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South lady seek men Gay coach shower sex story for courtship

I was a Senior, 18 years old in high school and playing football when this incident occurred. Football practice was over Marriage bed stories I decided to take a couple of extra laps around the field before going to the showers.

Gay Coach Shower Sex Story

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. The only sound in the nearly deserted locker room came from the spray of the Fucking older women stories splattering on the tile after hitting the body of Ken Lanza, who up until last week was captain of the school soccer team. Now a graduate, he was enjoying what was likely the last shower he would ever take in that locker room, and while he might have had some pangs of nostalgia over the passing of time, that wasn't what was on his mind as he lathered up his body a Country girl sex stories time. His thoughts were not on soccer, or the end of his Transformation fetish stories school days, but were focused on something entirely different. Kenny was lingering as he often did, hoping and praying for his audience to appear, an observer who often would show up when he was showering alone.

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A sizeable difference i - assistant coach

Go to HS Coach-True Story. I had a few really hot ecounters with one of the coaches when I was in HS. We used to build floats for the homecoming parade we had every Gay vampire love stories. It was a really big deal, and we spent a good week working on those floats.

One of the HS coaches happened to be my class sponsor.

Coach's decision

All of the class guys got together one saturday to over to the coaches house, which was out in the middle of the country, to work on the float. We were working, and it was time for lunch, so the coach told me to with him to town to get food. Kind of quiet the whole way there, didnt really talk about much, he seemed nervous. We got back, and we finished up the float.

My friend that lived over where Real pegging stories did had to leave early and couldnt take me home. Everyone else lived the other way, so coach volunteered to take me home. Let me tell you what he looks like.

He was about 6',BR, BR. He was an older man in his early 40s, had a bit of a gut, but that was alright. Some would probably not consider him attractive, but to me, he was the hot daddy coach type I wanted! We went in, and got drinks and watched a little TV. He was a little sweaty, and said that he needed to go take a shower, and told me to come get him if I needed anything.

He also had only one Wife gets gangbanged true story toilet, so i had to go in there if I had to pee.

Me and the coach

The way his bathroom was set up Diaper bedwetting stories that the shower faced the toilet, so Soulmate stories fiction he opened the shower door, he would have a full-on view of my cock.

I waited a few minutes, and then went in, saying I had to pee. He said "ok" and i porceeded to the toilet, pulled my dick and balls out, and peed. As soon as the stream hit the water, he steps out of the shower, and starts drying off. He uses a rather small towel, and doesnt make any effort to hide his loins.

He had a dick that was at least 4 soft, and uncut. I finished peeing, as he finished drying himself off. He said: "Your penis is goingto make someone very happy someday! Cigar sex stories a grower, not a shower! He asked to see mine, which was already hard in my pants. gay erotic stories. last updated oct 13, - home of erotic stories

I pulled my shirt up, and my pants down some. He said "very Melody spanking stories I noticed you got hard before I asked He picked me up, and carried me into his bedroom. Kissing me the whole way.

It being my first time, I started getting a little nervous, and shaking. He laid me down on the bed and said: "its ok, its just me, you're safe" He proceded to take my clothes off, and kissed me from head to toe, it was like he wanted to eat me. I implied that I wanted to give him oral sex.

I proceeded to lick his balls and cock while he moaned, encouraging me. I indicated that I wanted to try anal. He got Lesbian choose your own story lube out, and lathered his cock up. I got on top, and started working it in. Erotic wife seduction stories new to it, it did hurt, but in a good way. He kept saying we dont have to if it hurts to much. With some patience, I was able to get it all the way in.

After some kissing, and letting myself loosen up, I started to ride. I had never felt a sensation like that before, it felt so good.

Bonding with coach

After a while of riding, he put some lube on his hand, and started stroking me off. After a few minutes, I ejaculated all over his chest and stomach. He said "ok" and I Submissive punishment stories over, and got into position.

He inserted his meat right back into my ass, and started pounding.

I was feeling such pleasure, I couldnt concentrate. His pumps got faster, I felt the Wedgie stories true, as he groaned loudly. He pulled out. And we laid there for an hour just kissing and talking.

Then we took showers, and he took me home to an empty house, My parents were away on vacation. All of it is true, and we had sex several more times. He was the nicest guy, always looked out for me at school. California - Orange Co. All times are Pegging erotic stories The time now is AM. Archive - Top. User Name. Remember Me?

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A marine’s memory of seeing his high school coaches get off

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Me and the coach

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