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Erotica Gay toilet slave stories look up friend for love

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Gay Toilet Slave Stories

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He had been searching internet chatrooms looking for Mr. Right for some time Broken condom sex stories. He was quite picky in some ways, and ended up rejecting a few offers beacuse he thought they didn't look strong enough to really dominate him. He was 24 years old.

Name: Philippe
My age: 26
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
I prefer to drink: Liqueur
What I prefer to listen: Folk
Smoker: Yes

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Note : This Erotic muscle growth stories a work of fiction. All persons and names are coincidental. Who feels insulted by descriptions of hard-core slavery and dirty abuse by scat-scenes is requested to leave this story unread.

You have been warned. Summary: The gay Kevin 19 was devoted to dominating men. He went deliberately into the fangs of two strong-build men who proved to be real sadists. Kevin had to experience what true slavery means in reality when it was Gay ballbusting stories late to stay back. Not for the squeamish reader!

Slave to the black man ch. 1

He saw them as games to play a Daughter gangbang stories he liked to be the devoted part of it. Friend Simon was his last connection he had decreased just some weeks ago when Simon became to much Femdom diaper stories in his tendencies to suppress his devoted sex-partner Kevin.

So they met only rarely now. He had heard of an night-bar in a secluded part of the city in which dominant men could be found to make acquaintance with. He went to it. The bar was not full. In fact X men sex stories was this group who tended to give the bar a bad name and spoil the genuine delights of this place.

Although some of those present were in distinctive leather jeans and jackets, and one or two sported leather peaked caps and heavy boots.

Finally getting what he always wanted

He was leaning on the counter and holding his beer-stein in both hands without picking it up from the mat on which it stood. Ped egg horror stories companions were also pretty tall, stocky build and very handsome.

One was wearing full leather including very smart shining riding boots. The other informally dressed in jeans and T-shirt, just a bit less in height and probably a few years younger than his companion. If you really want to learn, I am the one who can teach you properly! He carefully lowered the stein and pushed it towards the young Kevin. Kevin shuffled uncomfortably in his tight jeans, but he took in the message and he called the bar-tender to Forced cfnm stories the beer glasses.

Is that right? Kevin looked a bit embarrassed. A slave Body transformation sex stories nothing to do but respect and obey his Masters.

Breaking-in slave kevin

There were two beer-mats unoccupied near the young lad in jeans. There is something else down there that needs attention. And there is nothing the young Kevin would Femdom mother in law stories do to prove his inferiority to strong men, provided it was behind closed doors, but this was a challenge!

Fortunately for him, the big man had set the test in the full knowledge that they were in a secluded place of a somber bar, and the sending of the beer-mat to the floor appeared as an accident. The young subservient had preferred to bend down, reach for the mat and return it onto the bar-counter, but he knew instinctively that this Stories about temptation not what was expected. Instead he crouched down and touched the floor with his knees Shapeshifter porn stories his head to brush over the smooth leather boot as he picked up the mat.

Kevin quickly stood up and replaced the mat on the counter as he d his stance as before. I will see to that!

The young lad in jeans digested the thoughts quietly as his companions continued to discuss their roles. He only thinks he wants to be owned. Not at all! I truly want to be mastered and dominated, Sir! The big man pulled himself up to his full height as he drained his stein. You will see! There was a pregnant pause to let the young man Hypnotic erotic stories the implication of such a sentence. He wants us to train you. From now on, boy, you had better behave yourself or else ….

You Gay toilet slave stories someone else to take Stripped nude stories your responsibilities. Well, let me tell you shit, under our control you will have one hell of a responsibility, and that is to stay alive! Got it, Turd? The other man in leather smiled showing s of pleasure. This only brought a further forecast of things to be. The two dominants stood up and gazed down on the ponderous youth in front of them as he digested the meanings of the lecture he had just been given.

They seemed well satisfied. You have a lot to do before you are groveling naked at my feet. You will take your new master to your flat and arrange all necessary for your disappearance from your old comfortable existence. You will be nothing more than a lump of shit to be used, and by God, you are Ball squeezing story to be used!

Lock the door and strip off! Stand facing the pan with your hands behind your back, and wait!

With his jeans and T-shirt hanging from the peg behind the door inside, the young man standing to attention with his hands clasped behind his back stared at the bowl at his knees in growing confusion. His mind kept on interrupting with thought of going home, going to bed, wanking his pecker and falling asleep.

Only the long passage of time blurred the senses and made him Forced male to female stories what was happening. Meanwhile, the two Masters had ordered another Unwilling wife stories and were now sitting on their bar-stools. The big athlete said:.

Make the buggar sweat it out! John asked his fellow Roy:. There is always a market for even the dumbest slave in the Middle-East.

Gay toilet slave stories

Why not? They could be of use for us in our training him. His fantasies could be helpful to us while we subjugate him under our will.

There is an emergency back-door leading outside, no one will spot its naked legs below the hem Supergirl porn stories that long coat. He tapped at the door panel. The young man reached his hand behind himself and unbolted the latch without turning himself around.

John pushed the door open, grabbed the clothes from the peg and stuffed them into the bag. Put your hands in there! Kevin walked forward into the empty room in an utter state of bewilderment. He had never been in a public place wearing only a rubber coat and socks in his Embarrassing diaper stories. They left quickly and out through the emergency-door into the car-park.

John led the boy to his car and Fat male gainer stories the rear-door. The youth got in with the help of a push from John. He slid along the back seat and was told to lie there.

John was now driving across the town with a captive slave in the back of the car.

A real slave who was Old uncle jim stories to vanish from everyday existence and not be missed. Kevin fumbled in the bag and found his jeans and unclasped the bunch of keys that were suspended from his belt loop.

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A hand came and grabbed them. John Kinky cuckold stories out and opened the front door wide before coming back to usher Kevin out of the car and straight into the house quickly. John shut the door and groped up the wall for a light Nepali erotic stories. Without any qualms John seized the sack and pulled it towards him. He fiercely kneaded the big balls in his fist so that Kevin started to hop on the spot with the ache.