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Boy wearing girl clothes story police of the future have an old-school solution to college drug taking… If you like my work and want access to PDFs of most of my stories, 4K versions of many images, and content that I chose not to publish publicly, please consider donating to my Patreon in order to receive access.

Gay Humilation Stories

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It happened about a year ago. It was 2 months since anybody had fucked my ass. And my ass was itching for a cock.

Name: Tersina
Years old: I'm 22 years old
Gender: Girl
Hair: Long straight silvery hair
Zodiac sign: Pisces
My favourite music: Jazz
In my spare time I love: In my spare time I love listening to music

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Introduction: Dear readers, this one is something a bit different for me.

It is just a short and simple attempt to portray the love shared by Sexual roleplay stories men through letters. It does however hope to capture the essence of a subject dear to me; the potential beauty of love between homosexual men. I hope you enjoy this little effort and as always, your comments and Chapter 1 -- Fantasy Football My name is Ted and I run a fantasy football league with some friends of mine back in my college days and a few new people we added for a team league.

We meet every year for our face-to-face draft. There is no money involved, just Clit torture stories bunch of guys having fun. We are all very competitive and research the players, smack talk, Female bedwetting stories A staccato of water droplets add to a quiet and dark ambience.

A nearby rock is dislodged, crashing with a large boom.

You awake with a jump, chilled from the rock floor you were sprawled on. The room you're in is almost too dark to be traversed.

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You can see three ragged walls surrounding you, sprawling upward out of your limited night visi I told him that I had a French maid's Amputee fiction story and that I wanted to drop it off at his house because I did not want Sandy to catch me with it. He replied, "Sure come on over, I want to get you started on your new job as my slutty maid.

The league Spanking teenagers stories does not lie. The close defeat against The Cock Inn was followed by two losses and then a thumping at home by Heston United.

I'd missed the last three games: first through my cousin's wedding in Scotland and then work commitments overshadowing my Welcome Cuckold lifestyle stories the story you crazy sissies and you strong aphla black males.

This is from edithis and I want to bring here so you guys can write or read or for the real reason you're here to masturbate.

Get your hand, dildos, lube, and whatever else you need to jerk it off. Time to begin the story up. Thanks for all of the likes and support on this story.

I jus John Doe is a gay male witch. He's very talented at his craft. But also incredibly horny.

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He's just come of age where he's free to use his magic as he sees fit and he's ready to use it to finally get Spanking over the knee stories satisfaction. With that being said. How is he going to use his unleashed magical power first. What's next?

The badboy's boy

Revenge On The Bully. Contract with a demon Nigh Endings two and three to be posted soon.

I needed to piss. The Sex stories in bus toilets were down some steps under the main concourse. The entrance led into a large area I felt his saliva in my mouth, both fueling my humiliation and the desire to serve him completely!

I was utterly his and had no desire to be anything else! Five minutes ago, he entered my hotel room as we had arranged.

The bad boy' s boy humiliation

I was naked and kneeling, waiting for this stranger to take ownership of my body and "force" me to serve him. Now here I was, handcuffed a Hot cum splatted in my face, in my eyes, filling my mouth and I gagged on it even as another huge spurt hit me. I could feel myself blushing with shame though no one in the audience could see it because my cheeks were covered with Vibrating panty story wet man cum.

I could smell it, musky, pungent with a Spanking audio stories sweet taste. My own cock was fully erect in my shorts, had been s SmutMD Log in.

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Log in Remember Me. SmutMD up. There is a lot more to SmutMD than you think! Gay Humiliation Stories 1.

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