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I am seek female that wants Gay yiff story

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Gay Yiff Story

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Years: 68
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Yiffstaralso known as the Yiff y St ory Ar chive, was a privately funded non-commercial archive of erotic furry fiction, First gay bj stories and music. Though focusing on furry stories with adult or sexual content, it also had sections for non-sexual fiction and artwork.

Submitted content was moderated by a crew of volunteer reviewers. There was no censorship for content, other than the requirement of entries to be furry or animal related.

Over 25, submissions had been accepted as of November In DecemberYiffstar was renamed and relaunched under the name SoFurry. The creation of Caught with panties stories was triggered by the demise of archives like gotfox.

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Unlike Mia's, Yiffstar seeks to actively preserve anthropomorphic fiction, rather than Dick growth story a link database. There were 20, approved stories, 18, approved pictures and approved songs as of August Most of the many upgrades to the site happened silently without noticeable downtime. Yiffstar was founded and was run by Toumal Rakesh. Yiffstar was relaunched as SoFurry on December 26, At the time of the 2.

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Sub involved the materials' content, such as the types of characters, and any fetishes that were involved. Popular locations were also available allowing users to search more easily though the database.

YS featured an "opt-out" toggle to filter out keywords for things that a user may find repulsive had been added making things even easier to browse by simply removing from view anything that meets the "offensiveness" criteria set by the user. A rating system allowed users to vote on a scale between 1 and 5 as to the quality of a work.

A separate comments system at the bottom of the work let visitors leave their thoughts. If a user Self bondage gone wrong stories liked a piece of work they could add it to their favorites list, or watch the creator to see their future work in a separate view.

Yiffstar featured two types of visual art: Regular digital art, and an online Oekaki board. The art galleries are the main hub of visual art on Yiffstar, featuring all the community functions available for stories: Favorites, Watchlists, Comments, Ratings etc.

Art can be grouped in folders by the artist, allowing them to separate different topics, group their art by year or any other criteria they desire. The oekaki board is meant to be used as a visual comment, to allow visitors to draw whatever a particular submission inspires them to. Following repeated Cuckold impregnated wife stories by users, Yiffstar adopted music uplo inagain taking all the features available for story and visual art submissions and allowing them to be used for Real insect stories new content format.

Oops, sorry!

Fears of repeated uplo of commercial music have so far been unfounded thanks to the work of Playboy forum stories many volunteer reviewers. Also inusers gained the ability to run their own journal on Yiffstar. This feature has only basic functionality right now, with update notification and additional enhancements planned for early Yiffstar contains a forum with an active furry community of over 32, registered users.

Some of the more popular sub-forums include "The Yiffstar Village" general talk"Endless Yiff role play " adult"Furry Sexuality", Yiffstar personals, a commission marketplace, "Story and Art Feedback" and many others.

YiffChat is Yiffstar's web-based chat, centered on sexual roleplay. Due to YiffChat's Jack me off stories even through firewalls, and because of its ease of use, it is one of the most popular services of the site.

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YiffChat has 34 rooms as of 3 March For more Teen breeding stories about another user, clicking? Users can also be ignored thus making their statements invisible to you by clicking "ign".

If present, the gender next to a user name tells Cuckold stories with pictures their character is male, female or herm. P initially started out as an image board in the spirit of 2chan. Adult furry art was posted in thre with specific topics, often grouping pictures of individual species of anthropomorphic creatures into a single thread. InF. P switched to a software that provided a filtered, "image only" view of the Yiffstar Forums.

Unlike other 2chan-based boards, F. P does not have a DNP list. The board employs a linking system called "Thumbnailizer". It effectively enables hotlinking to a variety of sites in a Gay yiff story that prevents traffic problems for the sites hosting the images, effectively downloading an image no more often than once every 24 hours regardless of how many people view the image on F. It has recently been recoded from scratch. Brother fucks virgin sister stories the pictures that come up are of an erotic homosexual nature, sometimes they are simply pictures featuring males - it is fully random.

As of December 6th,the link is still present on the sidebar, but the function has been replaced with the following text:. Please consider asking your favorite artists to their art to yiffstar. Yimu3D is an in-development, furry3D interactive chat client, similar to Second Life in Lesbian high school stories. Development began in but has since stagnated because of a lack of 3d-modelers contributing models and animations to the project; as a result, the server for Yimu3D is currently not functioning.

The client is available for Windows, Orgasm denial storyboard and Linux. Work on Yimu3D is currently on-hold, but an alpha version can be downloaded from the Yimu3D Website Note: This link will sometimes be down for a while ; the project was announced and is hosted on Yiffstar.

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