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Denis Tagalog kantutan storya a hot scene in a public toilet, as a truck driver gives a young guys arse his first-ever load. A week later Denis gets used in a three-way.

Gay Trucker Sex Story

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My name is Brian, I'm 20 years old. I have a pretty good muscular build, green eyes, Pregnat sex stories hair, a little over 6 foot tall and a good piece of meat hanging between my legs. I really don't live in anyone certain place because I am a truckdriver. I always messed around in school so really this was all I was qualified to do and I have to make a Gay old men sex stories somehow. I am very sexual with being on the road all the time.

Name: Alejandra
Age: I am 23
What is my ethnicity: Indonesian
My sex: Female
What is my hair: Ash-blond
My Sign of the zodiac: Taurus
Body type: I'm chubby

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The road stretched on ahead and behind me for as long as I could see, with Neighbor pussy stories a car in sight. The last guy I'd hitched a ride with told me that Wife gets gangbanged true story folks around here would rather take the old highway rather than the new one, so I'd set off down the old, overgrown road in the hopes of finding another lift.

I didn't know if the guy was fucking with me, or just didn't know any better, but in the past two hours I'd only seen one car drive by. And they hadn't slowed down as I stuck out my thumb. I pulled up the bottom of my white t-shirt and wiped my forehead, asking out loud for the third or fourth time that day "What the fuck am I doing out here?

I sighed, using my damp Gay jackoff stories to clean off my sunglasses, then scouted out the area again.

Flat prairie, as far as I could see, with the mountains a dull line on the horizon. A small copse of trees stood off the highway a bit, and I debated heading over there for some shade. It was midafternoon, but the sun felt even worse than Femdom ass worship stories had at noon. I spotted a glint on the horizon, and my heart jumped a little. As it drew closer I saw it was a large 18 wheeler, blue, carrying a trailer behind it.

Hitchhiker and trucker

I stood out on the shoulder and raised my thumb, prepared for it to drive on past like so many had before, but to my delight it slowed down and stopped just in front of me. I could barely see the driver, just a hint of a baseball cap and a beard. I grabbed my backpack and ran to the other side of the truck. I hoisted myself up and into the cabin, surprised at how Trait swap story it was. There were the two large seats up Sex stories playing doctor, and a few cabinets and a bed in the back.

He looked like a stereotypical trucker, a sleeveless red flannel shirt open to expose a well-worn white wife beater, stretched tight over the hairy chest underneath of it. Tight, faded jeans and a pair of dusty boots completed the look. He was maybe mid-forties, and quite handsome. His face was tanned, presumably from years Fish stories font the road, and his beard was Gay cum slut story black with a few grey hairs in between.

Sunglasses and the hat covered most of his face. His body looked powerful, not the type of body a man sculpted in a gym somewhere, but the type that came from years and years of physical labour. I did my fair share of hitching back when I was your age.

It's a hit and miss Gay trucker sex story sometimes. Unless you started when you were twelve. I'm 22 now.

I could barely Mousepad foot stories facial hair, and aside from a few sparse hairs on my stomach, I was smooth. Learned my lesson after that one. She didn't get to take any of my money or anything. A woman who looked to be thirty or so, a bottle blond, posing in a bikini. She was reasonably attractive I guess. I don't have much tying me up at Forced male orgasm stories these days, and the pay is fucking sweet. I love the prairies.

So I try to take the back ro where I can out here. I've got time.

I've gotten a few lucky breaks. An old lady let me crash Sister gangbang sex story her place and she did my laundry in exchange for mowing her lawn, so I'm not recycling dirty clothes yet. But I won't pry. We made small talk for a while longer, and about an hour later Jim pulled the truck onto the shoulder. I'd only seen two cars coming the opposite direction since I'd gotten in the truck. I caught a glimpse of his backside in the Sibling erotica stories denim as he left.

He walked around to my side of the truck, to where I could see him in the rear view mirror. He unzipped his pants, and although I couldn't see his equipment, I could see the stream splashing on the ground.

I swallowed reflexively, feeling a familiar gnawing feeling in my stomach. It didn't go away as he zipped back up and came back to his seat.

We stopped for dinner at a little roide diner, and were back on the road soon after. As the sun started Wetting desperation stories set, I grabbed us both bottles of water and Jim lit up another smoke. He also took off his sunglasses, revealing a particularly vivid pair of blue eyes.

The closest town is a few hours away. Or, we can crash here in the truck. I'm cool with either, but we'd be going splits on the motel. I debated whether I wanted to get into the tiny bed back there with this guy that I was finding increasingly attractive as the drive went on, or if I wanted a motel bed. I pushed my hormones aside and realized that I couldn't really afford the expense of a motel at the moment.

I've done it Big breast sex stories of times.

Although the gnawing in my gut that had gone away around dinner was definitely coming back. About ten minutes later we pulled into a small rest area. We were the only vehicle in sight. It was just a large parking lot really, with a small building in the back that I assumed was washrooms and a Erotic short stories lush shower stalls. The night seemed too quiet without the familiar hum of the engine and the sound of the road beneath us.

I was briefly worried about the fact that we were alone in the middle of nowhere, but dismissed it as silly.

Kommentare konnten nicht geladen werden!

The worst we'd have to face would be wildlife, and I doubted that they could get into the truck. There were three urinals thankfully they had dividers between them, I didn't need that distraction and two stalls there.

Jim walked up to the Tiny penis humiliation stories urinal, which I thought was strange, and I heard his fly unzip. I tried to be casual as I walked up to the one on his left, and unzipped my shorts.

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Jim let out Stories of nudist groan of pleasure as his stream started up, loudly splashing into the urinal. I had a few seconds where I had a bit of stage fright, but soon my own cock was pissing too. I finished first, and was washing my hands as Jim zipped his jeans back up. We got back to the truck and he took his flannel shirt off, leaving him in just his wife beater.

I took my t-shirt off, and then undid my shorts, which I pulled down to expose my white briefs. Jim hadn't moved, he was Pegging erotic stories watching. I blushed and crawled onto the bed and faced the wall, unable to come up with anything to say. I heard him undo his belt.

Like boy panties or something. I heard him step out of his jeans. I tried not to be embarrassed too much, despite the blush which I could tell was flushing my face. He didn't mean anything rude. I rolled over onto my back beside him, realizing now he'd left his wife beater on, and a surprising pair of boxers, deep blue with a Taboo teen sex stories paisley pattern on them, silk.

Hitchhiker and trucker

Our shoulders and arms pressed against each other. The contrast between us was even deeper now that we were undressed. He was thick, Machine bondage stories and hairy. I was pale, lithe and smooth. His dark hair was mussed from being under a hat all day, and my shaggy brown hair started to stick to my forehead.