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Sarah makes me clean up the "mess" I've made

Gay Forced Feminization Stories

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Name: Meredithe
How old am I: I am 22
Ethnic: Latvian
Sex: Fem
What I like to drink: Beer
Smoker: Yes

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The warmth of the sun on my arm soothes me, penetrating the thin fabric of my dress shirt, and the slight breeze from the open window slips through the Proctoscope exam stories opening at the unbuttoned top of my shirt. I catch myself twirling the sides of my hair, a habit from when I wore wigs during crossdressing, even though my natural hair is only the length of a pixie.

The last of the students leave, and it is just the teacher and myself. It was just the way that she spoke to me, overtly abusive, and putting me on the end of crying, and it seemed out of nowhere that she pulled out the contract and asked if I wanted to it. The teacher I was placed with was normal enough. And she and I got along with swimmingly. I continue marking the Gay forced feminization stories of the math exam.

The students were learning multiplication and division, and there was a new algorithmic system Anal rimming stories place that seemed to be new to the curriculum. Neither I or the teacher understood it ourselves, and we simply taught and marked as we went along, Spreader bars for sex to the curriculum manual.

With an exaggerated swipe, I check mark the last of the papers, and tally up the grade. I collect all the papers into a stack, and walk over to Ms. I stop for a moment, wondering at the tone and demeanour of Ms. Paula, who was usually very warm and kind.

I look at her, half looking for answers, and half looking for support. She kept her gaze down, as if she was very sorry about Frat initiation stories. She stood up, which she never does, and walked to the office door. How weird, I thought, Linda never leaves her desk. I was actually slightly taken aback by how short she was, and her poor posture as she walked. Stepping inside the office, I see Principal Diane, who Stories to make a girl come faced away, looking through the blinders.

The sun was still setting, and the rays of the Daddys slut stories cut through the blinders, painting bright lines in the office room furniture and carpet.

She was an older woman, late 40s or early 50s, medium height, not thin nor fat, and had a brunette bob. Busty, like I said before, but round, full, freckled with sun spots, and a tan line because her tops were cut Erotic stories brady bunch differently. I began to feel Submissive couple story bit of anxiety, being reminded of the interview I had with her, and how abusive she was towards me.

She began to laugh, probably at how wimpish I was coming off as. I straightened my posture, trying to speak up, but that made her just laugh even more.

I started to feel indignant, angry, and Bra and panties stories she was disrespecting me for no reason. She started laughing, again, but this time it was a different Sitcom sex stories. The tone was as if she had some sort of power over me, which she did, professionally, but now it was sexually.

Then her face got angry, and she pulled her blouse to cover her blouse up, and kept frowning at me. I looked up Gay forced feminization stories my feet at her, and she was playing with her hair, pushing some back behind her ear, revealing a pearl earring. Real teacher student sex stories tilted her head upward, and began playing with her earring.

Then, again, she was enraged at the sound of her name. She stomped to her desk, and sat down in her chair. In a fury, she began shuffling through the loose papers on her desk. I sat down in one of the two chairs, and waited for her. She began furiously marking off things, which I am sure was never a good when someone did so when they were angry. I only did the one thing I knew that would appease her. I looked at her breasts. It took her a few more marks, but eventually, she calmed down. Her face relaxed again, and she put down her pen.

She relaxed back into her chair, and then looked at me, playing with her hair again. I kept my eyes on her breasts. She began to lean back, and her chair reclined to a 45 degrees backwards. She put both her hands behind her head, and kept looking at me. Her breasts, still round but spread out a little, were perky enough to still have some form despite her leaning back.

I… wanted to see them bare, and she knew it. She tugged at it enough that part of her lacy bra was exposed, then she kept this hand between her legs, right above her crotch. She was just far enough from the desk that I could see down until her mid-thigh. Strict wife story at the idea of being jobless again, working at a minimum wage job at a retail store, serving the scum of the earth and not being able to do anything but take it.

She stood up and began walking around Maid bondage stories desk.

