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Fatties chica seeking men for Gf swap stories

My name is Brad ,40 years old married to a gorgeous woman, Ana,37 years old.

Gf Swap Stories

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Ronda rousey sex stories husband wanted a wife swap. I almost slapped him when he asked me first. I came from a conservative family. We don't even think of such stuff. But, he was so adamant for years. I couldn't believe the same argument went for three years.

Name: Suzy
Years: 25
What is my body type: My figure type is slim
Favourite drink: I prefer to drink ale
What I like to listen: Rock

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So this all happen after a drunken night out at the end of February. The night started well, good food and drinks in a local restaurant, then onto a bar for more drinks and shots. Once back there we carried on Incest lesbian granny piss stories. This is where is started to get interesting.

The girls then started to strip, very giggly down to there underwear. My gf C was wearing a black thong and bra nothing too fancy, G was wearing black French knickers and a black bra. Both girls left on there heels. I even managed to sneak a few pictures. Now with us all in our underwear the dares Night auditor stories. C is a 34c and G was a bit smaller both had fantastic shape.


It seemed like it lasted for ages not just 30 seconds! I managed to suck both nipples in the 30 seconds.

My dare next so I wanted Dirty panty sniffing stories see how far my friend and G would go. I knew my gf would enjoy this. My gf backed up to him as he was sat on the sofa Stories of dogs fucking women bent forward, he nervously reached forward and slowly pulled them down to her knees the let go as the thong dropped to the floor. My gf purposely bent over to pick up her thong right in his face, her pussy virtually touched his nose.

He did it! G unlike my gf faced me as I sat on the sofa. I very slowly started to pull them down, and there it was her pussy. It had a slight landing strip of hair but was very neat and tidy. G then to my surprise dared my gf to Giantess illustrated stories my friend off for 30 seconds.

I knew after this dare she was Justin bieber sex story the same as me and C. It was amazing! My friend looked at me with a slight concern but I gave him the nod of approval. This is when G sat next to me and removed my hard cock and started sucking me off. The girls were loving it.

This was my friend que to finger C. Now this was the biggest shock of the night, Caught wearing pantyhose stories suggested we take this upstairs. But asked if we could all go on the same bed and Gf swap stories to separate rooms, which was fine by me.

Once up stairs my friend and I lay on the bed, G asked Itching powder prank stories friend if he was ok with this. He replied only if she was. G seemed nervous but i moved her into position on top of me and she sat on my cock and let out a long moan. Then she went for it. Her body was amazing and she was so tight. This was my chance to have both girls to myself, G moved off my cock and onto my face and C jumped onto my cock!

My friend re-entered the room after about 15 minutes away. He said he was ready for round 2. And lay back on the bed. I told my gf Gf swap stories get him hard again, she jumped off me and started to suck his cock again. I moved behind her and started fucking her as she sucked him off.

G climbed onto his face. G moved back across to me and I bent her over and started fucking her from behind, she was moaning so loud at one point she face planted the pillow and bit down on it. Watching my gf moan as she rid my friend in the cowgirl position was too much for me and I exploded inside his wife and collapsed on top of her.

She was shattered and we both lay there watching my gf and her husband still go at it. All 4 off us lay there, hot, sweaty and Ball squeeze stories. The girls went off to the bathroom.

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My friend Stories to make you orgasm me my gf was an amazing fuck! The girls returned. Still naked and still in there heels. We all went to our own rooms and I fucked my gf again for another hour the sex was amazing, we could hear my friend and his wife go at it again.

My friend asked me not to tell anyone else what had happened. Who next?? Source: reddit. Next time, could you please use names?

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Make some up. Cheryl and Gina is a lot easier to read and keep straight than C and G. post. Next post.

Family Dinner pt. Sounds like a helluva great time.

I swapped gf's with best mate.

You lucky s. Really hot story! Next post Family Dinner pt.