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Gay Facesitting Story

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Name: Rasla
Years: 24
I can speak: Spanish
My favourite drink: Absinthe

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I True slut wife stories high school because of 5 friends. I was skinny about nine stone in weight brown hair, brown eyes quite cute but I never stood out. There were rumors I was gay started by these 5 douches, kept the girls away.

I was approached a few times by girls and was confident enough to talk to them but they always said I was a good friend and if I wasn't gay they would have loved to go out with me. When I protested they said "It's OK you don't have to deny it this is the 21st Interactive spanking stories. I got fed up so just kept myself to myself the last two years, which didn't help matters with the douchbags.

Lee was in the swim team very good looking, lean tonnes, tanned, blond, hazel eyes, strong jaw line, he had a seven inch quite slim uncut cock totally smooth. Bret the quarterback and yep he looked it.

Muscular beach body 6ft plus 10 inches thick neatly trimmed blonde pubes. Blue eyes heck even his muscles had muscles. Coby wide receiver, slim light built, like me but a wise guy blue eyes, blond, 7 inches as well but thicker than Lee. Callum lacrosse, cocky defined, black hair over 6ft aswell, 8. The soccer player Gay facesitting story, had a few MLS teams scouting him very bright future. Anime foot fetish story to be called Ace, had a nine inch cut smooth cock but by Car cranking stories the thickest, he had a swimmers body slim but well muscled, hazle hair short cut, grey eyes could look through you at a glance, almost 7ft tall, had a good nine inches very thick massive balls, he was my worst nightmare, the biggest rough of them all.

All 5 were popular amongst the girls, most girls dream and probably a lot of l wet dream but a nightmare to anyone who was smart or didn't quite Dragon tf stories in and if they started a rumour it stuck as I found out to my high Messed up sex stories frustration. Oh I was horny all the time and as impressive as these guys cock Necrophilia stories fiction mine was These five went out there way to make my life hell.

Callum loved to flush my head down the toilet with help and not all the toilets were empty sometimes he would wait till his friends had been. While he had me his mates would all go then he would bend me over whatever they let and hold me there.

The smell was unbearable and sometimes quite night up the pan which was bad news for me cause he always pulled my head back and lower me face first and lowered me down as far as I would go and hod me there until Teen girls masturbation stories was gasping giving me mouthfuls some times. Many a time after gmy they would Tiny penis humiliation stories me down and take it in turns to drop there pants wearing a jock lower onto my face and let rip in front of everyone.

One time our history teacher was I'll and we had it last thing on a Friday but no other teacher was available apart from the coach so we had GMT instead.

Obey my rules

During the class the five of them started fooling around and managed to drag me into it and piss the coach off. We all got dragged into his office and bollocked big time then he shot off to sort out the upcoming football game. I was dreading it cause there was no one left in the locker room apart from me and the douches.

They planned it to happen as I was cornered in the shower. They made me lay down and forced me to be a human toilet for them, they kept me there for ages it was so humiliating and absolutely vile. Then one time after gym Lance piined me Male lactation stories a branch again in front of my class and got his dick Mother inlaw sex stories and proceeded to rub it all over my face wanking as he did.

He worked so hard Gay facesitting story wasn't too long before he got himself ready and blew his first shot over Diaper poop story face. He leaned forward as everyone was laughing and whispered in my ear. Open your mouth or we will be here for ages and me and the guys will fuck you in front of everyone. I open my mouth and his next few shots where aim right in my mouth. I could have been sick. To my amazement no one in my class did everything, this this pretty much broke me.

I ended up leaving in tears. One day after end of school I was trying to get put with everyone else but the teacher wanted to talk about some of my work with me. By the time I left the halls were empty or so I thought. I Sex with my teacher story as fast as I could but bang right into Lance, Callum and Lee.

I was about to find out Lances secret and it was foul to say the least. They took me to there hunting ground the locker room. I was stripped and tied to a Erotic horror stories werewolf all for Lance to straddle me but ass to face.

Before he got to that part came the True strip poker stories ritual as they called it They made it seem like i was a fag and in their world, everything they did was OK, as the little fag wants it. It was bad seen as earlier that day they got Lucas to fart on me and eventually I sucked his cock. Lucus was a very large lad. No one wanted to No underwear stories near him cause he stank of bo and you can garentee he would fart and it would be deadly to smell.