I looked down, feeling frightened, truly in fear. For some reason, I felt ashamed. She sat on the edge of her desk, right in front of me, Weird transformation stories legs wide open, and one of her knees touching mine.

I slowly reached towards her leg, unsure if this is what she wanted. From her eyes, I got reassurance this was a definitive yes. When my hand touched her bare knee, she began panting, tilting Hot young gay stories head slightly back in a gentle moan. She reached behind her, clearing the clutter on her desk to the side so she could slide back a little.

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Her skin felt warm, and I could smell the light, pungent scent of her vagina coming from the open end of her skirt. I could see through the shadows the white of her panties, and a wet stain at the bottom of her crotch. I Young hairless pussy stories my hand slightly up, and squeeze her mid thigh.

She leaned back a little. With my other hand, I did the same, and began massaging her Tricked into bondage stories thighs. Her legs widened, giving me easier access to her vagina if I wanted. Principal Diane kept one hand on the desk, and with the other, she began moving her hand around her breast.

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She was teasing it, cupping it, pulling it, begging me to play with them. I stood up, and one of my hands pulled her skirt up—not completely, but enough to show her panties—and I continued to massage her thigh, while the Erotic tattoo stories hand moved to her waist. I squeezed a little, feeling her warmth, muscle, and fat, and enjoyed the squirm she got from this. I touched her jaw, brushing my fingers against her cheek, running my thumb towards her ear, and playing with her earring as my tongue entered her mouth, and played around with her tongue.

She let me take the lead, and I enjoyed teasing her, twirling my tongue, and when she became desperate for more, I withdrew my tongue, and looked at her grasping eyes. My hand moved by itself towards her breast, and I pulled Stories of women getting impregnated by huge cocks blouse completely down without a problem, and for the first time I saw her with just a bra.

I took a moment to enjoy the pleasure of the look, reminded of the many times I enjoyed looking at magazines of women in underwear and lingerie, always hoping to be one myself, and now, enjoying the pleasure of playing with a bitchy, grown woman. I began to feel a bit hesitant, but she noticed this. I bent a bit over, and began to kiss her neck.

She leaned her head back, enjoying the pleasure of being taken. I kept both hands on Nudist resort sex stories head, making her feel wanted.

Called to the office

I continued moving down, kissing her along her collar bone, around her chest, and eventually my hands finally wrapped around her breast. I squeezed at them, and I felt her legs wrap slightly around mine. I began massing them, and I enjoyed watching her face in pleasure as I did this, and eventually I moved my lips back towards her breast, kissing inwards, licking the cleavage, tasting her light, sweet sweat.

Her hand on my shoulder began moving down Spanking naughty girls stories back, and on my ass. She squeezed at it, letting me know that she was still in control.

My cock was begging to burst out, and for past few minutes, it had been scratching at the inner linings Catwoman x female reader my pants. I undid my belt, and pulled down my pants to my mid thigh. She above the waistband of my underwear, and reached for my cock. I felt the slight scratch of her fingernails against my stomach, and I enjoyed the pleasure of her dominant look, and she began stroking me.

She began pulled me at the cock towards her, and she pulled up her skirt. I could see her hairs sticking out the sides of her white panties, and the wetness at the bottom of her crotch was so enticing. In the darkness, with my eyes closed, I focus on the sensations of her MILF hands Caught my wife fucking stories up and down my penis, and the slight humiliating feelings of her giggling when I reach for her breast and squeeze them like pillows.

She was laughing at my lack of sexual experience, and was enjoying the fact that I went for her tits like any Young niece sex stories would. There was truth in that. Aside Getting caught masterbating stories that, my only other sexual experience, aside from this crazy thing going on right now, was stealing panties from my little sister.

It was hard to get sexual experience when you looked like me: skinny boy, no muscle, and slim frame. But were they really wrong? I mean, look at me now… I really am a twink, sissy, crossdresser, or whatever you want to call me. My attention returned back to the moment, and I can feel an ejaculation coming soon.