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Elite lady Giantess cleavage story up friend to date

She was perfect in every way, 5'10", long blond hair, blue eyes, and a nice tan. She had nice legs and her chest was Sister feet stories size 36C, Jared was just to scared to ask her out.

Giantess Cleavage Story

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A list of Giantess-focused manga that I have read, for anyone who wants suggestions.

Name: Joyan
Years: 23
Where am I from: I was born in Switzerland
Eye tint: I’ve got cold gray-blue eyes but I use colored contact lenses
Body type: My figure features is quite muscular
I like tattoo: I don't have tattoos

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Disclaimer : All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this work. No copyright infringement is intended. Sizer High by Youlooktasy. Chapter 1 2.

Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4.

Chapter 4 5. Chapter 5 6. Chapter 6 7. Chapter 7 8. Chapter 8. This chapter will not be entirely breast-focused since this is my first breast-oriented chapter, please let me know how I did. Sorry about the wait, I kinda have a habit where I like to get the next chapter drafted before I post so here is Chapter 3 enjoy! As I fell into First time cum in mouth stories sophomore's cleavage, I was speechless.

This was both the pinnacle of sexual achievement in my life so far with a non-shrunken girl and the most terrifying moment of my life. I knew some guys with submissive personalities actually got an older sibling to shrink them so they could do this kind of thing with their girlfriend voluntarily.

You knew you'd picked a girlfriend you could trust if she unshrank you after that. If not, well then you had just become Little naughty sex stories little human sex toy and that was that.

All the reaction that that kind of story would garner at this school was "tough luck" from Black bred pregnant story guy and "Score! Is he cute? Or was he giggle? And it seemed that would be the fate of me and Rachael. Because of my small size, the fall seemed to take an eternity 1. I saw Rachael tumble screaming into Brooke's cleavage. I impacted with the soft flesh of her breasts soon after.

I clawed for purchase, but her warm, soft skin was simply too smooth. I slipped into the valley between her beasts. I fell into Brooke's cleavage, until, Adult pee stories arms flailing, found something to grab onto beside's the giantesses' massive boobs. I realized I had closed my eyes from fear, and upon opening them I found myself embarrassingly clinging Forced to smell feet story the brunette's bra strap.

I hoisted myself up; at my size the strap was barely wide enough to stand on. I walked slowly across the strap right above the girl's massive cleavage. I looked up at Brooke; it appeared she had a bored expression on her face.

Giantess homecoming

I could hear a low, deep monotonous drone in the background, probably a teacher giving a lecture. I noticed a hand Family swinging stories on to the strap right next to one of Brooke's huge breasts. It was Rachael. Giantess cleavage story quickly made my way over, nearly plummeting into boob valley a couple of times but managing to stay on mostly. I grabbed on to the light blue bra fabric covering the sophomore's massive c-cup breasts, and offered the tiny blonde dangling in her cleavage my Davis family sex stories. Rachael tried to say something, but it was drowned out by a Forced deepthroat stories from the giantess.

She took my hand and I pulled her up onto the breast fabric. The giant brunette giggled again. That tickles! True, we were pinned against this upperclassman? I didn't mean to sound spiteful to Hot blow job stories a hot albeit shrunken girl, but my general stand up for the little in this case literally guy attitude took over.

Perhaps you should, since that same question has probably been asked by all those poor guys and girls even sometimes you did this too. Remember Todd and Maria from last year?

Cute couple, meant for each other, etc? They escaped from one of the highschoolers and you found them instead, wandering around 1 inch tall.

Instead of unshrinking them what did you do? You kept Todd in your cleavage during the schooldays and took him out and used him as a footslave. I heard you tell him that if he didn't do what you Girls going commando stories him to, you'd kill Maria.

What everyone else knew was that Giantess cleavage story eaten her the week! Especially after what you did to Anna last year. I was pacing so nervously, that someone, let alone a very hot someone, knew about the one time I had killed someone I shrank, that I forgot that I was standing on a huge girl's breast. Rachael reached over as if to slap me, but suddenly a high-pitched squeal and a fit of giggles shook Brooke's Hostage sex stories body, and Rachael lost her balance, sliding once again into her doom, Bbw rape stories sophomore's cleavage.

I was able to snag the bra strap once again, but with only one Moms wet pussy stories, the other Rachael grabbed to stop her fall. I looked up to see Brooke gazing down at the two freshmen in her cleavage, smiling at our plight.

So anyway I put the other freshmen away and let those two have a date in my boobs. Come see if you want to. At least if he falls they can be together.

Thank you.

Brooke and the girl exchanged knowing looks, and then she just stared at us, waiting for me to lose my grip and for us plummet into her friend's cleavage. I will say Sls swinger stories my defense that having a giantess staring at you, silently wishing for you to fall, Diaper chastity story give anyone sweaty hands. Whether that or any other factors, the point is I lost my grip.

The dark-haired girl grinned in victory as Rachael and I fell screaming into Brooke's cleavage. Despite the original position during the fall, I landed first, and Rachael soon fell on top of me. I heard laughter from above. The little freshies are trying to get it on in your boobs. I realized that once again I was in a very sexual position with the Rave sex stories shrunken beautiful girl.

And in all the chaos involved in being put in a giantess' cleavage, my pants had for the most part fallen down, and Rachael's top had been partially removed, revealing her smooth, lightly-tanned skin. She reached in and plucked Rachael Anal incest fuck stories of her cleavage.

Please put me down! Brooke Male chastity stories tumblr her head back, dangling Rachael over her face, and opened wide. Down my throat. This can't be happening please don't do this! Then strip. Brooke d her normal position, and sprawled her palm so the tiny girl could take off her skirt.

She did so, though from my position in the brunette's cleavage I couldn't see Rachael very well. The dark-haired girl was laughing so much to me it sounded as if someone Male expansion stories giving a gun salute. Since she was only in her underwear, the tiny blonde shivered as soon as she got herself up. I wrapped my arms around her lithe form for warmth, and Erotic wife sharing stories accepted the gesture. Suddenly, Brooke began pressing her breasts together, mashing Rachael's soft body with mine.

It was hard to breath, and as I was rubbed forcefully against the blonde girl certain body parts made awkward contact. We were pressed together by Brooke's smooth Gay rape fiction stories, when suddenly the Dp erotic stories sat up straight.

There was a gap in the chaos below us, and Rachael and I fell out of the sophomore's cleavage, along her seductively flat stomach, and onto the giantess' lap. I moaned in pain from the fall, trying to collect myself.

I noticed I was lying on top of a rough dark blue fabric, apparently Brooke's skinny jeans. Rachael lay a little ways away from me, on Sissy abdl stories narrow strip of clothing between the giantess' legs. I shuddered when I thought of what was right under the girl. The scantily clad-girl raised her head.

I started to crawl my way over to her, with the wrenching pain from the fall still resonating in my gut. She shook her head. I tried to get up without alerting the sophomore as to where we were. We were partially shielded from view by her light top, but I did not want to go back Tiny dick humiliation stories her cleavage and wasn't taking any chances.