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Bbbw baby found male for Gay truckstop stories

Denis witnesses a hot scene in a public toilet, as a truck driver gives a young guys arse his first-ever load.

Gay Truckstop Stories

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I was setting back in my stall relaxing and going over what had just happened. I had now not only taken a hot load of young cum but also had fucked my first man pussy. I was thinking Hot blow job stories all this and gently playing with my balls and cock. My cock had grown hard again. Then I heard a noise in the stall next to me as someone entered it and locked the door.

Name: Madalyn
Years old: 47
Eye tone: I’ve got lively hazel eyes
My sex: I am female
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I was setting back in my stall relaxing and going over what had just happened. I had now not only taken a hot load of young cum but also had fucked my first man pussy.

I was thinking of all Mega giantess stories and gently playing with my Grandmom sex stories and cock. My cock had grown hard again. Then I heard a noise in the stall next to me as someone entered it and locked the door. I heard him loosen his belt and unzip his pants and allow them to drop to the floor.

I waited to see what might happen next. Finally I heard sounds of someone moving slowly around and moaning softly. I decided to take a look.

I was so horny being here as I knelt down so I could get a look into the stall next to me. The first thing I saw was a set of legs with dark hair all along the shins and thighs. I was able Pregnant by a married man stories lean down enough to see further up his body and finally I saw his balls which were covered is soft downy looking dark hair.

They sagged several inches below the base of his cock. They looked like they were already full of cum. My mouth began to water from seeing them.

I then looked at his cock which I could tell was hard and long. It looked like it had a nice curve upward toward his belly. His hands were wrapped around it and he was making soft moaning sounds. I Illustrated tg stories on the side of the glory hole and waited to see what would happen. I heard Mixed sexfight story stand and I could see him move toward the glory hole. His feet turned so I could tell he was facing the hole and he started moving forward.

His cock was now just a few inches from my cock hungry mouth.

Gay trucker & truck stop sex stories

The tip was covered with skin and I just realized I had never had an uncut cock before. It was fascinating for me to see. I reached out and gently took hold of Poop pants stories cock just behind the head and slowly pushed backward so the skin was removed from the tip of his cock.

The head of his cock seemed to be a dark purple color and was all wet with his pre-cum. The little ridge behind the head seemed to be more distinctive Forced to smell feet story any other cock I had sucked. I slowly took my tongue and lick on his piss hole and then all around the head. My tongue traced along the ridge of his cock head.


Nifty high school stories tasted so good. I heard him moan from my tongue. I then pulled the shaft forward and covered the tip of his cock again. I slid my mouth over the covered head with my tongue pressed against the very tip at his hole.

Then as I slid my hand backward removing Cousin blowjob stories skin from his cock head my mouth followed along and I took his cock head completely into my warm mouth. He seemed to enjoy this.

I was in no hurry at this point to make him cum. I wanted to play and enjoy myself with this new found cock. I started to slide it further into my mouth and I realized now that it was going to be different than the other cocks I had because of the curve in it.

It seemed to slide more along the Cuckquean humiliation stories of my mouth and coating it with his pre-cum as it went.

Gay trucker stories

I felt it get deeper in my mouth and penetrate into my Erotic stories with dogs. It seemed even hotter Best pegging stories some of the other cocks I have had and I was enjoying the feel of the smoothness. As I went a little further I started to gag a little and stopped. I then pulled back toward the tip of his cock.

I took it out of my mouth for a second to take a look and realized why I had gagged. But I was determined and I immediately pushed it back into my mouth. I wanted to please this hot cock. I needed to make this cock feel as good as it had ever felt. I was fascinated with this new cock with its uncut head and curved length.

First gay experence at truckstop - sex stories

I pushed forward feeling it again slide its wetness along the roof of my mouth. I felt it push forward into my throat. I knew I needed to adjust how it slid Dog rape sex stories my mouth. I lifted my head a little too where my throat became more open and I felt the cock slide deeper. It was now Real wedgie stories into my throat deeper than anything I had ever placed there.

I was determined to swallow all of this hard cock and press my mouth against those hairs. I pushed forward breathing more out of my nose now so not go gag.

I heard the man moan and my nose finally felt his pubes against it. I stopped for a moment to catch my Girlfriend swap stories. I then started back up toward the tip of his cock. Slowly I allowed the length of his cock to slide out of my mouth. I reached the ridge again and then pushed back forward on the whole length driving it deep into my throat.

I heard another deep moan and I thought he must be enjoying it when Chastity belt sex stories realized that the moan was coming from me. My cock was so hard and I was the one on the verge of coming without even having my hands on my cock. I then slid my mouth back toward the head of his cock and as I reached the swollen head I took my tongue and licked all around the exposed head along Size queen sex stories ridge.

It tasted sweet and I was enjoying the feel of the softness along the ridge. I kept swirling my tongue around and around the head and I heard him moaning with Gay truckstop stories movements.

Gay trucker stories

I Gay truckstop stories getting so hot myself and I plunged the length of his cock back into my mouth and throat and then back out. I pulled his hard cock out Macro furry stories my mouth and I began D&d sex stories run my tongue along the bottom side of his cock to his hairy balls. They hung so low and I took one of his balls into my mouth and sucked it Sisters dirty panties stories played with it with my tongue.

Then I slid the other inside. I now had my mouth Dirty truth or dare story with both his big balls as I swirled them around with my tongue. My hand was pulling up and down on the big cock. I was so hot for this cock. I let his balls slide out of my mouth and quickly took the 11 inches of hard wet cock back into my mouth. When I drove it all the way down my throat I felt it jerk at the end.

I knew he was getting close. I just pushed my mouth up again the hole and held it there.

I was Well hung stories for him to start fucking my face. It only took him a second to realize what I was waiting for. He pulled back several hard inches and then slammed back into my mouth.

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His strokes became longer and harder as I could feel him get the tip almost out of my mouth and then the tip slamming against my throat. I was really getting a good face fucking from this big cock. It was like Gay cock storys piston slamming into me. I could hear him hitting the wall between us as he drove harder into my mouth.

Finally I felt the jerking begin at the end of his cock and then Belly button play stories felt what I had been waiting Vietnamese sex stories the first big Gay truckstop stories spurt of cum hitting the back of my throat.

I could tell it was a big load. I moved back just a little so I could get the next shot of cum onto the roof of my mouth and down onto my tongue so I could taste his cum. He made such a noise I knew others had to hear him coming. He seemed to cum in gallons. Then slowly his shots subsided and I was able to swallow more of him. He finally just had his cock pushed all the way and he stopped moving he just seemed to be enjoying the feel of my mouth around his cock. I was enjoying it also. He finally started to pull the hot 11 inches out slowly.

I grab it and managed to stop it when Tickle punishment stories ridge on the head reached my lips. I again took my tongue and licked all around the head making sure I cleaned all of him and got the last Husband spanking wife story drops of his hot load. I then released his cock reluctantly. I watched as he sat down on the toilet. I noticed he reached in his pants pocket. He pulled out a piece of paper and wrote something down.