The five also bullied him a lot, he was one of the reasons I kept going.

Gay face sitting stories

Lucas had to put up with almost as much as me and still no one did anything. After gym that day, when the coach had disappeared they pounced pinning me to the bench and told Lucas to strip and sit Hot wife true stories my face before he had showered. He refused so they pulled Hot stories episodes shorts down and played with my cock.

I was a horny teen and thought of physical contact on my dick got it hard and being as big as I was it was intimidating. Once hard they proclaimed see he is a fag, to which my classmates or so called.

Were laughing there he Real dog sex stories. Callum then told Lucas if he didn't sit on me they would make me fuck him in front of the class. Lucas reluctantly walked over pulled his shorts and boxers off and just before his ass engulfed my face I seen an apologetic look in his face.

I felt sorry for him as he wasn't the biggest in the private region. As soon as his ass hit my face this god awful smell took me it was horrendous sweat and shit mixed and not the nice sweat either. The came a First fingering stories in his stomach and I knew was was coming, he let a long loud wetmfart go right on my face and my eyes instantly watered.

If that wasn't enough they made him stand and bend a bit while the rest of our class laughed well the boys anyway. I don't know who but on of them shoved his middle finger up Lucas's ass making him jump and yelp. He was told to sit Female boss sex stories on it which he did but didn't want to. His eyes started watering. He was then told to turn and get ready to put his cock in my mouth.

Obey my rules

This bought cheers from the whole class. Lucas was told that he would have to either put it in or sit on my cock. Just before he did Lee gabbed his cock and pulled the head back and it was obvious he liked Clit torment stories wank there was a lot of cheese under Gay facesitting story foreskin.

This was mocked by the five of them however I knew I could only hold out for so long before it was in my mouth and I did refusing to open my mouth despite the pleading looks I got Eat my pussy stories Lucas. Until coby d down next to me and whispered. I opened my mouth and no sooner I did Lucas was in working me hard. The taste was vile, I was told it wouldn't stop until Lucas was spent and I had cleaned his cock with my tounge.

I decided just to get it over with I licked it clean then went hard sucking which didn't help me trying to convince people I wasn't gay I just wanted out. Thankfully Lucas had the same idea and shot his load quick. Just when I thought it was over Bret intervened.

Gay jackoff stories knew what was coming I could see the build up and fear in Lucas's face and the I'm very sorry look. Even though I was in the position I was I kinda felt sorry for him Reddit hotwife stories gave him a it's not your fault look filled by just get it over look.

He nodded and let his hot strong piss go in my mouth which everyone though was the funniest thing ever. I was let go after that and I left the locker room and was heading for the door when the bell for next period went and I ended up staying much to my regret.

Do you want to sit on my face?

Back to after school I Slut bride stories tied to the bench they had three shoe bags and a carrier bag. Out of the carrier bag lance took 3 one liter bottles of Gay truckstop stories which I found odd but it would soon hit me hard.

They proceeded to taught me as they stripped to there jocks and piss thought them onto me. Then they stopped me got a shoe lace and tied it round my cock and balls presenting a target. One by one they came up to me rubbing there soaking wet jock in my face then taking it off and ramming it hard in my mouth. Then lance got the milk and drank all three as.

Gay face sitting stories

Callum got a pair of shoes out the first bag and Lee came and stood at my head and put tape over my mouth trapping the piss Swing lifestyle stories jocks in my mouth leaving my to breathe through my nose. Lance positioned his ass over my face and giggled. All of a sudden I started thrashing wildly as I rembered he was given a doughnut but he didn't know it had creams in or that he was lactose intolerant. His ass produced the foulest stentch and he was sent home it was too much to bear and that was a doughnut.

Crushed by the cable guy

He just drank 3liters of milk and the other two were acting sinister. Lance proclaimed. Lee Gay cock sucker story put the peg on my nose before I could breath in. I was going dizzy and seeing stars as the pain was intense. Lance said about Erotic stories of rape minute I think, I was struggling for air I needed a massive breath and I knew I wasn't going to like it.

It was the longest minute of my life then lance positioned his ass so his hole was pointing at my nose and just as he fartedmthe peg was removed it was relief but very short lived as I breathed in and the peg was put back trapping the smell in me.