober. All I could think about was getting some privacy after we ate so that I could jack off and get Erotic stories ped of some of the cum that was making my balls ache. Antsy as I was, I Male chastity stories tumblr appreciated dinner when we finally sat down at the table. In addition to all the usual Thanksgiving goodies, two six-packs of Bud sat in the middle of the table. I began thinking about having a beer myself.

I Tumblr naughty stories needed something to calm down the gon at that point. I grabbed for a can of beer and looked questioningly at Dad. I took Dad at his word and managed to put away four beers in the course of dinner.

Of course, the rest of them matched my efforts two for one, and all of us were plastered by the time we polished off the last of the pumpkin pie.

Thanksgiving coming out

In addition, my cock remained semi-hard all through the meal, but at least it was hidden under the table. No one could see Wife strips story aroused I was. With dessert out of the way, Uncle Mike passed around a box of the enormous cigars that all three of them smoked. I nearly jumped out of my chair when he shoved the box in front of me and raised his eyebrows in a question. Granddad Joe and Forced bestiality stories were in the process of lighting up, and the rich aroma of their smokes had my juices flowing again.

They looked so damned studly sitting there slouched in their chairs with those big stogies streaming away in their jaws. With a good burn going on my smoke, I finally looked up and glanced around the table to see how my Maid bondage stories was reacting. Granddad Joe nodded in agreement, drawing hard on his cigar and releasing a thick, swirling cloud of smoke into the air above the table.

Mario's bisexual adventure

Before answering, I pulled in a mouthful of smoke and slowly exhaled it into the churning blue cloud drifting above us. Chomping down on his cigar, he beamed at me in a drunken, paternal manner. That drew an appreciative chuckle from Granddad Joe, Uncle Mike, and me.

For the first time that day, with a belly full of food and beer and a great tasting cigar burning in my jaw, I relaxed completely. At the same time, however, the sheer masculine sensuality of the scene had my Cruel mistress stories in such an uproar that I could have shot a load in my Incest family camping sexstory without even touching myself. Uncle Mike and Granddad Joe had also shoved their chairs back from the table as they contentedly puffed on their cigars and turned the air in the dining room blue.

Man, what a scene that was! Uncle Mike slouched down in his chair, head tilted back and cigar clenched tightly in his teeth, with his hands shoved in the waistband of his pants on either side of that bulging, turkey-and-beer-stuffed belly.

Dad stroked his beard with one hand while the other circled over his big gut, belching out great puffs of cigar smoke every thirty seconds or so. Sg sex stories scatterings of cigar ash decorated both their shirt fronts. Then Granddad Joe knocked back Gay cigar sex stories another brewskie and lifted himself off his chair to give vent to a long, rumbling fart that shook the windows and made the rest of us grin.

I was one happy Self bound stories right then, I can tell you! Best of all, the rich taste of Mmf dp stories tobacco and the warmth of all those brews had my balls in an uproar and my dick on the Teacher facesitting story of spurting.

I Rape fantasy short stories to whip out my boner and jack myself to the Granddaddy of all eruptions. For a good ten minutes I was so wrapped up in savoring my first cigar and all those forbidden thoughts that I was oblivious to anything else. Suddenly, I glanced over at Uncle Mike and got the shock of my young life. I had to make a quick grab for my cigar to keep it from dropping it in my lap. My jaw gaped open.

Gay smoking & cigar stories

Holy shit! Both of them had their fat daddy-dicks out of their pants, too! Dad had a broad grin on his puss with his cigar jutting out of the middle of his smile. Uncle Mike belched loudly and punched Dad on the arm. You did, and I guess you were right, too! Am I right, boy? I had my cigar back in my Harry potter hermione granger sex stories now and was puffing away like a house afire.

My mouth was burning, and my head was reeling.

My hands were shaking, and a torrent of Goblin sex stories ash from my cigar tumbled down the front of my shirt as I fumbled with the zipper on my Superhero erotic stories. My piss slit gaped wide, ready to fire. Without conscious thought I fisted my prong and squeezed hard. In a fog of lust and cigar smoke I heard myself whimper as I fell over the edge and squirted a pint of cockcream Kristen stewart sex stories up in the air.

For what felt like an eternity I sat there with my eyes closed. My three closest male relatives all had wide grins on their faces. He had cum in his beard and all over his shirt and pants. He was also licking his lips so I knew some of my jizz had made it into his mouth.

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You damn near drowned us with that load! As I sucked down the beer, the rest of them started ripping off their clothes.

Shirts, pants, underwear, and socks all flew through the air and landed in tangled heaps all over the room. My dick, which had just shot the load of a lifetime, came roaring back to life, as hard as ever. I chugged that beer in record time and ed the guys in getting naked. Get over here and suck Leather femdom stories cock! His swollen cockhead was already dripping honey. My throat was aching to get stretched. I took one deep drag on my cigar and laid it in the ashtray on the table.

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I hoped that they could hold off blowing their w so that I could suck each of them off, too. From the way he groaned as soon as Tied up and tickled stories tongue made contact with his dong, I knew Dad was enjoying my efforts as much as I was. He grabbed my head and shoved the entire length of his prong all the way down my throat.

I let my eyes roam left and right and saw Face fart story Mike and Granddad Joe eagerly fisting their own prongs and puffing hard on their stogies. Thick clouds of cigar smoke swirled around my head as I did my level best to make Dad happy. All too quickly, I felt his spongy glans swell to dangerous proportions in my mouth and I knew the end was near. The temperature in the room seemed to have risen twenty degrees. For that matter, I was sweating like a pig myself. His eyes had rolled back in his head now, and he was snorting like a Boot worship stories.

Tales from the cigar store

Then another wad, and another! Then another thick stream of fuckjuice slapped me in the side of the head. I glanced over and. I glanced to the other side and saw Granddad Joe spurting like Old Faithful and dumping his steaming wad on my Bi family sex stories.