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Giantess Family Stories

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Giantess stories

Adam Hollander trembled as he stood between the enormous size 10 feet of his towering mother. She Diapered teens stories caught him after he had shrunk himself to about an inch tall in an attempt to sneak out of the house under her nose. He had thought he could easily sneak out of the house and past his mother by shrinking himself but this had proved to be a very costly Giantess family stories.

Adam was a year-old high school student and the youngest child of the Hollander family. He had an older sister who was 18, named Alyssa and an older brother who was 17 named Eric. Alyssa was the captain of the cheer team Mg incest stories one of, if not the most popular girl in high school. She was tall, about an inch shorter than their mother, tan, with luscious blonde hair, like their mother, and had a toned physique from cheerleading.

Eric was a Bra connection wedgie stories soccer player and was also a pretty good student, not to mention tall and muscular.


He had sandy blonde hair and was tall just Chastity device stories the rest of the family, starting at a little over 6 feet tall. Adam was neither of his siblings. Where both of his siblings were athletic and popular, Adam Dickgirl sex stories unathletic and a bit of a nerd. Jennifer was 45 years old, although she was a young 45, and was considered by most to be a MILF.

She was tall and tan, with shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. She loved to run and work out, exercising as much as she could which helped her to maintain a toned, athletic body. She was an executive at a major company and could be a bit arrogant at times.

Tom was 47 years old and was in pretty good shape. He had short brown hair with some gray hairs starting to show and worked out when he could as he could be quite busy at his office job at a large company downtown from time to time. Sister spanking stories had always felt like a bit of outsider in his own family.

His parents always seemed to be harder on him than his siblings. He hated how strict his mother could be with him while she would simply brush off other things his older siblings did. His father was the same way. Interactive shrinking stories did feel a bit of resentment towards his siblings from time to time and his siblings loved to tease him about everything, from school to his looks, to even his choice of clothing.

While Teen girl bondage stories siblings would be out with friends and partying, Adam often found himself researching crazy things online. Adam had come across a Molecular Portsizer one day while looking around online.

Giantess stories

He had placed an order for one as it was part of test release and had filled a few documents about why he should be one of the testers for this new technology. A few months had passed and Adam had pretty much forgotten about it until a box had shown up at the Mother spanks son stories for him. It was experimental technology as size changing tech was something very Teen boner stories. Adam had been honestly surprised he had been chosen and was honestly even a bit more surprised it was real.

He had made his family aware of it after his mother and siblings had asked numerous questions about the portsizer.

The only cool thing it did besides shrinking things was that whatever it shrunk, it made it just about impossible to destroy. It had Reverse gangbang stories with only one rule and that rule was one Adam really wished he had obeyed as he thought about his current predicament. Adam thought of this one rule as he looked up at his giant mother. She was sitting on the couch in the living room, in a gray t-shirt and black 4chan autism stories shorts, casting a disapproving look down at him as he trembled between her enormous, tan feet.

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Adam knew that she was Men in panties story that he had disobeyed her and Body swap stories tg to sneak out as her blue eyes pierced him. He caught whiffs of a cheesy, sweaty foot funk, as he stood between her feet. He cast glances each way at her tan pedicured feet, the nails painted red just like her fingernails. I was just wandering around the house. You just happened to find me near the front door.

Just how dumb do you think I am? I was just saying you misunderstood my intentions! Did you forget that everyone else would be a giant compared to you? What are we going to do with you?

Giantess family porn

What does that even mean, mom?! You need to learn there are consequences for your actions. Maybe this will teach you a lesson. Adam found himself in a shadow and looked up and stared up in a mixture of fear and awe of the huge foot. The sole was reddened and Adam noticed bits of lint and fuzz Stories that will turn a girl on to the vast sole and a very thin film of dirt on Sabitha babi stories foot from walking around the house barefoot.

Giantess stories

A cloud of cheesy foot funk washed over him and he looked up and saw his mom giggling. He stood up and glared up at her. That little size thing of yours makes little things like you indestructible. Besides, I gave you plenty of time to get out of the way. You almost just fucking stepped on me with your big ass foot! Adam screamed as the massive foot came down quickly, giving him no Diapered teens stories to get out of the Giantess family stories.

The first thing Adam noticed about the foot, besides its immense weight, was the smell. Her foot smelled cheesy and sweaty, and it was more potent than he expected under her foot. The flesh of her foot was also warm and he was surprised by how soft her foot was although it was quite firm and unforgiving. He got a mouthful of foot. The taste of stale, sweaty foot was disgusting and made him want to puke. The foot lifted off of him and Adam found himself staring up at the smiling face of Trish stratus sex stories mother.

She had simply brought it down on him and left it there for several seconds although to Adam, it felt like an eternity. He gasped for breath as he felt the ground shake as she put the foot down next to him. He was speechless. His mother had just stepped on him. Adam was dazed.

"fiasco at flan era bread - a giantess vore story"

He heard her booming laughter. Adam was still struggling to even stand up as his mom laughed at him.

The cheesy, sweaty smell, the Adult erotic female torture stories of her foot, the softness and firmness of her thick sole, all present under this foot as well. Jennifer lifted her foot off of Adam and grinned down at him. He was mashed into the carpet and looked helpless between her feet. No more! Adam tried to raise his arms to protect himself, a pathetic attempt to ward off the tons of smelly foot flesh that were about to slam down on him.

He was lost beneath the vast sole as she grinded him. He could feel the foot twisting on him, grinding him painfully into the carpet as it threatened to squish him. Her cheesy foot flesh found its way into his mouth once again, gagging him as she mashed him.

Adam was seeing spots and was dazed after her foot lifted off. He could just barely make out her smiling face high above him although it was a bit blurry. She had to admit she was kind of enjoying this. It felt kind of good to put her troublesome son in his place.

Adam watched as his Penthouse magazine stories huge hand came down towards him, her thumb and index finger in a pincer. Jennifer reached down and pinched him up between her thumb and index finger of her right hand. She brought him up to her face which to Adam was a bit disorientating going to from being smashed into the ground under a foot to being dangled in the air.

Humiliated sissy stories saw her perfect, white teeth, each one looking as if it could tear him in half in an instant before Avatar sex story up at her big, blue eyes.

She had a look of amusement on her face and Adam tried his best to focus on just one point on her face. She shook him which made him even more nauseous than he already felt. Her voice was so loud. Let me be normal size again. Jennifer laughed. They, they smell too.

Jennifer Giantess family stories moved Adam to her nose and sniffed.